Real Men’s Underwear for 2020

Real Men's Underwear for 2020

I did a search on “men’s underwear” recently just to see what would come up. First couple results were best underwear for men 2020. The first one I checked out had 2 briefs and the rest were trunks. This list was the best underwear for summer. The second one was slightly better, since it included Jockey’s Elance bikini briefs. Still more cover than most of us here like to wear. So I decided I should do a post countering it though I’m not going to list the best pairs of underwear for 2020. I do my top 5 pairs I wore during the year for bikinis and then thongs next month. You can check out last years (2019 Bikinis Favorites / 2019 Thong Favorites).

So how can only 2 briefs make it on the best for summer list? I never knew more coverage makes one cooler. Maybe they picked cooler fabrics, but still skimpier cuts in those fabrics would be better for summer. Why can’t they at least add bikini cuts to their list? I don’t count the Jockey one as a real bikini cut. If these places would start adding them in then maybe they’d start selling more and show up in stores. I find it hard to believe the percentage of us that wear bikinis and thongs is that small. Maybe I’m off on my thinking and we are like 1% of guys. Though I did come across a survey on men’s thongs that just had 1% of whatever group they surveyed wearing them several days a week. So based on that, bikinis and thongs should be over 1%.

I know followers of my blog would agree that real men’s underwear is bikinis and/or thongs (g-strings included here). Nothing wrong with guys showing a bit of skin with their underwear. Why should we be deprived of these styles that women get to wear freely without any questions? They are a viable and great option for us guys. Who wants underwear that can bunch up and/or ride up the legs? Enjoy your legs being constricted by your underwear? Like sweaty clingy fabric stuck to pretty much your whole lower body when working out or doing strenuous activities? Then go with what these top underwear lists for 2020 suggest. For me I want freedom of movement, nothing tight around my thighs, cooler styles especially for summer. Even something on the sexy side, which I don’t see the norm in men’s underwear very sexy.

My suggestion for men’s underwear in 2020 before it ends is bikinis and/or thongs. No better time than now to give something new a try. Explore the options and pick some that speak to you. There are plenty out there. Hopefully, you’ll be surprised with the confidence and comfort a great pair of bikini or thong can bring like many others have discovered. We are allowed to wear sexy, skimpy cuts of underwear too.

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  1. Brian says:

    Look up a brand called avidlove on Amazon they make awesome bikini underwear….for g string I wear brave person

  2. david_nc says:

    This has been the year of the thong. With the encouragement from this group I started back wearing thongs in April. One of my favorites, Papi brand, don’t appear to have their nicer thongs on their website, I do hope they will return. I still want to try the Ace and Indigo sporty thong and the JM thong since I’ve read so many good reviews about them.

  3. Danny says:

    I would guess most guys must have at least 1 skimpy pair in their drawer. They may not wear them every day, but maybe something special for a date night, etc.
    Amazon prime has made it possible to try née underwear cheaply and somewhat privately. Would be interesting to see some hard data.

  4. PM7 says:

    The passed few years I’ve only had one or two pairs of thongs/bikinis in my dresser. Since gaining some support from the wife I’ve been expanding my collection this year and finding what fits me the best… so far I’ve been pretty happy with Daniel Alexander and feel (open to suggestions too). Also… in the picture at the top what are the blue pair and red/white Hawaii floral print?

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      The blue is Blueline’s t-back thong and the Hawaiian is Prevail Sport’s string brief. Unfortunately Prevail Sport closed their doors for retirement and it seems Blueline may be gone too. Might find Blueline on places like eBay. Actually most of the underwear in the picture isn’t offered anymore.

  5. T says:

    After reading this post,I decided to fill out a survey online which was trying to determine the underwear choices of men. Thongs were mentioned,but were almost at the bottom(no pun intended)of the list. I thought I would have seen the results of the poll once I had finished,but it must have been an ongoing survey.
    I don’t know if these polls give a true indication of what men like to wear under their jeans etc,but the fact that there are so many skimpier styles advertised online would suggest that there must be a market for them. Perhaps some guys just don’t like to admit that they have thongs and bikinis in their bottom drawer?

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