Leave Something For The Imagination

Leave Something For The Imagination

Huh? ‘Leave something for the imagination’ How many times have you seen this as a reason against men wearing swim briefs or form fitting swimwear? This is probably the reason that sticks out more for me than any other I’ve come across. What kind of a reason is it? To me saying you don’t like the look of males in them makes more sense to me. That is a reasonable opinion. So what are the ladies that want to imagine really imagining?

Do they really need to imagine the guy is hung like a horse? Not like they’re going to be getting any action from a casual beach goer or maybe even ever see him again. Why not just get a more realistic idea and enjoy a guy that isn’t afraid to show some curves like the ladies. Don’t we already know what we have and don’t have as males and females. Why do we need to cover up to leave things for the imagination?

Of course there are exceptions, but I believe women are interested in checking out the package. Maybe it is not the first thing they check out, but it’s on the list. Even if they like to check out things like the butt first, I’d say a swim brief or thong makes that a much easier task. They can even enjoy the whole leg in them over board shorts or trunks. Or maybe they want to imagine the butt and legs too, but I doubt it.

Guess the ladies that want to imagine can keep their eyes on the majority in their shorts. For the others they can keep their eyes peeled for those of us that break the norm and wear skimpy swimwear. What reason sticks out in your mind the most about us wearing form fitting swimwear?

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  1. Black Stallion says:

    When they say “Leave something for the imagination.” It’s just Bullshit.
    I say as men we should stand our ground. Just like they easily brush off, when we suggest how they dress, they are basically doing the same thing, hence we have a double standard.
    I really don’t pay that comment any attention, because it’s B.S.
    Of course some are just forcing their dress code policy off on you.
    Just ignore it, and keep it moving, those who have genuine respect & interest, will have more constructive comments, or have a more genuine comment.

  2. DrMarkin says:

    I tend to wear very little when going to the beach. My wife buys me the tiniest g-strings and thongs she can find and many are see-through when wet. Of course, we always avoid “family” beaches and it’s hard to find a thong-friendly beach. My wife likes to see me “exposed” for other ladies (and men). When at the beach on a recent trip, several people commented positively on my extreme beach attire. Most women say “leave something to the imagination”, yet they wear very little themselves.

    Now, I need to ask; have any of you tried a c-string or pouch? The wife bought both for me recently. It was difficult keeping the pouch on; even though it tied it as tightly as I could. The c-string stayed on easily, but I felt it coming loose when playing volleyball; which is a game I won’t play in the pouch.

  3. Black Stallion says:

    I have a c string, they don’t stay in place. Now I do have a trick to keep it secure.
    If you get a light weight Silicone Or Rubber, or TFP material C-Ring, that will keep it in place

  4. DrMarkin says:

    @BlackStallion: how do you attach it? To the c-string’s “tail”? I would like to wear it more a I prefer the minimal coverage it provides.

    • Black Stallion says:

      Just put the c ring on the way it’s supposed to be.
      Themes put on the c string, and put the frame of the c string between your body and the c ring. And it will be secure.

      • T says:

        Hi Black Stallion. Thanks for that clever,ingenious tip on how to keep a c-string on. I’ve been wearing them for years on holiday and in the back garden, and as you say,they don’t stay on, especially when doing anything active such as gardening,sports etc. I’ve just tried mine with a c ring,and it definitely feels more secure,and the bonus is that the c ring helps to enhance your bulge too,so I’ll be giving it a longer trial when I get the chance.
        Why don’t you patent the idea and try and get financial backing on the The Dragon’s Den TV programme? Mind you,they might have to censor your privates when you demonstrate your invention(lol).

    • Blackstallion says:

      It’s best to use a donut c ring

    • Blackstallion says:

      I think donut rings work best.
      The ring must be placed at the base of Balls in order to secure.

  5. EJ says:

    Call me lazy, I’m gonna stick with g strings & string bikinis

  6. DrMarkin says:

    Thanks for the tips! If you haven’t worn a c-string, it’s worth a try!

    Another one I like is a g-string thong with side clips at the pouch. As long as it isn’t windy, you can unclip them, lay the strings to the side and have virtually no tan line. I’ve even done the same thing lying on my stomach, but a Park Ranger thought I was nude and asked me to clip the sides back on!

  7. Bikini Obsessed says:

    It seems like that’s the standard argument from the ladies about mens skimpy swimwear. It does seem like there is a major double standard going on at the same time with women enjoying almost complete swimwear freedom (wearing whatever they want to wear in most cases) I’m not complaining at all about a woman in a bikini or thong, but that argument about leaving something to the imagination could in theory be used against them. I hope that it changes and that men can enjoy more swimwear freedom…

  8. DrMarkin says:

    @Bikini Obsessed: it’s so bad there are thong-friendly beaches where women can wear thongs, but men can’t. Major double standard!

  9. T says:

    Must admit my imagination ran riot when I saw the drawing of the girl daydreaming about a horse. I thought either Nate had completely lost the plot,or I had stumbled upon the dark web. Thankfully neither was true.
    In some ways this post is similar to the recent VPL post in as much as the male package is very much to the fore in both. However,as well as the obvious attention that the male genitals attract when barely concealed in tight fitting swimwear,we could also add to the list such everyday things as, cycling shorts,spandex tights, as worn by lots of guys at the gym or for jogging outside, skinny jeans that look like they have been sprayed on,and even your bog standard football shorts(particularly in white). It could be argued that all of the above have the potential to leave little to the imagination should anyone choose to stare at that particular part of a man’s anatomy. So does that mean that we should all be discouraged from wearing any of these lest someone takes offence at the merest hint of our male parts? Absolutely not!
    It really is time that we men stopped apologizing or feeling guilty about what we have in our pants.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I may have lost something or maybe a few things! Still doing my best to stick to the topic of the blog. The image was suppose to make you wonder what I wrote.

      You’ve hit on a blog post topic that has been on my idea list for some time with cycling and American football attire along with some others.

  10. Black Stallion says:

    But when others state “Leave something for the imagination!”, which has a double meaning these days of being, or even a statement of distraction, why are they in fact even going there?
    Is it their mind is not mature enough to handle the fact, because mind you, our genitalia is there whether we are naked, dressed in skintight clothing, or dressed in burlap. As a society, at least here in the States of America, we have become over sexualized, and too judgemental for our own good, and it needs to “STOP”, especially this double standard Bulls***.
    And those who think we need to be covered in head to toe, in tons of cloth need to get somewhere and sit down and be quiet.
    And those who let what others wear affect their behavior enough to commit despicable physical acts of unwanted advances, are not fit to live in normal society.

  11. DrMarkin says:

    I would like to know when they actually survey. Middle aged women? College women?

    I’m very lucky that my wife is the one who always buys me minimal swimwear/loungewear. She is the one who got me started wearing g-strings and thongs. I get mostly positive comments from women and men when I’m at the beach and my wife loves it. Our friends are always shocked at first when they see me disrobe on the beach, but they usually do not mind.

    I’ve actually influenced several male friends to give it a try. One friend/coworker wore board shorts that hung below his knees, but he is now wearing thongs exclusively. He, like me, enjoys the feel of sunning his buns! He is the one who got me to try c-strings and pouches. His wife supports his choice of extreme swimwear. He & I went to the beach together once when we were confronted by a group of college females; who started heckling us about what we were wearing. Several of them thought we were gay because we both had on thongs. (It didn’t bother me, but my friend was furious they made the assumption.)

    • RJ says:

      It appears our respective wives think alike! Mine loves seeing me in tiny g-strings, and loves seeing how other women and men react when we are at the beach. She has made it very clear that any type of shorts are unacceptable, and that only the tiniest bikini or thong will do. No problem complying with that request!!

  12. EJ says:

    Narrow minded- if a gay guy wears board shorts is he accused of being straight?

  13. Bikini Obsessed says:

    @DrMarkin – I agree, major double standard with women in thongs on the beach but guys not permitted!

  14. DonS says:

    I do wonder who is interviewed for comments like these to become seen as typical.

    Surely the thing a woman wants to imagine is a man in an aroused state – how can that be perceived from seeing our parts in their normal state. I can imagine what a woman looks like from several dress states. Initially in a dress I can imagine what her breast size is. Once in a bikini top I have much more of an idea, but now can imagine what the nipples are like. Same process that they must go through imagining what any man must look like.

    Whatever happened to the sexual revolution that happened some decades ago. It seems we may as well cover head to toe. There’s a serious bout of sexual discrimination going on if males have to be different to females for beach/pool dress. This attitude impacts a few societies at the moment. It’s no different in AUS.

  15. Randy L says:

    “Leave something for the imagination!”,
    After seeing the out line of a man’s package the ladies can imagine what they would do with it. Not “I wonder how big, small or fat or skinny the guys stuff. I guess that could mean that we are “Leave something for the imagination!”, !

  16. Richard says:

    “Leave something for the imagination!”

    “Why are you looking at my crotch?”

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