Speedo Brand Give Credibility?

Speedo brand give credibility

I got an email recently with a new swimsuit line from Speedo, which got me reminiscing some. It wasn’t the men’s suit that caught my eye on this email, but the women’s. I guess when I think of Speedo I think competition or training swimsuits for swimmers mostly. For guys a couple suits kind of strayed from what I relate to swimmers, but I never noticed the women’s selection really straying. Well, this email brought the straying to my attention for the women’s selection.

I have noticed that Speedo offered bikinis in the past, but they were what I considered more athletic ones. Ok, maybe I’ve been under a rock, but it’s new to me they are offering skimpper back bikinis and even one pieces. Checkout my Pinterest board below. They’re offering back styles that I started seeing more often last summer by a lot of brands. Some look like they will be sliding to become a thong look. Still no thong offering for the women at Speedo. Still surprises me that the guys got the option and not the ladies.

With all that said, does the Speedo brand name give the more revealing style swimsuits class and credibility? When Speedo came out with the men’s thong, I decided I needed one. If I ever wore it and got questioned, I could say it’s a Speedo. I never wore it, so didn’t get to try it out to see what the response would be. However I do have several of their 1″ Solar Speedos, which I have worn in public. In my mind and for me, I do feel the Speedo brand name does give some class and credibility to a swimsuit. Guess their producing a thong for guys didn’t make things take off for us. At least swim briefs seem to have tolerance out there from my experience and Speedo has a somewhat of a close to a conservative bikini cut for us guys.

People see them as a reputable brand for swimwear. Though I do think people think of them more for lap and competition swimming over beach wear. Probably not going to be seeing the women’s skimpy back styles on lap swimmers. I do wonder if they’ll grab any of the swimmers attention and be a popular beach choice for them. Or will they not think like me that the Speedo brand name gives class and credibility to a swimsuit. Like I said the brand has probably more credibility for in the pool than on the beach though.

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  1. Dan says:

    In my opinion Speedo are as mainstream as you can get for swim briefs/bikinis. I wear mine almost daily in the pool as they are well made and last for long time given the chlorinated water.

    They are certainly seen as acceptable as pool wear for men and I often see them being worn at beaches too. I do think they give a certain amount of credibility for men to wear something more skimpy yet sporty at the beach. If they reintroduced their thongs for men then even better and at the very least it could put mainstream thong swimwear for men back on the radar.

  2. T says:

    I think the problem the brand Speedo has is that their name has become synonymous with ANY type of brief swimwear for men,and as a result of society’s generally negative attitude towards such skimpy attire,it is commonly used in a derogatory,sneering tone.
    Contrast that with the humble vacuum cleaner/hoover. Here in the U.K there are many brands of that household item to choose from e.g Dyson,Vax etc,but the vast majority of people will still refer to it as a hoover, which is a well known manufacturer of white goods e.g fridges,freezers etc as well as vacuum cleaners.
    I only use them as an example of how,in a positive way, their brand name Hoover has become synonymous with the
    vacuum cleaner,whereas it would seem to be the opposite for the Speedo company.
    Hope that isn’t too obscure a comparison?

  3. DonS says:

    I think Speedo does give credibility, at least for men’s swimwear. It’s a well recognised name and has a reputation for making quality items. The negative perception comes from the brevity of the styles, but that’s what men used to wear in public and the style is still common (compulsory?) swimwear for professional water sports players. No problems seem to come from that.

  4. Mark says:

    The fact that most men’s swim briefs are referred to as Speedos or ‘Speedo style’ says much for their market dominance, quality, style and durability. It is too bad that American men have been pussy whipped by their females who are afraid of their men being relaxed about their gender. I have Speedo solar suits that I have had for some time and Speedo thongs that are twenty years old that are STILL in good shape. Yes, Speedos are that good. I am replacing my non Speedos for the real thing. Life is too short not to be yourself and to feel good doing yourself.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Speedo Solar swim briefs are a great suit. I enjoy wearing mine to the beach. I like the material before they moved to the Lycra Xtra Life better. Still have two of those ones and a few of the Xtra Life one.

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