Bikini and Thong Manscaping

Bikini and Thong ManscapingTo manscape or not to manscape that is the question. Of course it is a personal preference to do or not to do. Once you decide you want to manscape then you have to decided how you are going to do it and how far to go. Are you going to go with multiple areas of the body? Focus on certain areas. Shave one place and just trim another. Should you wax, shave, or maybe a hair removal lotion. Oh the decisions to be made.

The answer to all those decisions you could be just make them flat out or you could go with trial and error. Personally, I wouldn’t just jump in and remove all hair at first. Start small and increase on how much you want to disappear. Try each method of hair removal too. You might find each method may work better on different parts of your body. Take your time and let your manscaping evolve to fit your liking.

Here’s what and why I do manscape some. The main reason I manscape is I think it looks better with my choice of bikini and thong underwear. I don’t think it looks nice with pubic hair sticking out from my underwear. Nor do I like to see that on my woman, so I assume that is the same case for her. Now I do not shave everything down there. Basically I leave a strip of hair, which runs about the width of the sack up. Then I shave a little past what I call the groin line. I typically just use soap and a razor to do this. If it is swim brief season then I’ll use a trimmer a little on the leg hair down by wear I shaved. I try for sort of a blend transition from shaved to hair.

The other place I like to keep trimmed down is the butt. Again I like more of a smooth look back there when wearing a thong. For this I use a trimmer with a guard. I find it easier than shaving and less likely to cause irritations back there with just really short hair. I have tried the hair removal lotion (Nair). It does work for me, but kind of messy and a little more money than soap and a razor. Though it does seem to be smoother result than a razor, since it is dissolving the hair instead of cutting.

So my bikini and thong wearing has made me become a manscaper below the belt. Fill out the survey below and let me know what you do about manscaping. Sorry doesn’t display very well on smaller screens.

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  1. T says:

    Any guy who wears thongs or g-strings on a regular basis will be aware of the importance of having a very high standard of personal hygiene” below the belt” as it were,and manscaping can certainly help on that score. Whatever method of hair removal you use,it’s always good to hear other opinions and experiences,good and bad,from fellow manscapers.

    As a confirmed g-string wearer 99% of the time including beach wear,I prefer to be smooth all over(downstairs). My routine is as follows…….. Twice a week,I use a Mach 3 razor and sensitive shaving gel on my manhood and sack. I begin by washing the area with warm water and then applying the gel. It is important to keep the skin tight,especially when tackling your sack. The shaft of your manhood is best done in the up position by pulling the head up towards you and shaving downwards.Once finished,I take a warm shower and apply a body lotion over the shaved area.
    The preparation for shaving your butt crack is similar,but the use of a mirror is advisable.
    It’s amazing how clean and smooth you feel afterwards,and you can wear the skimpiest underwear knowing you won’t have any unwanted spiders legs escaping from your string.

    I’m sure there will be some guys reading this who will wince at the thought of having a sharp razor anywhere near their prized manhood and golden globes,not to mention their sacred butt crack. If that be the case,there is always waxing,hair removal creams and a few other options to explore.

    • Michael says:

      Thank you for educating the men. Always such a hard topic to discuss.

    • RK says:

      I shaved for many years, but got tired of the constant need for maintenance. Have taken to having my body fully waxed, including sack, shaft and crack. Have also recently started laser hair removal on my legs, bikini zone and butt (including crack), with the expectation that I will be almost permanently hairless in about a year. Love the look, and more importantly love the smooth feel when I touch my skin. More importantly, makes the g-strings and micro-bikinis stand out.

  2. Teide says:

    I don’t manscape.

    No big bush down under and some white hair.
    Not problem with bikini underwear. And I don’t use bikini swimwear.

  3. S says:

    @T I’m totaly agree about the importance of keeping clean your body “below the belt” …and not only!!! I also use gel and razor… The result is very good!!

  4. EJ says:

    Wearing bikinis and especially thongs I do complete manscaping.I think it looks better and feels great, until it starts growin back

  5. RT says:

    I get rid of hair from chest down. Mostly I just clip them very close because it causes a rash in my privates and thighs.

  6. EJ says:

    Hey RT maybe try the Gillette Venus yes it’s a woman’s razor but I tried it yesterday so far so good I never had a problem w/bumps just nickin myself w/my Fusion razor. There’s different Venus razors, I went w/the Venus Embrace sensitive- they say it has aloe in the lubricating strips

    • RT says:

      Thanks T! I’ve tried many of them including Venus. I can only shave from the knee down (silly I know). The rest has to be clipped or otherwise will give me a rash with many bumps. I wish I could shave but still love the feeling of no or almost no hair specially down there in the front and back.

  7. Waylon88 says:

    For man-scaping, I’m vain in the sense that I really prefer a certain look, yet also prefer to maintain a certain hygiene/odor. I wax my a**, shoulders, hips and top of the thighs depending on my schedule and availability. If I’m wearing a swim brief in public then my thighs will be maintained to a point, genital hair will be groomed to the point of not being visible while wearing it.

  8. Paul says:

    I’ve always liked the look & feel of being smooth and have been ‘manscaping’ for much longer than the word has existed. I’ve worn tanga briefs and thongs since my early 20’s and thong swimwear for almost as long (approx 25 years). I started trimming and shaving for the beach pretty much at the same time. I quite like the double-take you get from others who see you nude when changing etc., although there’s less of a reaction now than 20 years ago! Been getting a full body wax done now for over 5 years, and now it grows back thinner and much more slowly….

  9. Greg says:

    I have been shaving my c*** and balls for almost 20 years. I usually just shave in the shower with soap and water. Works great for me. Since I always wear a thong, I love the feel of a trimmed crack, which I use an electric trimmer to keep short. I’ve tried shaving my crack, but the razor leaves bumps. The electric trimmer keeps the hair very short and soft. My Prevail Sport String thongs have a very narrow crack-strap, and with my crack trimmed, the feeling is sensational!

  10. EJ says:

    Right on Greg- full manscaping goes with wearing Sexy underwear I think

    • Greg says:

      Yes, EJ, you are right about full manscaping going with Sexy Thongs. The first time I did a full shave of my penis and balls was many years ago for a vasectomy. With my second wife, we didn’t want children, and she didn’t want to continue with birth control. In preparing for the vasectomy, you must be hair-free. Since that time, shaving my crotch is as normal as shaving my face. In discovering my fetish for Man Thongs, the shaving goes with it like peanut butter and jelly (ha-ha).

  11. EJ says:

    It’s real cool I found this blog- I knew I wasn’t the only guy in the world fully manscaping and wearing ‘the good stuff ‘ as I call it with stuff online to get for it, as we all know it’s taboo to talk with most people. Too bad shaving your a** crack leaves bumps- last summer I tried Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitve razors it has lubricating strips on both ends- give it a shot they’re not for women only

    • Greg says:

      EJ: I wrote down the Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive on my shopping list, and I’ll pick one up in the next day or two at my nearby drugstore. Normally, for my face and crotch, I use a Gillette Trac II razor. I hope that the Venus will work for my rear. I’ll let you know how it works for me. Thanks for the tip!

      • Greg says:

        Wow, EJ: I got home a short time ago with a Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive as you recommended. Just used it on my crack, and when I put my thong back on it feels amazing! Very smooth with no burn or bumps. Love this blog–just guys sharing our thong fetish with others.

        • EJ says:

          I use a bath sponge before & after shaving to exfoliate- reduce chance of ingrown hairs none yet since manscaping started 5 or so years ago. I’m kinda feminine, 100% heterosexual

          • Samuel says:

            I have been manscaping for years. It is a must if you are wearing thongs, bikinis, and panties. I started when I graduate out of highschool in middle 90s. I started wearing thongs and bikini every day when I got out of school into my career. That is when I started to shave down around my man hood area. Razors and trying to shave the skin is a skill at first, because of all different skin tight you know what I mean. It is hard area to shave. I started with a razer and I would shave and shave. It just grow back. So when I got older I started to use the hair removal creams. That was a quick leeson of chemicals that burn up you man hood and burn on the area. The hair would grow back slowly then shaving. Then I found a hair salon in my hometown that did male full bazillion waxing. I called the salon and got some info about the waxing and they ask if I wanted a appointment and I said yes. It money will spent. This is the best way to get all hair off your body. The bad thing is the hair comes back and you have to do this for a few years. The coolest thing is you are so smooth and I mean smooth. I did have tried electric hear removed that is expensive but it did work. The down fall is it sting when beening done. So I am back getting waxing about four times a year. The hair is slowly primarily leaveing my skin after a few years. The salon uses hard waxing, This is the way to go. It may cost but at the end of the day you skin is smooth and all the old skin cells are removed with the wax. Hard waxing is a must. Think of this, like pulling weeds out of your garden or mowing your lawn. It just keeps coming back. You need to kill the roots some how. Think of it that way. This is the price for wearing thongs and bikini plus it is Health for your skin, and can be fun to going and get a waxing done by a salon.

  12. EJ says:

    Depending on where you live, the handle & 2 blades was $12-$15- last week I got 5 blades for a little over $15. I’m not hairy to begin with- most people if not everyone I know can’t tell I manscape. Last summer we had a HS grad party for our youngest son, I wore a tank top every chance I got I put my arms straight up to show I shave my underarms- got no reactions except 1 of my wife’s friends said I have nice arms & asked how many days a week I work out

  13. Jan says:

    Good description by T, and I do it almost in the same way, but I shave every day below belt, including buttocks. Takes about 1 or 2 minutes. I am not always very accurate, and don’t care. If I cut my self, I just put on as hot water as possible, with the handheld shower, on the scratch, for about a minute, and the bleeding stops. Works mostly for me. I don’t want to ruin my white thongs with blood. I have a footrest in the shower cabin, and this installation makes everything easier. Even buttocks.

  14. Pat says:

    Both my wife and I shave completely the pubic areas. We find it more stimulating and in a bikini, no extraneous hair peaking over the top of my low rise bikini. To me pubic hair is not very inviting if it is showing around a tight bikini.

  15. Chase D says:

    I have to agree that shaving the area fills great! Everything is so much more sensitive! Nothing like clean shaved balls next to Cotten bikini underwear. My wife loves how bikini underwear wraps around the penis and balls and leaves nothing to the imagination!!!

  16. Pat says:

    It is also very nice when wearing a polyester or nylon blend bikini swimsuit. Touching the material is very exciting and stimulating and makes for great foreplay.

  17. Richard says:

    Shaved penis and scrotum for ten years and then my wife suggested using her epilator. Been using it about once a week for 20 years and have added the butt crack to the routine.

  18. Theo says:

    I have been ‘manscaping’ for a few decades. Like someone mentioned, before it was a phrase. Let’s face it, we all agree it looks better and feels WAY better! I have experimented with pretty much everything. Now I trim most everywhere at various lengths. Zero on chest and below the belt. Minimal attachments on arms and legs. Back waxing (got ‘blessed’ with that). I want to try a full body wax but a little nervous about post rash problem. Anyway, I like it and the little lady does too! Thanks for the post and comments.

  19. Mike says:

    I’ve been manscaping for about 30 years ever since I had a vacsectomy, I was congratulated by the nurse 😂 on the job I did.
    Since then I’ve tried shaving, with the occasional nicks, but over the past 5 years, I’ve been waxing everything below the neck to my legs. I’ve tried a number of waxers, sone girls and some guys, in general I’ve found the girls just don’t want to be there, the guys are usually gay, but are much gentler and considerate. I usually go every 4-5 weeks, but I’m tiring of the grow back stubble.
    In between waxing I’ve tried Nair hair removal cream, which works well, but you have to be careful not to burn yourself, it’s especially good for your crack as you can’t see behind.
    In the last couple of months I’ve bought a home laser machine, a cheaply from Facebook to see how it works and I’ve got to say after a couple of months, there is a noticeable difference and my skin has never been so smooth, so I’m definitely a convert to the laser thing.
    I do have to occasionally shave, before the laser treatment as per the instructions, and results are silky smooth. I finish off with a bit of Witch Hazel to stop any rash.
    I love the feeling of super smooth hairless skin and skimpy G strings or thongs. I have an extensive collection, the hardest desk is ion in the morning is what to wear!

    • T says:

      Hi Mike. You were right to highlight the possibility of burning yourself with the Nair hair removal cream. Anyone, like me, who has experienced the agony of the aftermath of applying Nair to their honeypot and crack and leaving it on too long will understand why Johnny Cash’s song Ring of Fire immediately springs to mind. Believe me, wearing a thong or G-string will be the furthest thing from your mind and every trip to the loo will have you praying for constipation. You have been warned! lol

  20. Ray says:

    I have used various methods referred above and also remove hair almost everywhere, but I will keep it on my head. lol I have used Gillette Mach 2, electric trimmer/shavers, Nair, manual hair trimmers and some others like that, although Nair is my favorite. But, as mentioned, keep it away from your balls for sure. Tender skin burns. Since I have liked very small underwear and swimwear for a long long time, and having hair peak out is just not my cup of tea.
    I cannot even imagine not doing my butt for strings and tangas.

    I love the smooth feel and makes tanning and moisturizers easier and quicker to apply. No hair P*# for me

    Also, I always do the Nair when the moon is full and it seems to last much longer. I was told Indians exfoliated at this time and noticed it last longer. It works for me

  21. Arn A says:

    I wear bikinis and thongs to beaches so manscaping is a must. I started out shaving my pubic area, but it would get itchy and after a day there would be stubble. I tried waxing myself and the results were much better. My skin stayed smoother longer and it took longer for the hair to grow back. But it was hard to wax all the areas especially my buttcrack ( no intention to be lude , just reality). So I finally decided to try having a professional give me a full Brazilian wax. Best choice I ever made. She waxed everything front and back in less than half an hour. I would spend 1 and a half hours waxing myself and still be picking wax off for a few days and not get all the hairs. But my esthetician would get them all. Also once you wax an area long enough the hair does not come back in nearly as thick or coarse. If anyone is interested about the actual experience of getting a Brazilian wax let me know and I’ll share my experience on another post. Cheers to silky smooth pubic areas.

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