I’m a Male Bikini Wearer

I'm a Male Bikini WearerWell, I already announced I’m a male thong wearer in a previous post, which you can read here. I thought I would work backwards a bit and add that I’m a straight male bikini wearer. Probably should have started here, since bikinis are a tad more conservative. I love the freedom you get from a bikini. No restrictive elastic around the thighs and the feel of more freedom of movement. Allows you to show off your legs and accentuate the butt. With a bikini you have the option of choosing the amount of rear coverage you want. Show no cheek with a full back, a little cheek with a 3/4 back, or even more with a half back. There is quite a variety of back coverage as you work your way down to a thong.

I like how they look on me and of course I find them comfortable. They’re sexy in my opinion and make me feel sexy. Also they give good support. With the variety of back coverage, frontal coverage, and width of the sides along with fabric content, colors, and patterns, you can have fun experimenting with different combinations. It’s great to have a variety of sexy underwear in the drawer be it a bikini or a thong to match your mood for the day or maybe even improve upon it. If you have ventured out and tried a bikini, you sure are missing a great style of underwear.

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  1. Tim says:

    The term bikini referring to men’s clothing seems very strange to a British man. Here, a bikini is understood to mean a two-piece, one to cover the bottom area and one to cover a woman’s breasts.

    • That’s good to know. In the States I guess packaging usually says bikini briefs on men’s underwear, but I do recall now that you mentioned it that UK online retailers usually use mini or micro brief or slip for them. Probably most people do think of a two piece as a bikini in swimwear, but talking about underwear people typically think of bikini as bottoms.

  2. The Stallion says:

    I have found that SKINZWEAR makes the best.
    I have since ordered all of my thongs from them.
    and I have also ordered my Rio Swim-briefs from them.
    At the pool, I have received much positive feedback and compliments from the other patrons, in how they fit me.
    The “Rio II from” skinzwear, I like because, its the bare minimum without being a thong.
    I also would like to take this opportunity to thank the people and Skinzwear for their great craftsmanship, please keep up the good work.

    • I’ve heard that Skinzwear makes nice stuff and I like all the options they have in colors, prints, and styles. Will have to give them a try one of these days, but been saying that probably for way too long now. Thanks for the comment. Always great to hear others insights.

      • Terry says:

        Hi, I just wanted to also add that I wear Skinzwear bikini for men as well and they are the best believe me . There is so much more thought gone into the design compared to other designs, the skimpiest one is the men’s 57 , as the front in so tiny and the rear is half back and once on you’ll never look back , all you guys out there that like the minimal suit try this one you’ll be so happy .Terry.

  3. Teide says:

    Yes. I am a bikini wearer in Spain.

    I have long used bikinis and string bikinis as my priority option for underwear. Very difficult to find in Spanish stores now except in those old ones that have kept material for some time. I just bought one in a traditional shop in a city I just traveled to.

    As for the locker room to which I go in a city in the north of Spain I see that I am the only one who wears a bikini. More or less the proportion is 50% briefs, 40 boxer briefs and 10% boxer shorts. I can not explain how people can go comfortable, especially in summer, with so much clothing attached to the body without considering how cool are the bikinis.

    At the popular level, people who buy in street markets or Chinese bazaars only find boxer briefs, very cheap, of poor quality and boring in terms of colors.

    I would like the commercial houses that until the 90s had reduced models and bikinis in their catalogs to make them again and distribute them to the stores. This would lead Chinese manufacturers to imitate and flood the street markets with smaller underwear appropriate to the male anatomy.

  4. Andrew says:

    I love wearing sexy underwear. I primarily wear string bikinis, but like the bikini style are nice as well, and of course thongs are a part of my collection too. My sexiest ones tend to be ordered online since sexy men’s underwear is hard to find in stores.

    I own a lot of the Life string bikinis. While they are just simple cotton string bikinis, I find them very comfortable. My wife thinks thet are really sexy. I like that they are sold in Walmart, that makes them easy to purchase. There is a level of excitement when purchasing them since sexy male underwear is not the norm. I enjoy buying them in person since anyone in the checkout line will know that I wear string bikinis.

  5. EJ says:

    Hi Andrew- I have a bunch of Life string bikinis from Walmart, but I cut off some of the back coverage too much for me. It makes them thong & looser- I have 32” waist or so have to buy small size I like it better/ getting tired of altering found string bikinis online with less rear coverage somewhere between thong & bikini back

  6. Jeremiah says:

    I also have the Life bikinis from wal-mart but noticed recently that they changed the packaging so I wonder if the fit and cut changed as well? Also, I have a pair in white size L that I got ten years ago when I was a teen, but noticed sadly they don’t offer that color anymore. Purchasing them is always a rush, I like to see the clerks reaction when they scan the package lol and I honestly can say my wife enjoys them and has even bought me some when I wasn’t with her. Personally, I’ve noticed that many former girlfriends and my wife liked me in sexy underwear. I wish there was some survey that was out there to gauge a women’s honest opinion, I think men just assume women don’t like them or will think they are gay so they never have the courage to try them even if they really want to. I was only in 7th grade when I wore a Joe Boxer thong to school for my girlfriend who didn’t think I would but seemed to be pleasantly surprised when I did. I’ve been wanting to try the Jockey string bikinis at JCPenny but haven’t made my way in that direction lately.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Haven’t checked out the life string bikini in a long while. I know some Walmarts I couldn’t find them anymore. Haven’t tried the Jockey ones. I buy more online now, since there is a wider selection though they cost more. I don’t know of any surveys out. About the only decent one I see now and then is from Expedia which touches on beach related things and swim briefs in some of them. I haven’t had any issues with the wife or past girlfriends with my skimpy underwear choice. Always seem to be interested in what I’m wearing for the day. I think a lot of women just agree with what society says guys should wear and what women should wear.

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