Manscape Survey Results Round 1

Manscape Survey Results Round 1I’m going to share the results on the manscaping survey I did a little while back periodically. This is my Round 1 summary. So far the survey has hit just over 50 takers. Really nothing too surprising in the results considering most takers are probably bikini and/or thong wearers. So far the majority of the takers do some type of manscaping with 92% saying they do.

Do you manscape?

Most of us like to keep our private area tidy with 91% saying they do so. Taking care of the butt hair came in at 74%. Rounding out the top 3 is chest with 55%. Close behind chest hair is armpit hair at 53%. I’m a little surprised that armpits was as high as it is. I’d probably would have guessed back would have been in fourth. Check out the rest in the chart below.

What parts of your body do you manscape?

For below the belt care, clearing the field is edging out clear some and leave some with 40% to 34%.

How do you like to keep yourself below the belt?

How do we manage the hair. 58% of us use a manual razor. Hair trimmers are used by 43% of us. Then in third position with 30% of us using is the electric razor. There are some of us brave enough to face some waxing which came in at 11%.

What do you use to manscape?

So why do we manscape? 49% of us say we like how it feels. Most of the rest of us think it looks better, which came in at 42%

Why do you manscape?

Now the last question was on how we like our partners to take care of their private area. Most of us seems to prefer to have them do the same as ourselves and take some time grooming down there. That was 78% of the vote. No one said they didn’t want their partners to groom. The rest said that is didn’t matter to them.

Do you prefer that your partner keeps their private area tidy?

Anything surprising in the results to you? Or pretty close to what you thought would be the case? Keep watch for Round 2.

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  1. T says:

    I think some men are reluctant to manscape due to a fear of the unknown,or maybe they have a wife,girlfriend,partner etc who have made them squirm with tales of painful bikini waxes gone wrong. We’ve all seen clips on the internet of guys having their chests and legs waxed and the screams that ensue, and the look of horror on their faces when the wax strip is torn off.
    Once you’ve decided to take the plunge and try manscaping,it is important to experiment with different methods until you find what suits you best. It’s also possible that different parts of your body will react better to different treatments.
    I usually wet shave my privates twice a week and my crack once every few weeks. Have done this for many years without any major problems(apart from one time I was in a hurry and managed to slice open my scrotum……. boy, did it bleed).
    Tried a hair removal cream on my butt crack recently with mixed results. It certainly got rid of all the hairs,but for two days it felt like I was on fire back there. Couldn’t wear a g-string for love nor money.

    • I think society’s views are always going to be a factor with things that aren’t the so called norm for guys. Of course that varies depending on where you live. I would say the images of waxings have turned me off! I agree that experimenting to find what works best for you is the way to go.

  2. E.J says:

    I manscape because I like how it feels and looks.When I sunbathe in a g string thong, I use less tanning oil, and being hairless from the neck down I get a much nicer tan

  3. EJ says:

    It’s a preference thing,but I think the less coverage the underwear-it looks better,feels good.I use a razor to get down to the skin and I have the Ultimate Mangroomer which is good to get down to small stubble-nothin beats the razor

  4. RT says:

    Totally manscape here. Sometimes I leave very short hairs but most of the time very smooth. Love the feeling and the look too.

  5. EJ says:

    I got tired of cuttin myself w/my Gillette Fusion manscaping, today I bought the Venus Embrace (allegedly just for women) no cuts or nicks.I got myself good on my ankle last wk w/fusion.

  6. EJ says:

    The legs never shaved smoother

    • RT says:

      In my case and below the knees are super smooth with razor but have to say the the scrotum (nut sack) it’s left sooo smooth as well as beteewn the cheeks. Li i mentioned the rest has to be with hair clipper in my case.

  7. EJ says:

    That whacks it RT- sometimes I get bumps on the insides of the upper legs, sensitive areas are gonna do that but not enough to stop me from bein hairless from the neck down. As far as people noticing, I’m not hairy to begin with- a few wks ago I had a band aid behind my knee wife asks why I told her- she was shocked- I been shaving my legs for 3-4 yrs

    • RT says:

      Totally get it. Feeling and seeing your skin smooth is a very nice experience. Problem is I get many bumps everywhere except from knee down and axillae so I rather clip to avoid those. Still love the look when wearing thongs or bikinis. Perhaps I’ll find a way to shave without getting bumps.

  8. Brian says:

    I have been shaving my arm pits and everything below the belt for 10+ years. Below belt about 2 times per week and arm pits once a week. I do it because I look and feel much better with a smooth body. I am naturally not very hairy to begin with. I loved shaving everything below the belt right away but it took a while to get used to shaved arm pits. Using sensitive shaving cream and washing the areas I am shaving beforehand have made a major difference for me in limiting skin irritation. Also using body lotion feels great after getting out of the shower with a clean shaven body.

    I have always wanted to try waxing but not knowing where to have it done has kept me from trying. Also I’ve read that you need to let your hair grow out some before getting waxed which I don’t like doing.

    Does anyone know of any good self waxing kits or a good place to have it done for men?

    Also does anyone do anything special when shaving to help reduce/eliminate skin irritation?

  9. EJ says:

    I use a shower sponge to exfoliate before and after shaving- my biggest problem is cutting myself every now and again usually on the back of my knees. I’m not hairy to begin with either people probably don’t know I do complete manscaping (from the neck down) unless I tell them. I used to do it only in summer, it makes sunbathing in a g string much more effective- but I’ve been shaving everywhere this winter I’m working on better techniques for summer

  10. JM says:

    The biggest thing I’ve found with shaving is to thoroughly clean before shaving, and then again after shaving. After I get out of the shower, I take rubbing alcohol to everywhere I shaved. Generally speaking, aside from the belt line, I now never get razor burn or bumps after shaving.

    I do shave the c*** and balls, but I trim with a hair trimmer the rest of the pubic region, the tops of my legs, and my armpits regularly.

    On occasion I’ll shave by butt crack. On occasion I’ll also take the hair clipper to my chest and stomach.

  11. EJ says:

    Yikes- rubbing alcohol I’m good for a gash behind my knees every 2-3 shaves but doesn’t alcohol dry out your skin?

    • JM says:

      I do not shave daily, so that probably helps with keeping the skin from drying out. Regardless, one should use some sort of antiseptic to clean the area after shaving. The rubbing alcohol I use is the 50% stuff, so it isn’t as harsh as the 70% or 99% stuff that is also available at the store.

      Speaking of which, I think it is probably time to go tackle the forest again and shave it back down to a nice smooth surface. I’ll admit, I have been remiss in my duties recently.

  12. NS says:

    I have manscaped for a long time but it took a while for me to get going because my partner had always she’d never like it if I was hairless. When I eventually did it she just about instantly changed her mind. Over time my manscaping expanded to everything from the belly down being hairless.

    I was never fully happy with shaving my pubic hair, often geting the red spots but for the last 4 years I have been getting waxed there instead, still shaving the rest of me though. Waxing is not as painful as some peole make it out to be and yes I have to let it regrow for about 5 weeks between waxes but it is so fine that it is almost invisible, so I still look totally smooth. Next week I’m going for a full body wax, from the neck down, a one off.

    Someone upthread asked about where to find a waxer for men – I found mine on Facebook, her page stating clealy she waxes men and women, saw that we had some mutual friends so it was an easy introduction and she has proved to be as good as her page says. Hope that helps.

  13. Kerr says:

    I use a trimmer for the chest and legs and just above privates Leave a little there, but not underneath. Shave those. I use wax strips that you find (marketed to women) in stores like Walmart or Target (thank goodness for self checkout lines.) I use those for my lower back, buttocks and the crack and hole. I place a mirror on the floor and squat over for that. I don’t shower before or after waxing, I use the astringent lotion that comes with it. It helps me keep cleaner down there for when I wear a G-string or thong. The young bucks coming into thongs and strings new should be advised in my opinion.

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