Poem: Infamous Thong

Poem: Infamous Thong

Ok, it’s time for something a bit different for a post. A long way back I wrote a poem related to I believe Speedo, which I have not had any luck locating. But with not being able to find it, it got me wanting to try an attempt at a new poem. Here is what I came up with on the thong front.

Infamous Thong

Oh what a sight.
It shouldn’t be such a fright.

The ultimate wedgie you may think.
Or that it is some sort of kink.

A piece of fabric between the cheeks.
May not be what one really seeks.

But once you find the right ones.
You’ll be happy to show your buns.

It’s not all about sex appeal.
It’s about how they make you feel.

Confidence, sexy, and empowered are some that come to me.
It’s a pity that so many are missing the glee.

Women embrace them as a choice.
Men shun them with their voice.

Why do men fear them so?
It’s stereotypes that make them say no.

It’s time for society to adapt.
Men in thongs should not be inapt.

Let’s open our eyes and our mind.
Thongs are a great choice for all mankind.

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  1. Greg says:

    Well said, Nate. As I sit here in my thong drinking my morning coffee, I couldn’t agree with you more. The “ultimate wedgie” that you mention is just a nice part of the wonderful support that the pouch provides. I also believe that it IS “some sort of kink”, which is not a bad thing. Here are my definitions of kinky and perverted–KINKY: when you use a feather. PERVERTED: when you use the whole chicken. HA!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      When kink isn’t used for a muscle issue it seems to be a negative word. From what I consider a pretty reputable source Merriam Webster, they define it as “unconventional sexual taste or behavior.” Now thongs for guys may be unconventional, I don’t see them used for sexual taste or behavior. They of course have sex appeal and make you feel sexy.

  2. Brian says:

    Nice poem…. I was the only guy wearing a bikini swimsuit at the resort swimming pool in Orlando last weekend… my wife thinks its hilarious that I wear them…everyone looks at me which I love….I’m not in the best physical shape but I do workout & eat right so I look decent….I wanted to wear a thong so bad but my wife didn’t want me to, mainly because there are kids around, but there were plenty of women wearing thongs… I’ve never worn a thong in public hopefully, if my wife gives permission lol, I’ll be brave enough to wear one to the beach and get some sun on these buns!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Most of us aren’t in the best physical shape. Shouldn’t stop us from wearing what we like. I don’t think trunks are going to hide our physical shape that much. It’s good that your wife thinking your swim choice is hilarious doesn’t stop you. If women are wearing thongs around kids then guys should be able to. I’d probably aim for an area with no kids if I were to sport a thong. That way it would then be up to the new comers if they want their kids to see me in a thong. My kids would probably just point out they could see a butt and probably giggle a bit then move on.

  3. T says:

    I’m sure a few more poets will be inspired to follow your example. Thought I would give it a go.

    The Bottom Drawer is run by Nate
    For those of us who boxers hate.

    A quiet man who’s camera shy
    But in a thong,he’ll catch your eye.

    He has a dream,some say is wrong
    For every man to wear a thong.

    But why should gals have all the fun
    Of baring bums to catch some sun?

    Society will call us freaks
    For what we wear between our cheeks.

    But given time they’ll come around
    And share the joy that we have found.

    So come on guys it’s 2020
    And online shops have thongs a plenty.

    It’s time to pull your boxers down
    And flash that ass all over town.

  4. DanPar says:

    I understand that many men are reluctant to wear speedos, bikinis and thongs. Perhaps they are embarrassed because the swimwear shows the outline of their penis. Guess what? Most people don’t really care. I’ve worn this swimwear for decades and proud to…the problem is them not us.

    • Brian says:

      That & a lot of guys skip leg day so they hide their chicken legs…. I proudly show my legs & butt that I’ve earned from hard leg workouts…. showing my bulge is the cherry on top…if they don’t like it then don’t look

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