Do women really dislike guys in skimpy underwear and swimwear?

women dislike swim briefs

Is there really an answer to the question, do women dislike guy’s in skimpy undies and swimwear? I phrased it dislike, because that is the impression we are given basically everywhere. I know we’ve discussed the negativity before on the blog, but why not some more. Most things related to guys in skimpy underwear or swim attire is not done in a positive way.

I used this example before. I’ve seen several animated movies that they put one of the characters in a swim brief and even a thong. I mean the new Hotel Transylvania movie, they put Dracula’s father, Vlad, in a swim brief. Even had a couple characters in the first one in them. What do you hear during those parts? Most people getting a laugh out of it. So even at a young age kids are given the impression that skimpy swimwear is just a joke for guys. I know I’m a bit off of my initial question. My point about this is we are being molded to what society and fashion people think is appropriate for public viewing.

Okay, back to women and their thought. If you look on the Internet you can find threads of negativity. You may see things like ewww yuck that is gross. Or maybe let’s leave something to the imagination. Then here is a GQ article that is giving the impression women aren’t into swim briefs. They survey 400 women (think they could have done more than that) and the verdict is long trunks at 55% and of course swim briefs at 2%. Though there is a nice comment by one person surveyed. “They seem like they are shamed into wearing oversized trunks that are too long. They shouldn’t be heckled for wearing short trunks or even a Speedo. It’s their body and choice.” Nice to see comments like that out there.

Based on that it seems like women are disliking skimpy swimwear at least. I’ll assume underwear too. Though you do see the hating more on the average guy, but if you are a swimmer or diver than it is okay. Or maybe if you are in great physical shape it is okay to rock a swim brief.

Is this really the majority of women’s view of this men’s attire? Is there that much closed mindedness out there? Are women not attracted to the bulge or the butt? Is it all about the upper body?

To me that is hard to believe even though they say we are wired differently. My experience is that there is an interest in our lower extremity. I get more people that have had positive reactions to their skimpy underwear and swimwear choice than negative from women. I tend to think once women are introduced properly to them that they kind of like what they see. Maybe it takes them a bit to warm up with being use to just seeing the norm, but in the end they do enjoy the bikinis, thongs, and/or swim briefs.

Do you think women really dislike guys in skimpy underwear and swimwear? Is it just the haters that voice their opinion more that makes it seem to be the case? Is it social norms that make people think guys should cover up more than women?

Guess in the end the only woman’s thoughts that really matter are my wife’s. I don’t get any hating there. She encouraged me to break out the swim brief publicly, so I’d say no disliking there. Then she tries to get glimpses of what underwear I’ve got one, so I’d say it is a safe bet that she likes my choice of underwear and swimwear.

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  1. Stallion says:

    First off:in today’s information society, briefs and thongs are always displayed in a negative manner for men.
    Wha I mean, is; if you look up men’s thong or briefs online, you’re more likely to pull up an image of a guy who is obviously obese, and in a goofy pose or situation. Therefore giving all who see a negative impression. Just like this other fashion forum I’m a member of which discusses Spray on jeans. If you were to look up men in spray on jeans, you’d see a spray on skin jean model intentionally made to look goofy.
    Imagine if you will: you’re at your dentist office, waiting to get your teeth worked on, your dentist calls you back to begin work. You walk through the door, and your dentist has on big red clown shoes, a red nose like roudolf the red nosed rain deer and overall, dressed like a clown. Would you let this person work on your teeth?
    Well, that’s the same princin which men in thongs or skinny jeans or any other fashion is put on display when they are wanting to display what they are against in a negative light.
    If we want people to take our sense of fashion seriously, then we must stop displaying it in negative likes.

  2. EJ says:

    And most people are sheep they have no problem letting other people do their thinking for them

  3. Max says:

    I find that there are a lot of women who like it when guys wear thong underwear or thong swimwear.

  4. Mike says:

    As a professional analyst, I think it’s important to call out the target audience of the magazine itself and question the demographic for which they surveyed. That’s a tiny sample size to begin with and from where across the US were the responses located. There are about 175 million women in the US with regional bais’ everywhere. I’ll bet the vast majority of the women polled were in the “highly judgemental and extremely insecure” 18-25 year old age range from one region (SoCal).

    Why was there a section where one plain brief was compared to 4 pairs of shorts? The 2% statistic is bull. They could’ve had a section with just briefs and bikinis asking what prints or solids would be preferred. There would have been plenty of responses without a stigma attached.

    It is these little spins on articles with surveys that are obvious to me and therefore lack credibility. I do think this article is dangerous because it’s underlying message promotes body-shaming each other to a large audience, no matter what swimwear is being worn.

    I’m no adonis but I am a triathlete and I do to take good care of myself. Wearing brief swimwear or any body-contouring clothing in my world is the norm, even for the larger competitors. Like you BD, the only opinion that truly matters to me is my wifes and she prefers the squares or briefs as do most of the adult women I know.

    The bottom line is GQ needs to survey enough women over 30 without the body-shaming spin before publishing material like this. But what do I care, I don’t subscribe to their magazine anyway.

  5. Blackstallion says:

    Exactly, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  6. OLS says:

    They like boardshorts. I have not found a blog, or survey, or discussion panel in which the majority of women prefer men in bikinis or less over shorts.

  7. MaxJames says:

    Who cares what women say …. wear what you want!

    • Black stallion says:

      Damn Straight, they’re always talking about how they don’t care what men think about they dress, and their bodies belong to them, though it’s true, those same laws apply to our bodies too.

  8. John says:

    Mike said it exactly. It seems all those surveys are biased to begin with and have questions written that lead the participants into answers stating they hate swim briefs. The same goes for underwear surveys where they all say they prefer boxers and boxer briefs.
    It’s time to break out and wear what we want without shame and judgement.

  9. Max says:

    EJ, I live in Ohio, but I wear thongs and skimpy swimwear all over the country!

    It takes confidence to wear skimpy swimwear in public even when you don’t have a perfect body. Wear what you like!

    Where do you live EJ?

  10. EJ says:

    Massachusetts I think you pointed out the few places to wear thongs way back in an earlier post- I think wearing what you want to the beach is more acceptable on Cape Cod & the Islands, but north of Boston is a more arrogant- pass judgement on others kind of culture. This part of the state has Crane Beach where there’s the ‘gay section’ obviously the attitude just described. I don’t care being labeled gay as ignorance is also part of culture here. Some people have thought of me as being gay, I’m straight. I was riding my bicycle to work a few months ago- I work in a small industrial building anyway 2 knuckleheads thought I wasn’t in earshot 1 of them said ‘he looks like a broad’ maybe they weren’t talking about me if they were they didn’t have the balls to say it to my face even though it would’ve been 2 against 1. If it came down to it I would’ve dropped my shorts revealing very skimpy underwear before attempting to kick the snot out of them I’m not a brawler but I won’t take $#/t from Massholes

  11. jr says:

    For the most part I have received positive comments from the ladies when wearing skimpy underwear. Though jokingly I brought up wearing Speedo , she had commented that only on a secluded beach. I think she knew I was way to shy to try it lol. I guess one thing I wonder is that are some women afraid of being judged by others when their boyfriends or friends are wear skimpy underwear or swimwear.

  12. DonS says:

    Only comments I have had have been from girl friends, and positive at that. One said that “there’s not much to your jocks” (Oz slang for any male underwear at the time), but in a good positive way. Mine were a bit briefer than hers, as she never did wear string styles while I knew her. I’ve never had comments one way or the other from females, friends or strangers, while in speedo style swimmers.

  13. Bikini Obsessed says:

    I am in Germany at the moment and have been really impressed with the speedo/thong sightings here. I was in the north of Germany and saw many, many guys in speedos. One particular guy was with his wife and kids wearing some speedos on the skimpier side which was impressive. I parked myself and beach towel near them (but not too near too look creepy). At a lake in Berlin I was witness to another family man rockin a thong no less. It was a busy beach as well. Nobody giving him grief or stares. It’s hard not to want to check out pools or beaches here ……everyday lol.

  14. T says:

    In the olden days, before the swinging sixties brought in the notion of free love, and the pill allowed women more sexual freedom,they were generally expected to keep themselves chaste and pure until their wedding night,and in many cases that meant they didn’t see their future husband naked until that very night.You can only imagine the shock they felt when their new husband dropped his pants and unleashed the fully erect beast that had until then remained hidden,and scared witless when they realized where it was heading.

    The male anatomy became less of a mystery in the years that followed,but I still remember the publicity that was generated when the actor Burt Reynolds posed naked for a well known ladies magazine,and also when two respected British actors were seen full frontal naked during a controversial nude wrestling scene in the film “Women in Love.”

    Nowadays women have much more opportunities to be blunt and to the point about what they like or don’t like about men,and what they expect from a man in the bedroom.
    There is no doubt that for many women,a man’s butt is one of the first things they check out when they see a guy,so you would think seeing that butt in a bikini brief or more revealing thong would be a total turn on. So why is it that the general reaction to seeing a guy in skimpy swim wear or underwear is a negative one? Could it be that some of the more prudish traits have been passed down from previous generations and any woman who openly admits to being turned on by a guy’s thonged butt is being a bit too full on?

    There are guys who contribute to this blog who have partners who support their love of wearing skimpy styles,but are less keen to see their men displaying too much vpl in public. Is this because they feel that what their man is blessed or cursed with in his pants is for their eyes and pleasure alone,and therefore they don’t like other women,or men, seeing what is in the cookie jar?

    We may never know the true answer to the heading of this topic,but those of us who love wearing skimpy styles should continue to do so in the hope that we can turn the tide of negativity.And if,in the process,we find somebody who shares our love of such things,then surely that is all that matters.

    • JM says:

      Bravo, T!

      A well worded message for all to read and understand.

      I firmly believe that it is prudish behavior that persists. In the USA we live in “…the land of the free…” yet everyone here wants to tell everyone else what they can and can not do in all aspects of their lives. Not just what a person can and can not wear, but what color they can paint their house and how many vehicles are allowed in their driveway. I find this to be utter insanity and is exactly why I choose to not live in one of those places.

      Anyhow, I know my gal loves me and she enjoys seeing me in whatever I want to wear, but I know she prefers the skimpier options over “dork-shorts”.

  15. Lin says:

    I’ve posted about this in another thread so please excuse the duplication but…

    Omg ! Are you f-ing kidding ?

    I’ve gone to a local beach wearing a grey DT thong the kind that covers half the rear area. I always scrunch it up a little so it’s basically a thong. Anyway, as far as the women goes, I’ve seen I’d say 4 different responses and these apply to women by themselves, with other women and women with boyfriends.

    1) Teen girls. They want to see it and will go out of their to get a good look. Most will obviously like it but clearly fail to show otherwise. A very rare few will scoff mildly/almost nonexistently, but to me, they’re just trying to deny how powerlessness they are over their sex drive – which is ok, they’re young etc..

    2) Women in their 20’s and 30’s: They obviously like it – no question, but are a little more slick about acting reserved about it.

    3) Women over 40: They look with an obvious “Like” but don’t seem to look for as long of a period of time. There are in my experience exceptions to this. For example, I saw a 40 something Mom with her daughter stare at me while I was at my car getting ready to leave for the day. There’s no question that the stare was, shall I say, strongly desirous.

    4) Women of any age: They don’t look because they’re deep in a conversation or otherwise preoccupied for whatever reason.

    Beyond this, I would say, the more in shape a guy is, the more they will get results like this.

    Also, women are famous for liking a guy’s backside and yet guys wear dork shorts – it’s unbelievable and so wildly contradictory that I can’t even think about it!

    • Black Stallion says:

      It doesn’t matter what shape the guy or girl is in. They should be able to wear what they want to wear.
      It’s more fear from others, because they are unable to wear the same type of clothing, or they are extremely vain.

  16. Lin says:

    Apologies Black Stallion,
    when I said “I would say, the ….” I meant to express a sense of speculation and my god, not some rule to punish people with. I should have been clearer about that.

  17. Black Stallion says:

    No apology necessary.
    No foul no harm.
    But I think thatwhy people have such opinions, especially here in the States of America

  18. Lin says:

    I know, and after all, no one body type has the right to decide what other body types can wear.

    Do you know if there are any thong swimwear meetup groups ?

  19. Lin says:

    Thanks Nate,
    I imagine a meetup group would launch sometime before summer but it’s probably good to put the idea out there now to get people thinking. I also imagine that if there a group like that would include women having witnessed first hand a sort of force field of immunity when I thong at the beach with a woman.

    Also Nate, do you have a thread in here somewhere about thong wearing at different water parks ?

    Black Stallion, that’s surprising, the thong board has extensive commentary but mostly on beaches.

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