Swimwear: Body Image

Swimwear: Body Image

Why do we think we need to have a chiseled lean body for certain types of swimsuits? I had the mindset that I wanted to have a leaner stomach before I broke out a swim brief. What was I thinking! Are my trunks hiding my stomach? We need to break the mindsets that to wear form fitting swimsuits our bodies need to to be a certain way. This is for both sexes, not just us guys.

We are programmed to be judgmental. Women I think get the bulk of the judging done to them. Especially with them mainly wearing form fitting swimwear and even regular clothing nowadays. Let’s start looking at what people are wearing in a positive way instead of he or she shouldn’t be wearing that. Why should only certain bodies be able to enjoy wearing swim briefs, bikinis, and thongs? I’ve seen all sorts of sizes and shapes that look good in them. If we don’t like the way they look then we should look elsewhere.

I’ve seen people overweight that looked great in a bikini cut bottom. Then on the opposite side I’ve seen people that probably worked out daily that don’t look great in their swimsuits in my eyes. Some of it comes down to the swimsuit style they choose. Another part just comes down to body types (butts play a role too) that look good to me. We don’t all have to agree on what looks good. Fashion is in the eyes of the beholder not some so-called fashion guru.

Let’s start applauding anyone that has the confidence to enjoy the beach or pool in whatever swimwear they feel good in. This should especially be the case when society says otherwise. Not many swimsuits are going to hide one’s body, so why not wear an enjoyable one.

How many of us are really in the shape we want to be in? Who has time to workout everyday for an hour or so when you have to work and have a family? Let’s accept our bodies and wear what we please. Don’t wait until you get in shape because you may never get to the point you want to be to do so. Just do it now. You can continue to work on your body while enjoying a swimsuit that allows you to enjoy the sand, sun, and water the way it should be.

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  1. Stallion76 says:

    I’m not in body builder shape, but I’m proud of what I have. Unfortunately in today’s time of covid-19 I haven’t been able to go swimming. But I still get to wear my spray on jeans, and my leggings for jogging, or just lounging, or just going about my daily business.

  2. John says:

    Agreed! Be proud of what you have and do what’s right for you. You may already be aware, but there’s a website/movement celebrating men’s body positivity at https://speedomovement.com/ They embrace all body types and have an Instagram account where people can post themselves in Briefs with pride.

    • T says:

      Hi John. I stumbled upon an interview with one of the founders of The Speedo Movement on YouTube just last week. Checked out their Instagram account and was pleased to see so many guys of different shapes and sizes happily posing in speedos, some for the first time. Ties in perfectly with Nate’s body image post this week.

    • David_NC says:

      I started following them on Instagram. I enjoy reading the followers comments and how they are hopefully helping others to create a positive attitude towards swim briefs regardless the body shape.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I don’t follow them on Instagram at the moment, but we follow each other on Twitter. Maybe if I ever figure out working Instagram into my quest to promote bikinis and thongs I’ll follow more there. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kairu says:

    About 4 weeks ago was the first time I wore a thong swimsuit out in public. I went to the Pacific Ocean. I kept my distance from others but it still felt liberating. I enjoyed it so much. Today i wore it to the public pool and had now shame in front of others. I was a little shy but still wore it confidently. I’m proud of myself for taking that step in freeing myself from society standards.

  4. T says:

    Great post as always,Nate. If we all waited until we had buff bodies before daring to wear skimpy swimwear, the vast majority of us would never experience that joy. Mind you, have you noticed the number of guys with great bodies that don’t wear speedos etc on instagram and such like, but wear shapeless swim shorts instead? I usually compliment them on their physique, but add that they would look even hotter in something briefer. Could it be that even these impressive specimens lack the confidence to go against the dork shorts wearing sheep?

    • Randy says:

      My wife will say to.me see that guy has a nice body and he isn’t showing off his junk. I’ll say because he has no balls to show off!

    • Bikini Obsessed says:

      “have you noticed the number of guys with great bodies that don’t wear speedos etc on instagram and such like, but wear shapeless swim shorts instead?”

      -Yes I have…I think i’ve commented on it on other threads in this forum. I see these guys on instagram with the perfect chiseled bodies and they’re always in boardshorts. Its ironic when I see a ‘bigger’ guy (maybe a little overweight) wearing a skimpy speedo (which i did see). Some of these buff guys will probably never don a speedo…but I guess that’s their loss. I’ve been losing weight/getting in shape because i want to stay in speedo-shape. I thought even that I could be a bigger guy and still rock a speedo but I still want to be healthy and lean. If i get judged for being the lean guy AND rocking a speedo, so be it. Life is too short. I do agree with what Nate said about just rocking a speedo even if one isn’t in perfect shape. I agree and say go for it.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I’m sure some do for sure. In general people just seem to follow the crowds. I see plenty of both sexes that could pull of skimper swimwear than they are wearing. Can’t remember what I was watching where they were doing beach make overs of some beach goers. Guess we need to get a group together and start our own show doing our version of it.

  5. SM_Thongguy says:

    Could not agree more.

    Yes. Not all butts look good in certain underwear but again it’s that person’s business.

    Definitely seen fuller figures look good in bikini bottoms with a nice cut bra for boops.

    Same with men. Guys with a lil more gut in trunks or swim briefs enjoying their time at the beach with family. Not bothering anyone. But everyone is bothered with them.


  6. David says:

    Body type does seem to be a big issue. I used to wear tan-thru suits that just barely covered front and back and always had no issues, since women would be in just about as skimpy an item. Years later I got away with regular swimbriefs.

    My mother saw me in them a few times and always gave me honest ratings. Other women gave better or the same ratings.

    Now, not so much. A police officer tried to arrest me wearing a cull coverage swimbrief until a woman came by in just barely enough to cover things.

    With smartphones it is nearly impossible to wear stuff like this. Still, that’s life as we know it.

  7. Craig says:

    Would be great if more REAL mens bodies were used in photoshoots and advertisements for skimpier swimwear, all to often these models are what cause peoples lack of positivity. Bring on the speedos and thongs, lets normalise them !

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I’ve seen lots of people liking the idea for real men (women) modeling. That is a problem with the fashion industry in general. We see a model wearing this or that and we think we need a body like theirs to pull it off. We are seeing some in women’s marketing using more variety in body shapes in their advertising. Maybe in time we will see more.

  8. Crossfithong says:

    Always awesome post.
    I do exercises and try to be fit, but I’m definitely don’t have a fit 10% body fat body, I still have my belly and I always wear speedo or thong at the beach.
    People is dying for a virus, must do whatever we what before something else happen.
    But honestly I can’t tell you, I still struggle with my body, but I don’t let that stop me to wear thong or speedo at the beach, pool or whatever.
    The only thing Concerns me is, a ladies got “arrested” bc she was wearing a thong at the beach, someone found her offensive and call the police on her, after the police couldn’t argument why she was being offensive, even if they can not prove it using their rulebook, they made her feel uncomfortable.
    So, people has lot of time on their hand and they are complaining for everything, so, things like that could happen to us jus because we are being us. So.
    Thongers and speedo wearers (men or women) are in a battle agains society Norm and now we are being point, so be brave brothers.

  9. Gavin says:

    I’d hardly consider myself model standard, but I’ve been thonging on the beach and in the pool, wherever I can get away with it, for decades. I’m a firm believer in people wearing what they want regardless of their appearance.

  10. DonS says:

    Too true, and so much for the acceptance of others that our societies are supposed to have.

    My swimming is mostly private pool now so don’t have to have any body image issues with swimwear, but I can appreciate what some people must have to tolerate. Even if I went public swimming I would not hesitate to wear what I do at home (Kiniki swim tanga), and I don’t hesitate to wear this when we have visitors over for a swim. I am a slim male which no doubt helps, but do have a belly. So what I say.

  11. Skip says:

    I’m over the body image thing. Happens when you get older! I’m not overweight, but Father Time and my beer habit is taking a toll. I’m just not as firm as I used to be, but so what!! I’ve been a speedo guy for decades. Not going to stop. I went to our local “hot springs” spot yesterday. There really are a lot of fat people out there! Women are amazing what they let hang out. Most wear skimpy swimwear but not men. I was proud to be the only guy in a speedo. If others only knew how comfortable they are! I think I’d drown if I wore the huge, baggy shorts that some guys wear!! I’ll wear a speedo forever!

    • Stallion76 says:

      But imagine being in the urban areas.
      I’m an African American male, and I believe I get the worst of the gruff, even when I’m in street clothes.
      As most people think I’m supposed to be in baggy jeans, button down polos, and let’s not talk about the pool.
      You know most people, already have it predetermined in their mind that I can’t swim, but then when I get in the pool, and start swimming, they try to raise the bar even more, to expect me to be a professional swimmer.
      I’m not going to even get into the other nonsense that would be going through people’s head: such as;
      Is he gay.
      Well I’m proud of how how I rock the bikini. The Speedo is a little too conservative for my taste, but I have one for more family oriented environment.
      What I tell people, is don’t think about it, when you want to wear a brief, or bikini, or Tanga. Just do it, because of you think about it, your nerves will go soft.
      Now I have yet to wear a thong, because those are forbidden at the pools, and in this day and age, I don’t want any visits from police, then they shoot me because they fear for their life, because of a black male in nothing but a swim brief.
      “Lol”! Imagine that story in the news.
      But people, just do it. We are supposed to be men.
      What kind of men are we of we are worried about what other people think? Then we really are “sissified”. Let those boys who are to ashamed to be men, new separated from is men, who are being fearless.

      • Bikini Obsessed says:


        As a young white guy, I also hear what you’re saying. I think for straight white guys wearing bikini is just as hard as for black guys (at least where i live). People call it ‘gay’ here and hardly any guys my own age wear them. So more power to you bro. I’m at the point where i dont really care if I get made fun of. I’ll admit that im still selective with what i wear and where its worn…i still havent rocked a speedo or bikini in front of family. It’s still my dirty little secret.

        • David says:

          Bikini Obsessed – You still haven’t worm one in front of family. I’ve done it several times and wasn’t either laughed at (guys) or heard giggled at was rated by the women. Years ago, but didn’t bother me at all.

  12. Felsen says:

    I did Bikram Yoga for a few years. First time I wore regular gym shorts, as did most of the guys, some wore mid thigh workout tights. Almost all of the women wore bikinis or tight fitting short shorts. After the first class or two I asked the owner, a woman, if I had to wear shorts. She said that a speedo would be ok, but no thongs. So I started wearing a speedo. I’m a retired high schood teacher and sure enough one of my former female students showed up! She gave me a sort of smirky acknowledgement, I was a little embarrassed but went ahead with the class. It didn’t stop me. I’d have loved to wear a thong but the owner didn’t say they were ok

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