The Beach 2020: Swim Briefs, Bikinis, Thongs?

The Beach 2020: Swim Briefs, Bikinis, Thongs?

With Memorial Day being the unofficial start of summer here, what is the beach outlook for 2020? We’ve been living in uncertainty for quite a while now and certainly our summer this year is going to look different. Sounds like many community pools will be closed or at least delayed in opening. There is talk about inflatable pools possibly being a big thing this summer. Are people going to stick to their yards for summer fun or travel to the beach?

My guess is it is going to be hard for people to pass up beach time. Especially ones that live by them. We may have to keep our 6 feet of space, but that I see as a good thing. I always like space between me and other beach goers. Usually it is more than 6 feet. Now there might be an issue of finding a spot at busier beaches if not getting there early if there are spacing guidelines. Might want to keep the saying the early bird gets the worm in mind this summer. Though maybe it won’t be the case or will depend on where you are. Based on some of the news it looks like the beach scene hasn’t changed while others are closed. My guess for the ones near me there will be some guidelines.

I do wonder if beaches may become busier with other activities that may not be back in full swing like sporting events with spectators. Along with the potential of pools not opening. Most likely we are going to have less entertainment options, so I would think the beach may get opted for more often. I’m personally thinking my family may get more days in than we have in the past.

Maybe this can be the year for guys on the edge to break out the swim brief, bikini, or thong. We have an excuse to social distance and find that spot away from others. For us that have already gone against the norm, it could be the summer to grab others’ attention if there are more beach goers. That is attention in a good way not as an exhibitionist. Let’s promote against the norm swimwear and wear them proudly. Hopefully, we can encourage other guys to take the step. What do you think your summer will be like? Planning beach trips? Staying home and enjoying the backyard?

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  1. Brian says:

    I just spent 5 wonderful days with my wife in ormond beach, FL…. we live in Tampa so it’s only a few hrs away…. I proudly wore my Rick Majors bikini swimsuits…I brought 3 and the looks and winks I got from the ladies only encouraged me to order more!

  2. Larry Mlynek says:

    Well Written. Thank you for your insight.

  3. T says:

    I’m trying to remain positive about my chances of making my annual summer visit to my favourite island in the sun,but that very much depends on the situation with the virus improving sufficiently to allow flights to resume and quarantine restrictions being relaxed. In the likely event of me spending summer here in Scotland,I can’t really see me spending time at any of our beaches,mainly due to the fact the weather here is so unpredictable and the seas are not exactly warm. Mind you,I guarantee I would have by far the skimpiest swimsuit at any of the beaches,because Scotsmen are not keen on showing off their bods in anything remotely like a speedo(lol).
    If the weather is good,at least I have the option of sunbathing in the relative privacy of my back garden,although it still won’t match the delights of Sicily!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      You need to go show them how it is to be done locally. Seems like we are probably going to have restrictions until there is a vaccine especially with them talking about a recurrence of it in the fall. We can always hope. Our water doesn’t usually warm up to a decent temperature until July, but catching some rays weather has started to happen. Our local beaches are open for use, but not swimming. They blame that on not having time to get life guards hired with the shutdowns, but plan to open for swimming in early June. Haven’t checked the local beaches yet, but the news says social distancing is recommended and mask wearing when not able to. I don’t want a mask tan, so I’d aim for good social distancing! Hopefully, we’ll all find some good time in our swimwear even if it has to be at our homes.

  4. Dave says:

    I’ve purchased five Rick Majors designs. I swim daily (when temps allow) here in the Gulf of Mexico here in Naples,Fl. Each pair is unique in cut and fabric. Very hot. Most other makers are cookie cutter/ same, same…

  5. Brian says:

    I agree 100% I too have several rick majors super low rise bikinis! I live up in Tampa and usually head down to Anna Maria island or Ft desoto every weekend that I can!

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