How the interest in bikinis and thongs came about – Part 1

As a typical teenage boy, I was always interested in women and their bikinis. So one day I received a catalog with catalogs available in it. When browsing through that I was surprised to see a catalog that sold bikini underwear for men, which I think was Undergear’s. Now that peaked my interest in wanting to give them a try. Since I didn’t have a credit card or even a checking account, I started with the only place I could think of. I tried to alter some whitey tighties into a pair of bikini underwear. Unfortunately, just cutting doesn’t help with them keeping their form with the snipped leg elastic. Tried some sewing by hand, which gave me sort of a bikini form and an idea of how a bikini would look on me. Well, that just peaked my interest some more to see how an actual bikini made for a guy would fit and feel.

Male Bikini UnderwearSo how would I get my hands on a pair? Still couldn’t order them and didn’t think the parents would be interested in ordering them for me to wear. So that was the question for months and probably over a year. Then one day I was checking out the local store ads and low and behold there in the Kmart ad they were advertising string bikini underwear for men. I was shocked that I could have just checked out the underwear section in a local store. By this time I was old enough to drive, so with it being Christmas time I asked my parents if I could take the car to do a little more shopping.

Off I headed to Kmart to check out their selection with nervous excitement. When I arrived at the store I headed straight to the men’s section and saw they had a few string bikini styles to choose from. I picked a three pack of blue, black, and white and decided I needed something else, since I was Christmas shopping. Picked up a present and then headed to checkout with my heart racing wondering if the cashier would say anything. Of course no comment or strange look. Once in the car, I opened them up to check them out and satisfied I headed home. When I got home, I put the bikinis in my coat and headed inside. Quickly to my bedroom I went to put my stuff away and then straight to the privacy of the bathroom with my new string bikinis to try on. Quickly I slipped on a pair and instantly I knew bikinis were for me! I loved the support, no restriction on the legs, and how they showed off my legs and behind. Only thing I didn’t like was the waistband was too thick on these ones, but otherwise they fit great.

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  1. John K. says:

    Looks like your situation wasn’t that different from mine. I started off wearing briefs like most kids (I guess), then moved on to boxers. It was ok for a few years but felt that there was something missing with boxers. I figured it must be the loose cut & how baggy it felt, with them bunching up and riding up my butt.

    Decided to get briefs and finally got the support I wanted, a tighter fit without bunching up and i felt great. Then I thought, why stick to just briefs? There are other types of underwear like briefs that offer what I wanted: bikinis & thongs. Once I tried bikinis & thongs, I’ve never looked back, though I do wear a variety of underwear (briefs, bikinis, thongs & even boxer briefs) depending on the situation & my mood.

    As a straight male, when I wear them, I felt sexy and confident even if I’m the only one who knows what’s underneath my clothes. I really hope more men would wear thongs or at least be open to the idea that all men, not just gays, can wear them.

    P.S. Thumbs up to your blog! Really like your reviews & keep on wearing thongs!

  2. T says:

    I started buying bikini briefs out of my mum’s mail order catalogue when I was 16/17yrs. Whenever a new catalogue came through the door,I would immediately turn to the men’s underwear section and plan my next purchase. In my early twenties,I discovered the Kiniki collection and was a regular buyer from them for 30+ years. Like you,I used to love coming home and finding the familiar large package(no pun intended)waiting for me on the sideboard.
    In more recent years,the internet has been a great place to purchase every conceivable style of underwear/swimwear from far off lands at the click of a button,and thus doing away with any potential embarrassment at the checkout when you sheepishly handed over your skimpy thong to the cashier.
    I still remember buying my first ever swim thong from a very upmarket department store in Glasgow. It was a Hom, available in green or black,and cost
    £15,which was a lot of money in those days. I stood comparing them for what seemed like an age before settling for the black and then headed to the young man behind the counter doing my best not to blush bright red as he took them from me.I still have that thong(in my second bottom drawer)ha!ha!.
    I also had the misfortune to hand over some very sexy thongs to a cashier in another shop who took great delight in holding them up for all in the queue behind me to see and shouting to his colleague “how much are these thongs?” I bet he did that on a regular basis.

    • The Internet has made it a lot easier to get your hands on some great underwear and swimwear that is for sure. I’d say it has lead to the increase in options out there too. Luckily, I haven’t had the experience like you with a cashier making a big scene. All seemed to just scan and put them in a bag for me.

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