Speedo Thong Tribute

Speedo Thong TributeWhen the men’s Speedo thong came out I thought this could be a game changer for making thongs more popular. You’d think if a big brand like Speedo was offering them that it would help their popularity. Fast forward a few years and now they’re discontinued and seems to be no change in popularity for a swim thong or swim brief for guys. I am a little surprised they didn’t try a women’s swim thong first, but kudos to them for offering us guys one.

I did buy one and thought with it branded with the Speedo logo that it would make it okay to wear. Well, the thinking was when I made it to the stage to try thonging at the beach. My theory was if you were questioned you could say, “Hey, it’s a Speedo. See the logo on the back.” Of course I haven’t got to the point of thonging at the beach let alone a swim brief regularly, so I never got to try that response. Anyone else think this way?

Since it doesn’t seem I’ll be thonging at the beach any time soon, I decided it was time to give up on that theory. I sold it recently, so will never get to use that line. I did think the front was a little on the wide side and bulky. Was built like a swim brief in the front, which is fine for their briefs; not a thong. I did really like the cut of the back and it was very comfortable to wear, but still decide it was time for us to part ways. Hopefully my Speedo thong is being enjoyed and getting the use it deserves. I did wear it a few times for sunning in the yard, but not enough to stay in the drawer. I still have a HOM thong if I ever decide to hit the beach in a thong and it is a cut I like a lot better.

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  1. Jason Boag says:

    i would really love one, do you know where i could track one down?

    • Your best bet is eBay, but they don’t typically go very cheap when a genuine one shows up.

    • Kurt says:

      We need a site just for guys to talk about underwear, swimwear and be abel to share pics of what we have. You guys know of any?

      • I was going to suggest experience projects, but looks like they are not up and running other than for an archive now. I’m not real sure of any place other than a message board about thongs. Haven’t really looked in a long time.

  2. Dan says:

    Very jealous you had one of these once – such a shame they discontinued them

  3. jack says:

    I just got one in a beach store for 10 bucks.. electric blue.. love it!

    • Guess you must have been at a good beach location to find a men’s swim thong in a store. So does that mean Speedo still makes their thong for some markets and not their own website?

  4. Dani says:

    Do the beach store have more speedo thong to sell????
    Because i want to collect all the colors that they have made
    And still i have 3 speedo thong: orange,yellow,navy blue

  5. jack says:

    they had other thongs but not by speedo. they only had junky ones with no elastic, the kind you see at the wings beach stores- forget the brand-might be uzzi or something, But they are complete junk.

  6. Jeff says:

    Great column. I bought a blue speedo thong senior year of high school. I still have it but haven’t worn it years for the same reasons you let yours to. After reading all of you guys wishing you had a one, I’m going to make a point to wear mine!

  7. Black Stallion says:

    I really wish that pools would allow thongs, but others act like only Kids go to the pools.
    I am a big kid myself, and though I just go to swim laps, it should still be acceptable.
    But I guess idiots just think that people are made by “MATTEL”
    “Barbie” os the only one who can feel good about what and who she is, but “Ken”, well lets just say hes without cash and Prizes, and that how the lay thinks we should be in real life.

  8. Mark Tweedy says:

    There are many other companies making good swim thongs for men and it is a matter of time and place to wear a thong. The more men do so the more they will be accepted but just like when the ladies wear thongs, we have to use common sense.

    • Need more men in general to wear tight fitting swimwear. Yes, common sense is always good to use. Also need to know nudity laws, since exposure of the butt in some (maybe lots) places is considered nudity. My view is if women are permitted to wear the style then should be appropriate for guys to wear the style too. So basically guys should be able to wear a bikini cut pretty much anywhere. Still need to respect other beach goers and not push the limits of tolerance to cause a negative impact on our ability to wear skimpier swimwear.

  9. John says:

    I had blue blue thong speedos but it was stolen when i was showering and changing in the locker room.

    • thebottomdrawer says:

      That’s a bummer….wonder if the person really wanted it or was being a jerk? Hopefully you replaced it with another swim thong from another brand.

      • John says:

        I really miss my speedo it was so comfy.
        I have seen another guy wearing a blue speedo thong there. I really believe its mine but i cant prove it so i cant confront him.:(
        Really sucks to see another guy wear my speedo thong.:(

  10. Arun says:

    If you haven’t already discovered this, here is the place to everything you would ever want.

    I have bought from them for almost ten years now. They can make anything they have ever made. You can get custom made. Of course, it isn’t cheap, but it isn’t bad.

    Personally, I have loved the scrunchy-butt briefs and the classic thongs. But if you are willing to do seriously risque, they have it – like the Bravura thong.

    This is not a scam. I am not an owner. I am just a very pleased customer. I found this blog because I once had a Speedo thong swimsuit. It was awesome, but I agree, a bit bulky in the front. But a good cut and quality material. But Skinzwear is very high quality with tons of fabrics and styles.


    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I’ve heard good things about skinzwear. They’ve been on my try list for years to try and hopefully one of these days that will occur.

    • Black Stallion says:

      Yes, skinzwear is where I get all of my swimwear, and my gym clothes.

  11. Speedothongoin says:

    They were awesome now they sell for 300 on eBay . I loved swimming in them. Even had a pair stolen at the gym. Gave one to a friend as well: sadly miss them

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      The ones on ebay are just ridiculously price. Can get lots of other swim thongs for some of the people’s wishful selling price. The real advantage of the Speedo thong is the brand name, but the name didn’t make them more popular when they were for sale.

      • Hoowish says:

        Which is a shame too, because like you said, it’s a big name in swimwear. I don’t understand why they’ve become so taboo in the US. It’s like isn’t equality mean BOTH sexes can do the same thing? If women are allowed to wear them without backlash, shouldn’t me be able to as well?

  12. Chuck says:

    I had one of these, exact same color as the one in the article picture. I recently misplaced it and am trying to find a replacement. If anyone has any reasonable leads (not $300 on ebay), the send them my way.

  13. JUan says:

    I still have two speedo thongs, one black and one red. They must be more than 20 years old. I haven’t used them that much and they are a very good shape. I am surprised the excellent quality they are. I have worn them to the beach and the pool.
    When I saw that speedo was manufacturing male thong, I also thougth they were going to become more popular. Unfortunately not. HOM is a company that used to have a large collection of male swim thongs. They also stop manufacturing them. Anyway I wear a thong to the beach any time I can.

    • Black Stallion says:

      The sad thing is, they make thongs for women still, but not men. So what about equality?
      You can close your eyes throw a stone, and guarantee it will land at a store that sells women’s thongs underwear or swimwear, and they will be good quality, and inexpensive, but men’s are hard to find, expensive, and often poor quality.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Yes, it was probably close to 20 years ago I bought the one I had. I have a HOM thong. They really went away from their skimpy styles in swimwear. I really liked the micro briefs they use to offer too. Their micro briefs now are still skimpier than a lot of other offerings out there at least, but not like the micro ones they had. Am surprised they don’t have a least one swim thong, since they still offer them in underwear.

  14. Dan says:

    Yes, never understood why HOM don’t do swim thongs anymore. Their thong underwear collection is pretty extensive. I have a couple of their older swim thongs from years ago but would love an updated version.

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