Have you been caught with your pants down?

Caught with pants down

I was having a hard time finding a good image representation. So I hopped on the band wagon with the typical representation we get of us in skimpy underwear and swimwear.

This is another posted inspired by T who has been caught with his pants down a time or two or maybe even more. Most of us probably do like to hang around the house in our underwear. Maybe break out the skimpy swimwear in the privacy of our yard. I for one have done both. So the question is have you ever been caught in your skimpies?

So far I haven’t been caught with my pants down or if I have I wasn’t made aware of it by the person catching me. I’ve had people come to the door when in my underwear, but I go grab some clothes quickly before answering. I don’t have the balls to answer in next to nothing like some do. The same goes with swimwear. If I’ve been seen in them, it has been by my choice.

Next thought is would it be a bad thing to get caught wearing a bikini or a thong? Guess it would depend for me. I’d probably rather be caught by someone I don’t know in my underwear. With swimwear it would depend on the suit. If a swim bikini then I’d probably be able to manage anyone. A swim thong or a swim bikini on the skimpy side, I’d prefer a stranger again. Maybe I should rethink that, because maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing being caught. Could be a good way to get a conversation started on the topic. Would be a way to help promote them. If I had a preference I’d still want the displaying of my underwear and swimwear to be by my choice. Guess I should make the choice and keep pushing myself out of the comfort zone.

If you have been caught with your pants off, let us know. Was it a stranger or someone you knew? Did it turn out to be a positive experience?

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  1. T says:

    I know there are lots of youtube clips of guys ordering pizzas etc and then answering the door wearing a thong,or even totally naked when the unsuspecting delivery driver rings the bell.
    My take on this particular subject was to focus more on the unexpected arrival of a postman,delivery man,electric meter reader etc who catches you in your underwear when you open the door. I dare say all of the above have seen more than their fair share of customers in various states of undress and it’s probably almost a daily occurrence when you are required to enter people’s homes at all hours of the day. However,I would hazard a guess that they are more likely to remember the one guy who opens the door in a g-string,rather than the 20 who wear baggy boxers.

    Over the years it’s true to say that I’ve answered the door many times wearing just a g-string,but that is to be expected when I do prefer to lounge about the house in my undies for most of the year. This has lead to some funny encounters,as you can imagine,but the tale I’m about to tell took place,not at my front door,but in the privacy??? of my enclosed back garden.

    One hot sunny day last year,I came home for lunch and discovered the usual note from my window cleaner saying that my windows had been cleaned. This was perfect timing as it meant that I could sunbathe naked at my favourite sun spot just below my kitchen window and behind my refuse bins,safe from any prying eyes. Having made sure the back gate was bolted and locked,I stripped off in the house and slipped a C-string on for the short walk to my sun lounger.Lying back,I removed the C-string and reveled in the blissful sensation of having my privates gently warmed by the sun. My sense of euphoria was well and truly shattered when I heard the unmistakable sound of someone trying to open the locked gate. I sat up quickly,and to my horror I saw a hand reaching over the top of the gate and fumbling to open the bolt. In an instant the bolt was released and the gate flew open to reveal my window cleaner. I apologized for locking the gate saying that I thought he had finished,and he explained that he had ran out of water before he could clean my back windows. There was no time for me to make a dash for the sanctuary of my back door,so I quickly slipped the C-string back on and raised and bent my right leg in an effort to conceal it. Of course,anyone who has worn a C-string will know that from certain angles e.g the sides,you can’t see it,so I’m pretty sure my window cleaner thought I was totally naked, which would explain why he desperately tried to avoid turning round to face me while making polite conversation. Thankfully I didn’t have to stand up and move the sun lounger to give him room to clean the kitchen window,and after what seemed like an eternity,he finished his work and with barely(lol) a backward glance,he left closing the gate behind him.
    I was so thankful that I had taken the C-string with me,because even though the guy had seen me many times in my underwear when he came to collect the money,this was a whole new ball game(lol).

    P.S Believe it or not, I’ve just had a courier deliver a parcel to me while I was typing this message,and he didn’t bat an eyelid when he saw my new purple g-string.

    So guys,never be afraid to flash your undies when an unexpected visitor arrives. Remember,it’s your house and you didn’t invite them!

  2. EJ says:

    I said before T- you got big stones. I’m not as bashful sunbathing wearing a g string like I used to be maybe inspired by you and this blog. I’d set up trash barrels so neighbors wouldn’t get a free show, but i been sunnin a few times last couple weeks with less barrels. It could be too I just got my 1st g string swimsuit a few days ago and I’d have no problem wearing it at a beach that allows it. Could be a little exhibitionous maybe if I seem comfortable being seen in the good stuff folks that think it’s wrong or whatever would question why they think that.

    • T says:

      Hi EJ.

      Congratulations on buying your first g-string swimsuit,and well done on reducing the number of trash barrels that protect your modesty. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep behind them on the day that they get picked up for emptying by the binmen. Don’t want to give some old guy a cardiac arrest(lol).

      I think most of the guys who follow this blog would admit to being something of an exhibitionist at times,but I also feel,for most of us not blessed with a gym bunny buff bod,that perhaps we’re just seeking a degree of body acceptance as well as testing the waters when we push the envelope by wearing something society in general deems inappropriate.

      You are so right about appearing comfortable in front of people when wearing “the good stuff.” If you behave in a nervous manner when wearing a g-string,thong etc on a beach,then the people around you are going to pick up on that and are more likely to pass comment in a negative way.

      I know I seem to have something of a reputation on this blog for my g-string clad encounters with visitors to my door(can’t think why),and I had to laugh when Nate began this latest post by stating that I had been caught with my pants down “a time or two or maybe even more.” Thanks for that,Nate (lol). And as if to prove his point…………..
      Today was the hottest,sunniest day of the year in my hometown,and I spent a good part of the day in my back garden,as nature intended i.e naked. Once the sun had cleared the back garden,I decided to continue my sun worshiping on the step outside my front door which has a large rosebush on the left which offers a certain amount of privacy. Having pulled on a snug fitting g-string(even I wouldn’t have the stones to sit naked in clear view of anyone walking by on the footpath at the end of my garden),I took out a deckchair and made myself comfortable placing a cushion on my right side which meant anyone going past would only see what I was wearing if they were standing directly in front of me. Well,what do you know? I was sitting reading a magazine when a guy from the flats nearby on my right came by with his recently acquired dog,and stopped to say hello. As we chatted,he came up my garden path and stood just a few feet in front of me while keeping the dog on its lead. Because he was wearing dark sunglasses,I couldn’t really tell if he was staring at my crotch,but he must have noticed that I was wearing a pouch that had two narrow strings disappearing behind me and was obviously a g-string. He didn’t mention it and certainly didn’t appear to be embarrassed and I was totally relaxed, so it must have appeared perfectly normal to him.
      Perhaps I should check out his washing line and see if he is a secret string wearer.

  3. Jeff says:

    I’ve been seen in thongs, bikini underwear and swimwear intentionally a number of times in random gyms/ pools when I am sure I won’t know anyone. And like some of you I may like to be a bit of an exhibitionist, again when I’m sure I’m far enough away from home so I will not know anyone.
    I have been caught by my neighbors at home however…I was sitting out back with the wife, her in a bikini and me in bikini brief and my much older neighbor came walking over from his yard. He was talking about cutting a tree down or something on his lot and asking my opinion as he walked closer. I don’t remember if I had shorts close or not but I was to relaxed to worry about trying to cover up. He did a double take when he saw what I was wearing but I didn’t react, or stand up, but had a friendly conversation with him and I tried to act as if nothing was abnormal about me in a swim brief. I was comfortable ( maybe buzzed) enough to own it and not act embarrassed and it’s never been brought back to my attention positively or negatively

  4. OLS says:

    Although I walk around my house in very skimpy underwear I haven’t feel the need to answer my door almost naked for others to see. I put a shirt and pants to do so. The beach is different

    I go to the beach and stay away from the crowd so I can wear my thongs and cheeky swimwear and be seen by nobody (I am OK with other guys who are wearing things to see me; a little exhibitionism). I’m usually aware of my surroundings jist im case I need to cover up. I think that in two occasions I’ve bee caught as I was sunbathing laying down on my belly and didn’t mind to look around for a while. Pretty sure that lady and guy who saw me went to tell other what they saw. Anyway, I’m im fairly good shape so hopefully they were not terrified.

  5. JM says:

    I wouldn’t say necessarily “caught”, but there have been plenty of times that I put myself “on display” so to speak.

    Many years ago I lived in a college town and I would rollerblade around the campus at night when things are quiet in nothing more than a little spandex. It was quite a thrilling experience to zip around while showing off.

    More recently, last Friday to be precise, I spent a good part of the day on Clearwater Beach in my Koala Pinnacle Bikini, and Saturday I was swimming in the resort’s pool in the same.

    It is always a liberating experience to be able to wear a comfortable swim suit that does not hang and bag like dork shorts. I just don’t understand why so many guys like to wear them!

  6. EJ says:

    I bet some of those guys would wear thongs bikinis etc if it was more accepted- people tend to follow the crowd, afraid of doing something different might lead to ridicule. Being seen intentionally in something different makes people see it, spreads cuz it’d be the new craze

  7. RJ says:

    Have been “caught” a number of times, and not ashamed of who sees. Perhaps it’s the exhibitionist in me, or just that I couldn’t be bothered.
    Most recent experience was a few weeks ago. Wife was away for a few days on her annual getaway with the girls. Told me she had cancelled the pool cleaning that week, so I shouldn’t have to worry. Was working from home on one of the days, which just happened to be spectacularly sunny and hot. Decided to head out to the pool to do some nude sunbathing; didn’t even bother bringing any clothes with me, as our place is pretty secluded and I wasn’t expecting anyone to come by. Was a perfect afternoon, and was loving every minute of feeling the hot sun on my naked body.
    At one point, must have dozed off, because next thing I could hear was a splashing noice. Woke up and looked over to see the pool man (who clearly worked out) working away. He looked over to say hi, and did I mind that he hadn’t called ahead. I said not at all, but thought this week had been cancelled, and did he mind that I was naked. Of course I said this as he was looking right at my smooth package, with my legs spread out to get as much sun between them. Not a worry, he said, and then complemented me on having such a nice body. He went back to work, and I lay there watching, feeling very exhilarated by being so exposed to someone who clearly appreciated the view.
    When he finished, i asked if my wife had already paid. He said no, and would I mind paying him now. I said sure and then got up to grab some cash from the kitchen. Walked back fully naked, and a bit firm, feeling very aware that he was watching me. Must admit that I was working it a bit to get some swing from the package. Handed over the cash and went to sit back down. He stood by the foot of the chair chatting, and complemented me again on having such a nice body. Said I had made his day, and thanked me for the show. By now, I was fully hard and had spread my legs wide so that he could see my crack. He told me he would love to stay, but had another client that he had to look after. As he turned to leave, he thanked me again for the show and said he would see me the next time he came around to clean the pool. Offered to do it in the nude as well, if I didn’t mind. Am looking forward to the summer now!

    • T says:

      Hi RJ. Your story sure knocks my unexpected encounter with the window cleaner in to a cocked(lol) hat. First of all,I’m totally jealous that you have a pool.Secondly,I was going to say I hope you gave the guy a big tip,but it sounds like he should be paying you. Thirdly,I can see you encouraging your wife to have many more getaways with the girls,particularly at the times when your pool is due a clean up(lol).

      • RJ says:

        Hi T. Not sure if he would have been as friendly if my wife had also been there, and may never know. I will say this, however. If he’s that friendly with all of his clients, he’s going to make a fortune in tips this summer!

        • t says:

          Hi RJ. I think it unlikely that he would have been quite so friendly if your wife had been there,although in his defence,it does seem that you were ****teasing him just a little bit,so I think he can be forgiven for showing an interest.Also,if your wife had seen how your “Tinky Winky” was standing to attention for the pool guy,you might have had some explaining to do(lol).

          • RJ says:

            Hi T. My wife knows I can be a tease, regardless of gender. I love showing off my nude body to anyone who appreciates it, hence the reason I also love to wear skimpy bikinis and g-strings. She would likely not have been surprised.

          • RJ says:

            Hello T. The pool man was back the other day, and didn’t disappoint. Wife was out of town on a business trip, and had to head home early to gather some work from my home office. Noticed a service van as I was pulling into the drive, but no one at the front of the house. Walked around to the back and saw the pool man cleaning the pool…and fully clothed. Greeted me and said he hadn’t seen me in ages, and how was the tanning (with a smile on his face). Said I had been taking full advantage of the great weather to make sure I didn’t have any tan lines, also said with a chuckle as I recalled the last time he had seen me. Chatted a bit longer, then headed into the house to work. Told him to call me when he was done, as I wanted to use the pool for some training laps afterwards.
            About an hour later, heard him calling through the door to say he was done and I could use the pool now. Quickly slipped into one of my micro-bikinis and headed out the back door. Lo and behold, the pool man had also jumped into the pool for a swim, fully nude. Not a tan line on him either, and a perfectly smooth body everywhere. Was a bit startled, but not surprised given his comments the last time we had met. Figured there was no point in being so formal, so slipped out of my bikini and jumped into the pool. We did laps for a while, and he was certainly able to keep up with me given my competitive background in swimming.
            After a while, we both got out of the pool and parked ourselves on some lounging chairs. He was chatting away while clearly checking me out. Must admit I was also checking him out, as he was certainly well-endowed. Complemented him on his physique and lack of tan lines, which he appreciated. After a bit more playful ribbing, I noticed that he was getting very excited and becoming erect. Was very impressive, and started to get me erect as well. We both sat there, admiring each other’s hard bodies. He was certainly working his body to see just how much I was enjoying the show. Not afraid to say that I was loving every minute of it, as it certainly was playing to my exhibitionist tendencies and how much I love to show off my nude body to an appreciative audience.
            We played around for a while longer, then each headed our separate ways. Was a great afternoon, and sure there will be a few more before the end of the summer.

        • T says:

          Hi RJ. I definitely think you have a talent for writing erotic tales of bi-curious encounters with local handymen(in more ways than one).
          Having spent the past three weeks literally with my pants down in Sicily(I spent most of the time at an unofficial nudist zone),I can share your “appreciation” of a tan line free body. It was easy to spot the part time nudists by the fact that their butt cheeks were somewhat whiter than the rest of their otherwise tanned bodies,and I saw one guy who at first looked like he was wearing dazzlingly white speedos,but a closer look(lol!)revealed that he was actually butt naked. I’m pleased to say that several of the native naked sun worshipers complimented me on my tan line free Scottish butt which had originated in my back garden.
          I’m not expecting any pool men to appear naked in my garden(due to the fact I don’t have a pool),but I’m sure some poor delivery man will descend on my door and be in awe when my white line free bod answers the door in a barely there posing pouch(lol).

          • EJ says:

            The word’s out all over Scotland- if yer jealous of no tan lines don’t go to T’s ! lol

          • RJ says:

            Hi T
            Welcome back from Sicily! Glad the vacation went well, and that you’ve tanned your buns to a golden hue. Make sure to show those Scots what they’re missing, and just how good you look!
            As to my adventure this summer, I write it as it happens. Some might find it odd that I enjoy showing off so much, even to complete strangers. I’ve never been shy about my body, and have never had issues with either gender wanting to look. Not afraid to admit that I get turned on by both women and men, especially when they have amazing nude bodies. I like to think of myself as a renaissance man who appreciates beauty in all its forms.

  8. T says:

    I’m almost loathe to contribute any further additions to this particular topic having read RJ’s steamy account(lol) of his encounter with the pool guy,but then I thought what the heck! So here is a recent experience which I will cryptically call “How a purple g-string helped raise money for a specialist cancer hospital.” Let me explain……….
    A couple of weeks ago,on the Sunday evening of a holiday weekend,I was preparing to take my bin out of the back garden for collection the following morning. As it had been a particularly warm and sunny day,I had spent most of it clad only in the aforementioned purple g-string,and as it was now dark and very late,I thought it would be safe to walk the short distance to the collection spot wearing the string. Having deposited the bin, I turned and headed back to my gate only to discover that the one neighbour, whose gate I had to pass,had been having a late night drinking session with some friends in his garden shed,and with the friends now gone,was standing alone in his dimly lit garden having another drink.
    I thought a quick hello through his gate would suffice,and he wouldn’t notice in the darkness that I was just in my underwear,but of course,in his somewhat drunken state, he came and opened the gate and immediately slurred “Are you naked?” To which I replied No,I’m wearing my underwear.” Anyway,I somehow ended up being invited in to his hut which had a TV,bar,music posters etc and a guitar,which he insisted I play for him. So there I was,late at night in a neighbour’s “man cave” playing his guitar while wearing a g-string(lol). The effects of the alcohol obviously loosened his tongue as he suddenly remarked that “I was always naked,but he was fine with that.” I think he probably meant that I was almost always in my underwear anytime he saw me from his bedroom window from where he could look into my kitchen and parts of my back garden,although I suspect he did see me completely naked from time to time. As I played his guitar,he mentioned that his local pub were having a charity night to raise funds for the Hospital that had treated his late wife during her battle with that dreadful disease,and he asked if I would be interested in going along to sing a few songs? I said I’d be happy to help,and sure enough,the night proved to be a great success and much needed funds were raised.
    So there you have the strange tale of how being caught with my pants almost down helped raise money for a good cause. And I now know that my neighbour isn’t in the least bit offended by me being naked,or near naked, in my house and garden.

    • T says:

      Hi RJ. Would love to tell you that my tanned butt has been out and proud since I returned home last weekend from Sicily,but the reality is that it has rained here every day except Thursday when I managed to catch an hour of sunshine naked in the back garden,but even then I concentrated on topping up my front side.
      Have to give you a big thumbs up for having the courage to admit that you are turned on by other naked men especially those with incredible bodies,although anyone reading the
      account of your encounter with the hot pool guy had probably guessed that already(lol).
      It’s never been an issue when a woman states that another woman is absolutely beautiful and has a stunning body,so it shouldn’t be an issue when a guy does the same.I’m sure most of the guys who follow this blog have at sometime looked at another guy and thought he’s a really good looking bloke,or I wish my butt looked that good in a speedo. Sadly,I will never fall into the category of body that would have you doing naked laps of your pool with me(lol),so I’m always genuinely flattered and surprised when my decidedly less than average naked bod becomes a source of enjoyment and pleasure for another mortal. Kind of like a slightly rundown fairground that still has a couple of good rides in reasonable working order.
      Look forward to reading the next installment of your “What the pool guy did next,” adventure.

      • RJ says:

        Hello T
        I find the human form, female or male, very attractive on any person who displays confidence in who they are and what they’ve got. And I have more than enough self-confidence in who I am to not be afraid to show my appreciation, even if the other person is a man. I’m too old to care about the opinions of narrow-minded insecure adults, nor would I ever waste my time.
        And as for the latest edition of the encounters with the pool man, I think I’ll just let others guess…

        • T says:

          Hi RJ

          I think I speak for the vast majority of TBD followers when I say I’m totally gutted that your latest adventures with the pool guy will not be gracing this column. Our only hope is that the pool man might stumble upon this blog,recognize himself,and delight us with his version of events having first changed all names to protect the naked and the not so innocent(lol).

          • RJ says:

            Hi T:
            LOL!! He’s been busy cleaning my pool a few times this summer, and rather enjoying himself. A week back he decided to do so while nude, proudly showing off his very sexy and toned body while I watched from the sun chair. I think men (and women) with completely hairless and smooth bodies are incredibly hot, and he certainly loved showing off his goods while going about his work. I made sure he could see how appreciative I was as I spread my legs wide and slowly rubbed sun oil all over my equally hairless body. Later, he helped rub the oil onto my backside, with particular attention to my butt. Needless to say, I was incredibly wet by the time he stopped massaging the oil into my hole! Won’t say much more about what happened next, as this isn’t that type of blog, but will say I’m enjoying exploring this side of my sexuality with someone who clearly knows what he is doing!! Too bad summer will be over soon!

            • T says:

              Hi RJ. Hope you are well. Did you decide against opening a private account on the forum? As I suspected,your last post was a bit too hot for this blog and was deleted. If you are interested in chatting we could exchange emails?

              • RJ says:

                Hi T
                Yes, it was perhaps a bit too hot for this blog, but it is BD’s blog and his choice as to what he allows to be posted. I can’t argue with that. I didn’t do a good job of respecting his site.
                Will be looking into setting up a private account on the forum. Find sharing the stories of my adventures with the pool man to be very stimulating!

              • RJ says:

                Hi T. Not going to deny it. This whole COVID lockdown mentality has been a struggle when it comes to hearing out to the beach or pool to show off in my tiny bikinis. The exhibitionist in me is dying to itching to strut my stuff in a tiny g-string, and then maybe tanning in the nude for a few appreciative fans. This is gong to be a very boring summer if we can’t go anywhere!

                • T says:

                  Good to hear from you again,RJ. Been a while since I’ve seen any comments from you.
                  I think we are all going a little stir crazy at the moment during this pandemic,and it’s hard to see when any semblance of normality will return,but we have to believe,in time,that we will all adapt to whatever changes in lifestyle comes our way.
                  You are luckier than many in having a pool at your home,so you still have the opportunity to swim and sunbathe to your hearts content,and there is always a possibility that a mailman or tradesman might call in unexpectedly and catch you in your bikini or less,which will satisfy the exhibitionist in you.

                  I’m still keeping everything crossed that my trip to Sicily later in the year will not be cancelled. My friends tell me the situation is good over there,so providing the airline is still flying at that time,and our Government have lifted the quarantine restrictions for coming back into the country,I have a good chance of hitting the nudist zone(lol).

                  If you would like to chat more privately,you can ask Nate for my email address.

                  Take care

                  • RJ says:

                    Hi T:
                    I can only live in hope that some delivery man will happen upon me while I am suntanning in the nude next to my pool! Even better if it’s the pool boy from a few summers ago!
                    Fingers crossed for your plans in Sicily later this year! You should be good, as I believe you’re in the EU travel bubble. In the meantime, make sure to take advantage of your backyard. Perhaps you should be asking your thong experimenting neighbour to join you!

                    • T says:

                      Can’t go into any detail here,but let’s just say the thong experimenting didn’t end well!

                    • RJ says:

                      Sounds interesting, T. A for effort, nonetheless! Hope you had fun trying…

          • T says:

            Hi RJ.
            So glad you relented and gave us an update on the cleanliness of your pool. It must be the cleanest pool in your neighbourhood, and it sounds like the pool guy gets a lot of satisfaction from servicing it regularly. I’m sure you are more than generous when it comes to settling the bill for his services and he no doubt appreciates a big tip on top. Sounds like he is also a dab hand at applying sun tan lotion on those (not) so hard to reach parts of your body.

        • T says:

          Hi RJ,

          Reading about your adventures with your pool guy reminded me of an experience I had almost forgotten about when I came to America for the first time in the year 2000. It was my first holiday abroad and I was staying with friends in baking hot Arizona. Luckily they had a pool,and on this particular day I had the place to myself,so I put on my skimpiest bikini brief, which I remember was by a British company called Kiniki. It was purple,made of skin tight lycra and was called Andre. I was enjoying the peace and quiet and the cooling effect of the pool when suddenly a guy appeared from the side of the house carrying paint pots and brushes and began painting the back porch. He obviously wasn’t expecting anyone to be at home,so he probably got a shock when I said hello from the pool. I didn’t want to distract him while he was working,so I didn’t say too much,but I remember saying how I felt a bit guilty enjoying the pool while he was sweating and having to work. I knew I couldn’t stay in the pool forever,but I was a bit shy about getting out and showing him my skimpy swim briefs especially as I knew that they were not popular in the U S. Anyway,I finally plucked up the courage to get out the pool and lie on my back to sunbathe. The guy looked over a few times but didn’t pass comment which was a relief,and I even told him it would be okay with my friends if he wanted to have a swim before he finished for the day,but unlike RJ’s pool guy(lol),he declined the offer.
          It’s not much of a story compared to RJ’s,but at the time it was quite a big deal for me to be seen in my speedos by a stranger. I bet Nate’s probably thinking “how times have changed for T.”

          • RJ says:

            Hi T
            Yes, times have changed, and we’ve grown wiser and braver in our bikini choices. I bet he was wishing he could have been wearing a tiny bikini as well to paint the porch. You shouldn’t have been so shy; he clearly had no problem seeing another man in a speedo. Good to know you’ve overcome that shyness in Sicily!! LOL!

        • T says:

          Hi RJ. You may remember my story of the neighbour with the dog, knocking on my door to inform me that I had squirrels in my roof and seeing me in a skimpy white g-string. Well,recently I met him in the street with his dog and he told me that he was looking forward to having a holiday in Spain,in January. I jokingly suggested if he wanted to borrow a speedo or thong, to let me know,to which he replied “not with this paunch.”
          When I went back into the house,I thought I would look out a couple of thongs on the off chance he would pass by my window after walking his dog. As luck would have it(lol),he did come back along the path and when he looked over at my window I was standing totally naked waving two thongs in the air. Not surprisingly,he stopped and did a double take then smiled and carried on walking.A few minutes later,there was a knock on my door,and having slipped on a g-string,I answered the door to find the neighbour,minus dog,standing there. He somewhat sheepishly asked if he could borrow a thong to try on,so I said,if he wanted,I could pop over to his flat in 10 minutes with a selection of skimpy thongs etc for him to try in the comfort of his own home.
          When I got to the flat,he was understandably a bit nervous,and when I pulled out a selection of strings and thongs his eyes widened as if he had never seen such skimpy undies. Anyway,he took each item and put them on in his bedroom before coming back into the living room to show them off to me. He really started to enjoy the freedom of wearing and modelling such revealing g-strings and sheepishly confessed that he was getting aroused,which I told him was a perfectly natural reaction when wearing sexy undies. He eventually settled on a red g-string from China and a Kiniki multi coloured string with a roomier pouch, and I also popped a purple g-string(his preferred colour)through his door a few days later.
          I don’t know if he’ll have the courage to wear any of the three strings on the beach when he goes to Spain,but I think I may have done enough to at least make him consider wearing thongs and g-strings as everyday wear. Time will tell!

          • RJ says:

            Bravo, T!! You’ve converted another man to the wonders of the g-string! Love the fact that you enticed him while totally nude…that is classic! Clearly, he also discovered how sexy it can feel to wear g-strings, given he was getting aroused. Can’t waIt to hear how his trip to Spain goes…

          • RJ says:

            PS, T. Heading off to the Caribbean in January for a two week vacation. Have a micro bikini and a g-string ready for each day of the trip. Looking forward to worshipping the sun, and to showing off my body. My wife is looking forward to seeing how many heads we will turn when strolling down the beach in our g-strings!!

  9. T says:

    The weather here in Scotland has been unusually warm recently and this has allowed me to sunbathe naked in my back garden, building up quite an impressive allover tan in preparation for my summer holiday in Sicily in less than two weeks time.
    Last Sunday evening,having spent a good part of the day catching some rays,I was sitting in my living room,naked and tired, checking my emails, when all of a sudden there was a very loud and urgent sounding knock,knock.knock on my front door. I wasn’t expecting visitors and couldn’t think who might be calling at such a time. Anyway,having quickly pulled on a white g-string to provide a modicum of coverage,I opened the door to be met by the chap with the dog, who on several occasions, has chatted to me on my doorstep while I’ve been sunning myself in a g-string. Before I could say anything,he rather excitedly said “Do you know you’ve got squirrels inside the roof of your house?” quickly followed by “Look,there are two of them!” Without hesitation I ran out the door and looked up to where he was pointing,and sure enough there were two squirrels running up the side of my house and disappearing into a hole that they had made by somehow moving one of the roof tiles. It was at this point that I became aware that I was standing outside my house totally bare assed in the skimpiest,semi transparent g-string you could imagine,and my neighbour with the dog was finding it hard to talk to me and keep his eyes from looking down at my barely covered package and recently sun kissed butt cheeks.
    I thanked him for alerting me about my unwanted house guests,and went back indoors to call a roofer.
    I haven’t seen the neighbour since Sunday night,but I wonder if he”ll make a comment about my choice of daring underwear or the fact that I had no tan lines? p.s I have to say the white string on my tanned skin provided a nice contrast and definitely highlighted my tan.

  10. Ash says:

    So I have a couple of these experiences with guys I work with. I’m in the army and I tend to wear thongs most of the time. My room mate was away on leave for a week so I figured chilling out in my bed playing games and having a couple of beers was a good idea. I hadn’t locked my door and the army isn’t the most liberal of organisations so when a group of 4 or 5 lads came in with drinks in hand they were shocked to say the least. I don’t think I could have gone a deeper shade of red. There was a bit of back and forth between us banter wise nothing abusive. A couple days later me thinking everyone is gonna know feeling really embarrassed still. 2 of them approached me but on seporate occasions asking where I got them and if I can help them pick some out. I think I may have converted atleast one of them cause I saw him throwing out his boxers one evening shortly after helping him pick some styles.

  11. EJ says:

    That’s cool Ash- what could have been embarrassing turned out positive between you & T half the male population in the world that was curious is tryin out ‘the good stuff ‘

  12. EJ says:

    As I said in an earlier post, people have told me ‘I look like’ I wear sexy stuff even when I wasn’t. Had a few girlfriends before I was married express surprise or a little disappointed I wasn’t

  13. Ash says:

    Hahaha it was never the intention but I’m glad it worked out but now unless I’m blind drunk and passed out on my sofa cause my bed is 4 feet too far a way I tend to stay covered up. Unless I’m swimming then it’s a speedo and I’m not bothered by who sees cause it just training wear

    • Bikini Obsessed says:

      Hey Ash! I was hoping to hear back from you!? I know this post is over a year old but I hardly ever come across guys with my name…thought it was cool is all!

  14. Bikini Obsessed says:

    Hey Ash – from another Ash! I was just scrolling through this post and thought I was reading one of my own posts to find out that theres another Ash on here. Nice to meet you man and cool to know that youre a thong wearer. Im big into bikini and thong wearing. The thong wearing is a little more recent though. I might add that its brave of you to be rockin thongs since youre in the army also….

  15. T says:

    I know I’ve contributed several times to this particular subject,but low and behold,on the first day of my holiday in Sicily,I get caught again(lol).I should begin by saying that I set out with no intention to sunbathe.In fact I was wearing a long sleeved shirt and trousers and had only gone out for a walk along the shoreline.Anyway,as I walked along,I noticed a spot down among the rocks which looked quite private and had the sea just a few metres away. When I got down to the shore,I noticed a tunnel that went under the main road and a gate at the end which looked like it hadn’t b
    een opened in years. At first I lay down on the rocks at the side of the tunnel’s entrance, in my clothes,but as the sun got hotter,I stripped down to my undies which was a skimpy purple G-string. A few people stopped on the path above,but I don’t think they could tell I was wearing a string.Then I heard the sound of male voices echoing nearby and the unmistakable sound of a gate creaking open. Seconds later,no less than seven Italian guys emerged into the sunlight to be confronted by my almost naked body lying on the rocks. One of them smiled and bid me a good day in Italian,and then they walked the few metres to the sea. They stood talking for about ten minutes and then headed back through the tunnel biding me farewell. They must have seen that I was wearing a G-string,but didn’t mention it.
    Funnily enough,another mixed group appeared through the tunnel not long after,and didn’t make a fuss either.
    I eventually got dressed and left them to enjoy the view?

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      You seem to get stumbled upon often with your pants down! Guess some one has to be brave enough to take the chance. Enjoy your holiday.

    • RJ says:

      Hi T. I applaud your latest adventure in suntanning. I’m sure that the Italian boys were glad to see someone who clearly enjoyed the great Sicilian sun in such a revealing way! Must say I also applaud your choice of g-string underwear under such a conservative outfit. Just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover!

      • T says:

        Good to hear from you,RJ. I’m sure some of the people on here must think I deliberately set out to get caught with my pants down,but that certainly wasn’t the case here! Believe me,the rocks here are razor sharp and can be very unkind to exposed naked flesh(I still have scars from previous encounters),so I would definitely have brought a thick beach towel if I had intended to sunbathe.
        Been a while since you’ve posted any “dealings” with your pool guy. Any updates you’d like to share???

        • RJ says:

          Hi T. LOL! I know how much you enjoyed my updates on the interactions with the pool man last summer! I can be such a tease at times!
          Nothing to report as yet, as the warm season is just arriving. Who knows if he’ll be working this summer, but hoping he is. Quite enjoyed showing off to an appreciative audience!
          Enjoy Sicily!

  16. T says:

    Ha! Ha! Thanks for that,Nate. The Italians are very laid back when it comes to Speedos,but I remember Saro telling me that thongs were not so accepted,so maybe I was fortunate that I wasn’t lying on my stomach with my butt on display. I guess because I’m comfortable getting naked here,wearing a G-string doesn’t seem to be such a big deal?. Thanks for the holiday good wishes. I hope you and the family have a great time when it’s your turn.

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