Summer 2016 Still Not The Year

summer 2016 Still Not The YearWell, 2016 again was suppose to be the year of the swim brief. At least it was the year to make it my beach attire. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, but wasn’t because I chickened out like last year. We never made it to the beach this year, so that made that goal a bit difficult. I guess I’ll have to wait until 2017 to have a year of the swim brief at the beach.

I could have manned up and wore my swim brief at the pool we went to several times this summer. A confined area like that intimidated me a lot more than a beach where you can get somewhat away from the crowds. Also I thought the clientele of this pool may be more objecting of a guy in skimpy suits. I seemed to have been wrong on that one. At our last visit to the pool, there was one brave guy sporting a swim brief when we arrived. I wasn’t there when he stripped down to it to know if there was any reaction. I didn’t notice any oddities or looks towards him when I was there. He did have the body to wear one and definitely pulled it off better than I would have. He did give me the impress that he may have been a foreigner. He definitely was very comfortable wearing them. Suppose I just need to get over what other people think and just wear what I want to. Maybe I need to expanded next year’s goal to include the pool.

On a positive note this year wasn’t a total lost for wearing a swim brief. I did get plenty of backyard time wearing one playing with my son in the family kiddie pool. Also got a little sunning in. I guess it is back to dreaming of another break out swim brief year.

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  1. T says:

    For many foreigners, wearing a skimpier swim brief is a totally normal thing to do,and hopefully more men in the future will adopt that attitude.
    There are many reasons why some men don’t feel able to wear a briefer style in public,but for what it’s worth,I would suggest that with so many people having cameras at their fingertips courtesy of their mobile phones,men are afraid that any body imperfections they may have will be captured on film and worse case scenario,will end up on some spiteful youtube clip. If I come across a clip on youtube of some guy sunbathing in a thong and totally oblivious to the fact that he’s been secretly recorded and made fun of,I strongly defend his right to wear whatever he chooses and give the sneaky poster of the video clip a good ear bashing.

  2. Jason Boag says:

    You can do it!

  3. Dan says:

    I’m a straight guy and I tried a swim thong for the first time this summer. It was on a secluded beach and no one was around, which was nice.

  4. T says:

    Spare a thought for the 9 Australian guys who were arrested at the Malaysian grand prix on Sunday for stripping down to their “budgie smugglers” after watching a fellow Australian driver win the race. They are facing a possible 2 year jail sentence for intentional insult(their speedos had the Malaysian flag on the rear) and public indecency offences. Hopefully they will get off with a fine and deportation. Once they are safely back home(in the land of the budgie smuggler),they should form a justice for speedo wearers group and tour the country promoting the wearing of said item.

  5. E says:

    I was on a cruise this past September out of Fort Lauderdale that had quite a few guys sporting swim briefs around the pool and on the beach excursions. Odds are they were from Europe but nobody seemed to bat an eye. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite get up the nerve to wear mine other than hanging out on the balcony. It would have been the perfect opportunity as nobody on board knew me and would never see me again.

    Next March I’ve booked a 7 day Bahamas cruise out of Cape Liberty, NJ and I plan to be ready. It’s going to be interesting to see how the guests differ compared to Florida. Anybody have any experience cruising out of NY or NJ?

    • T says:

      Life is too short to worry about what some people might think or say if they were to see you wearing a swim brief on a cruise or anywhere else for that matter.
      It did seem to be the perfect opportunity for you on a cruise where nobody knew you and wouldn’t see you again,but at least you have another chance next March to be true to yourself by wearing whatever you darn well please.I’m sure there will be many men and women of all shapes and sizes feeling slightly self conscious about how they look baring the flesh in their swimming costumes,without worrying about you in a speedo.
      If you do look shy and uncomfortable in a speedo then you are more likely to draw unwanted attention to yourself,so the trick is to make it seem like the most normal everyday thing for you to wear one. If your concerned about showing of your bulge,then you could wear a multi coloured brief that doesn’t accentuate your manhood,and a fuller back that covers your butt cheeks.
      Good luck and make sure you ROCK that speedo on the cruise.

      • T has made some great points. I’ve had my best luck on vacations. Another idea is get out to the pool or sun deck before most of the people, so you are already sporting your swim brief when others arrive. Like T said, acting like it is normal is the best thing to do. Hopefully your next cruise will also have swim brief wearers. Good luck.

  6. Black Stallion says:

    C’mon dude!
    Man up, just go for it.
    That’s what I did.

  7. RT says:

    Soon will hit my favorite beach and wear my favorite skimpy swimwear. Always go to same spot and remove my shorts and voila! Freedom!

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