Quote: I’m an addict for underwear -Jennifer Ellison

I'm an addict fro underwear

OK, it is underwear quote time. This one is probably one that could have been said by a lot of people. But this one is by English actress Jennifer Ellison, “I’m an addict for underwear.” I put myself into that category too. I did an underwear addiction post about a year ago now. Read it here. Though I have been doing very well at not buying any new underwear or swimwear for myself. So far it has been since last November. Probably a record for me. Now, I can’t say I haven’t been tempted! I guess what has helped me along is I’ve gotten my fix with buying some for my wife.

Guess I’m really an addict of both women’s and men’s underwear. I enjoy doing underwear shopping and seeing what is available out there for the both of us. It’s the only clothes shopping I like to do. Of course the best part is receiving them and trying them on to see how they look and make you feel. Nothing like slipping a nice fitting pair of sexy underwear on for the day.

What’s wrong with having more underwear than you really need? It’s not a bad thing to have a wide selection to choose from. It is at least something that is useful and provides a benefit. For me underwear does stimulate me in more ways than one. Soon it will be time for me to get an underwear or maybe swimwear fix. I am however aiming to make it to November at least. We’ll see how much longer I can hold out for buying for myself. The right sale may just make me give in. I’ve been close several times, but my will power has prevailed.

Do you consider yourself an addict to underwear? How often do you buy new underwear? How do you control spending too much?

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  1. EJ says:

    Looking back on that post out of 41 comments I probably put in half- that’s all I got to say about that- lost count how many g strings & and string bikinis I bought this year, I only bought 7 thongs this year lol

  2. T says:

    I think most of the guys who follow your blog would agree that you are preaching to the converted with this topic and that we are all singing from the same hymn sheet(sermon over). As someone who has more than 200 items of underwear,mostly g-strings,packed into at least 5 drawers,some of which rarely see the light of day,I would admit to being an underwear addict. Having said that,in more recent times I’ve really cut back(says the man who bought nearly 30 strings online in one week),but in my defence,those latest purchases have become my regular first choice on a daily basis and I did give four of them to a dear friend on my recent holiday.
    I’m sure online shopping has been a major factor in the rise of all sorts of addictions,some more serious than others,and certainly with underwear there is such a huge range of exotic,skimpy styles available at the click of a button which no high street shop could ever compete with,so there is the temptation to go slightly overboard. As long as we don’t allow our passion for underwear to cause us financial difficulties,then there is no real harm in it,and as I said earlier,there are much worse things to be addicted too.

  3. John says:

    I’d say I’m definitely an addict. I have more pairs than I can wear and sometimes am surprised when I come across pairs I forgot I have. Certainly online shops don’t make it any easier to calm the addiction. I get, on average, 5 emails a day from different online shops with sales and announcements of new additions. On the bright side, I go through phases when I don’t buy anything for months then fall off the wagon and buy 5-8 pairs. Luckily my addiction hasn’t caused me financial hardship and my husband doesn’t seem to mind when I get a package in the mail.

  4. Mark says:

    Guilty as charged (pun intended too.) Having ordered from a variety of companies and countries I too get many offers on-line and keep my purchases down to one a month or less. That being said, when special circumstances take place, such as when JM out of Montreal had a going out of business fire sale, I ordered over a dozen thongs at one time. Like others, my collection is in drawers and bins (three of each.) The way I look at it, the wife has her shoes and handbags, I have my thongs and g-strings! I cull my collection periodically so I do spread the joy. It is hard to resist when I run across a new print/color/material.

  5. Jeremy says:

    I’d consider myself a male thong addict right now. These are pretty much the only kind of underwear I wear these days. My gf calls me a ‘Nerd’ for buying so many of them. I’ve been buying so many thongs online that I’ve lost count of them. I purchased about 30 of them online couple of weeks back and all this when I have a drawer full of thongs, some even unopened. I’ve realised that I spend the most on underwear right now. Not a problem though. It’s probably not a bad thing to be addicted to as someone here mentioned before. 😉

  6. Ash says:

    I am definitely an underwear addict…I find myself constantly thinking about the next style or brand I haven’t discovered yet. I still get the same rush from buying them as I did when I was a teen. I am in Europe and dropped some serious cash on thongs and bikinis….maybe I went a little overboard, but I view it as an investment. In my defence I haven’t bought any in quite awhile and some of them were on sale.

  7. Ash says:

    Hey Jeremy, I think I can relate to you as I’ve bought a bunch of male thongs. I’ve been wearing them daily too which feels awesome.

  8. DonS says:

    I wouldn’t call myself an addict. I buy for what I need to wear, but do see what the latest styles are like from the regular suppliers, so am regularly making small purchases.

    Whether addict or not, each of these purchases we make goes a little way to supporting a small, cottage-style industry. I don’t imagine any of these companies are large or part of larger conglomerates, but they do provide employment to some small number of people and so are locally important. Plus of course the postal business they in turn provide is also useful income to their country’s postal service. And that in turn gives me a little bit of a boost in feeling good.

  9. jr says:

    I would consider my part of this group. It so easy to accumulate with online sales emails and free shipping after spending certain amount. I find certain times I will order a couple more to just get the free shipping . Its almost like getting a pair free or getting a better deal on your order. Amazon sometimes gets me to, if I order anything I usually pick out a couple pair of underwear to. I usually can go month or two without ordering something.

  10. T says:

    It comes as no surprise that a lot of the guys who follow this blog would admit to being an underwear addict with vast collections of skimpy attire. But I wonder how many of them were the exact opposite before their addiction took hold? I know it’s hard to believe,but there are guys in our streets,towns and cities who, not from a lack of finance,I may add,have barely enough underwear to last a full week. I’m sure we’ve all seen washing lines displaying the same 3 or 4 pairs of tired old boxers week in week out, or have workmates who inadvertently show their limited choice of undies whenever they bend over.
    We have to face the facts,guys! Some guys have zero interest in what they wear under their trousers and are quite content to rotate a few pairs until their other half deems them no longer suitable for anything other than a duster.

  11. Mark says:

    The same goes for those who buy the same old jockey short packages, five for $15 (see the following.) About a year ago my younger brother and I traveled to Ohio to go to a museum and while there we shared a room at a motel. Changing for bed later I noticed that he was still wearing the same kind of shorts we did when we were kids back home while I was wearing either a string bikini or thong (anything practically except white.) Since the motel had both an in-door pool and work out room, I even managed to use both while in one of my swim thongs! So these dullards can be found even in families!!

    • T says:

      Did your brother not pass comment on your string bikini/thong? You may well have influenced him to wear something a bit more daring,so next time you share a room you might be pleasantly surprised.

  12. Mark says:

    Not so far but time will tell.

  13. Kally says:

    I’m an addict for sure. I have a hard time not buying new and interesting underwear all the time. It’s mostly the expense that stops me and I have a hard time justifying it to my wife.

  14. EJ says:

    I’m hooked myself I said in September I was done buying for the year it went twice in October and I’m waiting for a 3pk of g strings from China. The one good thing is just about every purchase this year came from Asia where as we all know prices are a fraction of what they are here- cheap doesn’t mean crappy

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I almost made a year without a purchase, but their was a sale of a swim brand I wanted to try that I couldn’t resist about a month from that year date. However I did buy underwear for my wife, so I think that helped me resist buying for myself.

  15. Perris says:

    If a woman has many pairs of shoes or handbags, or a guy has quite a few baseball caps, are they addicts? I prefer to use the term “collector.” The way they smell fresh out of the package, brand new and after a shower. It’s hard to explain. Although I have quite a few myself, I’ve found that many go bad in storage. The elastic dries out and loses the stretch. I blame myself because I could have gotten more enjoyment out of it had I worn it more often and that can only happen with less pairs. What a dilemma!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I’m for sure a collector! Some people don’t wash their underwear until they’ve worn all in their drawer to not cheat a pair. I’m not one of them. Some pairs for me deserve more wear than others.

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