Buying Underwear Online vs. A Store

Buying Underwear Online vs. A Store

Women have the option to shop in a store anywhere to purchase pretty much any style of underwear with plenty of fabric and color/pattern options. Men are very limited in their in store selection. Typically there are probably three style selections that may have a couple fabric options and color/patterns. Go online and then us guys have a pretty similar selection as the women. Let’s assume online and stores have a similar variety in style selection. What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of each?

A big advantage stores have over online is you can get your underwear right then and there. No waiting on processing and ship times that can take days to weeks depending on where you order. You however miss out on the anticipation of your package of underwear arriving.

With in store purchases you get to physically hold, look, and feel the product if not packaged. You’ll be able to tell how soft or rough the fabric is. Find out the amount of stretch it is. Get a better idea on the sizing of the pair. See how narrow the sides and back are. How the pouch is constructed and whatever else you want to check out with them. If swimwear you’d be able to try it on. Not going to get any of that online.

Shopping online you get to be discreet. If you are worried about someone seeing you buy your skimpies then online is the way to go. Most companies ship in fairly plain packaging. Reviews are another advantage of shopping online. Often you can read what others say about the pair before buying. I suppose you could look it up on your phone at the store.

Here’s some potential ones, but really may go either way. Typically online I’m going to buy more pairs to make shipping worthwhile or meet the free shipping quota. In a store you could just buy one pair and leave. Possibly better pricing online, but may have to pay shipping. Potentially better selection online though looking at women’s underwear it seems Victoria Secret has better variety in store especially with colors/patterns at times.

Those are some things that come to mind with online shopping vs in store shopping for underwear with a similar playing field. Maybe look at it from what women actually have now over us guys. What advantages and disadvantages do you see?

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  1. Craig says:

    Down here in Oz you’re lucky to find any kind of variety in menswear, bonds boxers rule ! A few types of briefs, verging on dolphin holders. For anything different either online or adult shops, but their range is limited. Shopped in Singapore before for mens underwear and the choice was fantastic, like u say u can feel the fabric and gauge the fit. Some online shopping is a gamble with fitting and shipping always pisses me off.

    • Bikini Obsessed says:

      Hey Craig ….since you’re in Oz I thought i’d mention an Australian brand by the name of ‘deejay’. I rarely, if ever read or see anything about them on underwear review sites. Also wondering if you ever see guys in some of those kind of styles on the beaches there?

  2. David says:

    I first bought thongs and g-strings from a catalog meant for my sister when I was in my twenties. Shopping by mail became my thing once a company started selling guy stuff. Back then there was a department store that sold make thongs, g-strings and other racy items. I could see and feel them.

    Now, no physical stores near me sell male minimals or skimpy undies. Ordering online can be tricky since sizing is hit or miss. But, that’s the risk you take.

    My mother wasn’t too keen on me in skimpy items, but eventually accepted it and actually saw me wearing them when I wore jeans and liked how they made my clothes fit better.

    I’m in my fifties and still buy manly minimals and like the fit. Bought women’s thongs to see how well they fit and concealed my manhood. Very snug, but male thongs do the job and I like how they make me feel.

  3. jr2 says:

    I like convenience of being able to shop at store and being able see it first hand before you buy is a plus. Stores don’t have the variety for men as they do women, and I think its gotten worse. One time a was at a mall , I went into Macy’s knowing that they sell Men’s thongs on there website. I was thinking I would buy a couple of thongs , but when I reached the men’s dept., it was the same thing. Y fronts and boxer briefs, boring!! I was not really surprised , but kind of bummed if they sell them online , why not have some store. With that I totally switched to buy online. Places like International jock , Amazon, etc, offer so much variety that its tough not to. Online you can always seem to find sales and websites that offer reviews help make the purchase easier . I certainly have found the reviews and comments here extremely helpful, I thank you for that. Women totally have the best of worlds when it comes to underwear shopping, hopefully store retailors will see that there are shoppers out that will buy men’s bikinis and thongs .

  4. DonS says:

    One thing you haven’t mentioned in the article but have elsewhere is that some suppliers do not post to certain countries (specifically Kiniki to ZA). That must make it difficult for those residents where they cannot go store or on-line shopping.

    I’d love to see a men’s specialist underwear store chain as per Bras & Things or VS for the women. There was one in a large regional city I worked in. It did not last long, two years at the most. This would have been in the early 1990s, so still possible to get G-strings in the better stores and string bikinis were common in all the chains. But with internet shopping now, I can’t see this being economically viable. I also can’t see the women’s underwear chains branching into men’s underwear, I think having a man overhear her personal conversation with an assistant might put quite a few off, thus losing sales. The biggest advantage for me having a men’s underwear chain would be your first and second points about store buying. This whole area has also been a major failing with the men’s wear stores, just outerwear items.

    One advantage of online shopping not mentioned is the selection of a much larger range of sizes (both small and large extremes). I wear a 75-80 in underwear and that was difficult to find at times, hence a big push to try on-line shopping. Finding anything smaller here (and I’m not the slimmest man in this country) must have been very difficult.

  5. Bikini Obsessed says:

    I was quite impressed when visiting Mexico City and stumbling upon a store for men’s underwear. It was cool as it was exclusively selling men’s ginch. Basically a men’s bikini paradise. It was right by our hotel where we were staying near the center of the city.

  6. Greg says:

    I haven’t seen thongs and g-strings in any department stores for decades. They were obviously not big sellers, otherwise those stores would still be carrying them. The internet has made it possible to find an incredible selection of companies that sell quite an array of thongs/g-strings. When you find the company and style of thong that is perfect for you, there is no feeling like the anticipation of opening the mail box to find that naughty little package waiting for you to wear.

  7. David says:

    Greg – I agree 100%. I found a few catalogs that had awesome stuff and online sites that had stuff that made me feel good. A few liked how they looked on me, as well. An added bonus.

  8. T says:

    The days of buying skimpy styles in high street stores seem to be in the distant past. The advantages of buying locally were many including being able to see and try on things that you liked the look of, no waiting for snail post to deliver the package,and supporting the local economy etc.
    Some of the disadvantages were the worry that someone you know might come up to chat while you’ve got your hands on a skimpy thong that even a seasoned male stripper would think twice about wearing,or checking out the whole underwear department to see if anyone was watching before you got within touching distance of the sexy stuff that always seemed to be separate from the mundane boxers and y-fronts. And who can forget that feeling of anxiety as you approached the cash desk,hoping that the nice sales person wouldn’t giggle,sneer or hold up your skimpy items and shout across the heads of the people queuing up behind you”how much is this fishnet thong,Sandra?”
    Online shopping did away with many of the negatives associated with the above,and now we can indulge our passion for every conceivable style of exotic under/swimwear. Of course,online shopping is not perfect. Items are often described wrongly(a thong is not a thong),sizing can be hit and miss,postage can be slow and expensive(customs tax etc),but generally it has been a positive for buyers all over the world,especially those who live in areas where underwear choices are almost non existent.
    If by some miracle,our local stores began to stock the type of underwear/swimwear that followers of this blog champion,then hopefully we would have the confidence to support them with our custom.

  9. David_NC says:

    My very first thong purchase was at a Jockey outlet when I was 19; while the lady was ringing me up I felt nervous and almost embarrassed, but I wondered if it had been a guy would I have felt the same. I did a search earlier today and US big box stores like Belk, JCPenney, Macy’s, and Dillards only two had a basic thong option that could be purchased online and one the model was a mannequin. The thongs I bought years ago were basic colors, but I was able to buy them either in the store or online from the likes of Macy’s. The skimpiest local option is the Life by Jockey string bikini at Walmart. I am surprised to see that Calvin Klein no longer offers a men’s thong; which was one of the best fitting thongs. There is a Jockey outlet about 45 minutes from me, but they still only sell the basic briefs – not even the Jockey thong. As I got older, while still nervous I appreciated being able to purchase underwear at the local store so I could feel and see the underwear. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be stores willing to sell skimpy underwear – like others mentioned they must not have sold as easily. So online shopping it is, though online suppliers like undergear and internationaljock offer a wide range of bikinis and thongs; but there is a minimum spend to get free shipping. Which I also noticed that prices seemed to have sky rocketed for these styles. I remember buying thongs from for less than $10 when on clearance; I liked those sales.

  10. RR says:

    If the selection were similar, I’d much rather buy my underwear/swimwear at a local brick & mortar store. You get to feel the material, get a better idea for sizing and get a true look at the actual shape of it. I’ve been really disappointed on more than one occasion when I buy a brief or thong online and it’s nothing like what the website shows. And then you have to pay to send it back or you’re stuck with it. And then buying at a store you don’t have to pay for shipping and therefore you can buy as few items as you like.

    Where I live we’ve been lucky in the past decade, there was a small specialty men’s store that set up shop that had a good selection of underwear and I bought stuff from them a few times. They went out of business a couple years ago. But we also had a Simons open up in one of our malls, it’s a large fashion retailer out of Quebec and they actually have a good selection of underwear/swimwear too. I only rarely buy from them because their prices are quite elevated, but I have purchased a few thongs from them. But it’s nice to look & touch there, even if I’m not buying.

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