Sunning for Relaxation

Sunning For Relaxation: Swim Brief and Thongs

While growing up I never really thought about sunning to get a tan. It was more trying not to get a sunburn while out in it. That changed somewhat when I started my journey into skimpy underwear. Which then of course lead to wanting skimpier swimwear to try. Yes, it is great wearing them in the water, but it is also nice to wear a swim bikini brief or thong out of the water. Feeling the sun warming your skin up is a relaxing feeling to me.

What I’ve decided over the last few years is that my main goal with sunning isn’t exactly to get a tan. Yes, I would like some color, but with limited time you take what you can get. So maybe I won’t be looking like a swim brief is my normal beach attire when I make it there. Most likely it’ll look like shorts and a t-shirt are. With the limited time to try and tan, I’ve found that sunning is a good relaxation method for me. Even if it is only 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Who doesn’t need a good way to relax and clear their mind.

Like I said the warming sun on the skin helps relax the body. At home listening to nature like the breeze and birds chirping is also relaxing to me. The sounds at the beach with the waves crashing, seagulls calling, or even the sound of boats going by are all things that are relaxing in my opinion. It’s also a great time to do some reading, which is another good way to relax. I find sunning is a great way to get away for a bit from all the other hustle and bustle going on in life.

What is your main goal with sunning? Are you going for the tan lines? They relaxation factor?

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  1. Mark A Simpson says:

    And, Go Ahead and Admit it, The ‘Skimper’ the Thong or G-String, The Sexier You Feel. ( and you LOVE being seen in it ) LOL?

  2. EJ says:

    Definitely relaxation, when I started sunning in g strings I was so concerned about being seen by the neighbors caring way too much what someone might think it’s amazing I even got tanned. Every year I got more confident, and I think with age I don’t care if I’m seen. I have a brand new g string swimsuit that I want to wear at a beach- yup the sounds of a beach are relaxing even in a ‘normal ‘ swimsuit for men. Until I find time for that, the sounds of birds chirping in the backyard while tanning is very relaxing for me it clears the head I feel good doing it, if the neighbors don’t mind great if they do, they don’t have to look. Before I slid into I don’t care mode, society suggests I’m doing something weird what was up with that? In fact if neighbors want to look, they can see the weirdest thing I’m doing is sunbathing in a g string the end. If that’s considered weird or whatever that’s nothing these days- turn on the news I ain’t weird -relaxed absolutely

  3. T says:

    Hi BD. Can you ask the hunky male model(lol) in the above picture, lying face down on the sun lounger, wearing a skimpy half back bikini,what brand he is wearing? I’m guessing that little blue number will NOT be making an appearance anytime soon at your local beach.

    In order to relax when sunbathing,I think you have to be pretty aware of your surroundings as well as being totally comfortable and confident with your choice of attire. If you choose to sunbathe in a public place where lots of people are likely to see you,then it might be difficult to feel relaxed if you are wearing a butt revealing g-string or thong,as you will probably be on edge waiting for any potential trouble.On the other hand,if you have a relatively private place such as an enclosed garden,roof sun terrace or remote clothing optional area with lots of rocky cover,then you are much more likely to be totally chilled.
    I’m with EJ when it comes to dealing with what the neighbours might think or say if they see me sunbathing in a g-string,or completely naked,as in my case.
    I have several areas in my back garden that are not overlooked by neighbouring houses,which makes them ideal for acquiring an all over tan.However,I am also aware that the two lengths of my high,wooden fence that face onto a public path,have narrow, vertical gaps that someone,should they so desire,could stop and peer through and catch a glimpse of me in my naked glory. Usually I can hear when someone is approaching and I can make out an outline which lets me know if the person is passing by quickly,or might be stopping, especially if they have a dog with them. If I am lying on my stomach,I don’t make any attempt to cover up my bare ass,but if I’m on my back,I will usually raise my right leg enough to shield my privates from any unwanted attention.This isn’t 100% full proof,as occasionally I will not hear someone, due to a car engine making a noise etc,and I will be lying on my back with eyes closed and my legs apart enjoying the warm sun on my ****& *****,and I will glance over and see a stationary body. I’ve only ever had one person stop and pass comment,but as far as I’m concerned,I’m in my own garden and if you don’t like what you see,you don’t have to stop and look.I’m pretty sure most of my immediate neighbours know of my liking for wearing g-string underwear and sunbathing nude.
    Getting back to the main topic of this post,I would recommend that everyone,if at all possible,should experience the sheer bliss of sunbathing naked with the added bonus of NO tan lines.

    • RJ says:

      The suit in the photo looks like the Sunseeker Rio from Skinzwear. If it is, great choice!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I’m not sure what the brand of the swim bikini is. It’s one I got off ebay probably over 10 years ago. It’s unbranded as far as I can tell. Made in China. You are right it will not be making an appearance on the beach. Beside being skimpier than I feel comfortable wearing, I don’t like the pouch of it.

      Good points about being comfortable with your surroundings and the suit you have chosen. With the beach, I have some anxiety at first, but once there for a bit things settle down to more of a relaxation state.

  4. Jeff says:

    I have to thank you for this post. I have been extremely stressed and busy for the past 8 or so months. After reading it on Saturday, and the great weather forecasted for today in New England I made sure to set out some time to sit out in the sun and have a cocktail while wearing a Joe Snyder thong. It was only about 30 minutes, but the feeling of the nice warm sun and warm breeze on my body was fantastic. Even though it was a short time, it helped me relax, I hope some other stressed followers take your advice

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Good to hear it inspired you to take some time for yourself and get some sun. It is surprising what a short time can do for you. Unfortunately neither of us are in the right climate for using it as a year round way to help with a little stress reducing.

  5. OLS says:

    Relaxation for me. Lobe the feeling of wearing a thing or skimpy bikini for the beach. I walk back and forth or exercise on the beach in my barely there swimwear which j is actually very relaxing. Of course, at the end of the day when I get home I realize that I have tsn lines.

  6. Mark says:

    I too like to lounge in my backyard in bikinis and thongs to relax. My fences and trees allow me privacy to too this and are worth the effort to keep them in good order.

  7. DrMarkin says:

    I get very relaxed when I’m laying out in the sun. I prefer the ultra tiny g strings; the smaller the better. I love to “push the envelope”. I was embarrassed recently, however, when my white g string turned completely see through when wet. It wouldn’t have been problem except I was I had walked pretty far from my shorts. Luckily, it dried quickly while walking and I was in a less crowded part of the beach. Do any of you find certain colors are see through when wet? I prefer one later over two, so I guess that’s going to be an issue unless wearing a dark color.

    • Stallion says:

      I got some from mategear, and all of theirs are see through when wet, also the largest is too small, it’s not that I’m fat, but biking, squats, and running and leg pressing 1 ton in weights has made my ass too big to fit any of their suits.

  8. Stallion says:

    I wish I could sun bathe, but I don’t have a pool, and the pools we do have near by are for lil bad kids

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