Trend in Men’s Bikinis and Thongs

Mens Bikini and Thong TrendSince I got into wearing bikinis and thongs almost 20 years ago now, the trend in males wearing bikinis and thongs seems to have moved upward. I don’t know if this is a fact or not, but there seems to be some signs that indicate it. I don’t remember having as many online retailers selling men’s bikinis and thongs as there are today. I only remember places like Undergear (International Male), Kiniki, and Prevail Sport mostly. I think there were a couple others. Now, you probably have a couple dozen places to choose from at least.

Another thing I’ve noticed is there is an increase in the number of brands available to choose from on all the online retailer websites. I don’t see why brands would get into the male bikini and thong market if they don’t see it as a place to grow their revenue. So I assume guys are out there buying them besides me.

The last thing I’ve noticed, which makes me believe there is an increase demand in bikinis and thongs for guys is what I’ve seen on ebay. I find it hard to find good deals on bikini and thong underwear or swimwear on there anymore. Most auctions seem to go higher then I’m willing to pay and the buy now prices are pretty much inline with online stores or some times slightly more. I guess ebay is technically a store front too, which would explain the buy now prices. Some of the ebay sellers I’ve purchased from that custom make thongs and bikinis have buy now prices quite a bit higher than when I purchased from them years ago.

Those are a few of the trends I’ve noticed over the years that seem to indicate that males have had an increased interest in more fashionable revealing underwear. There is probably some report out there that actually would tell us the trend, but I haven’t come upon any. Would be nice to see the upward trend continue, so we can have the selection that women have in their underwear choices.

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  1. Greg says:

    As with any business, success depends on supply and demand. There must be more demand for sexy men’s bikinis/thongs/g-strings over the years for so many companies to spring up online. It would be nice to see the same offerings in stores, but I guess we have to settle for the online companies to keep us thong lovers supplied.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      It seems the stores that have brick and mortar location that carry thongs only do so online or at least in the majority of areas. They’re not the type I would buy, but would be nice to have them in stores. I think having a pair hanging near the so called norm men’s underwear could entice a guy to move to a sexier style underwear. At the Walmart near me, they have the Jockey Life string bikinis right by the bikinis, briefs, and boxer briefs of that brand. It would surprise me if that set up hasn’t gotten someone to grab a skimpier pair than they normally go for to give a try.

  2. johny_b says:

    i can’t stand boxers or briefs myself, bikinis ill wear sometimes but mostly thongs, even thong bathing suits. i think as time goes on, the trend will be a good one. all i know is im not changing my style for anyone.

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