Thongs: Does Size Matter?

Thongs: Does size matter?

The does size matter question fits into one of those answer categories it depends. No, I’m not talking about the package size. It’s the tail width I’m looking at. I would say it has a part factor in the comfort of a thong.

The underwear size would be a factor too, because too small is going to be digging into you in the wrong places. Let me get back on track to tail width. With tail width you also have to consider the fabric. A lot of one particular fabric between the cheeks may be fine with comfort. While another fabric just gets irritating after a period of time. What you are doing could also play a role in the comfort of the tail of the thong. Even how often you wear them or not wear them affects comfort.

As you can see I’m having trouble sticking to the does size matter topic for thong tail comfort. Now there are some things I find that typically work well for me with the thong tail. First I aim for tails an inch or narrower in width. String backs can be hit and miss, but if I go that route I look for them to be covered in the fabric the thong pouch is in. This is more often with g-strings than thongs. Wider ones just get to be too much for me especially where they start their entrance at the bottom of the butt. All the extra fabric just bothers me and can pinch.

Fabric plays a rule and some wider than an inch back thongs can be comfortable in a particular fabric. Then narrower ones can be uncomfortable in a wrong fabric. I find more often then not thongs that are made out of similar fabric as form fitting swimwear like swim briefs are comfortable. So fabric with a good blend of lycra seems to help with tail comfort. The modal fabrics also have a consistency of comfort for me too. If we could only feel the fabric of a thong, we’d be able to get a good idea how it would perform between the cheeks with the width of the tail.

Do you find that the tail width plays a factor in thong comfort? If so, what width do you aim for? Does fabric play a role in the width? Are there other factors that play a role with the tail width and comfort?

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  1. SM_Thongguy says:

    Good topic

    The fabric and style of thong plays a big role. I recently got a polyester thong with soft band. This proved to be very comfortable even to sleep in.

    There are other one piece thongs I have from China that makes you aware of that triangle at the back of the thong.

    The size of thong is also a factor.

    I find some of my one piece cotton thongs needs a few wears and washes before the back tail and string become really comfy.

  2. Black Stallion says:

    Do I find that the tail width plays a factor in thong comfort?
    I sure do. But; not so much as the fabric, or the activity in performing. When I first started wearing them, I did have to get used to the thong tail, and that did take a while, but it was not unbearable.
    What width do I prefer? It’s not so much width, but much more the design or the engineering with me, which eventually calculated to comfort. Which I haven’t really ran into one I did not like. In try to go with Y back V back or the split back, or just a nice clean taper. Which I understand still really doesn’t tell much about my preference, because I still keep an open mind to how they are engineered.
    Does fabric play a role in the width? Yes, I avoid satin. Satin becomes icky, and nasty after a while. Yes, they make men’s satin thongs, and they are not for me. They are uncomfortable, and have no stretch, at least I haven’t found any stretch satin.
    Are there other factors that play a role with the tail width and comfort? Yes, sometimes they just need broken in. Sometimes you either have to get used to them, or they have to get used to you.

  3. Brian says:

    Yes size matters! I personally like a G string over thongs….I found perfect ones on Amazon that are low rise, nice medium size pouch…to me they’re amazing… they’re a brand called braveperson

  4. David_nc says:

    Yes size matters but also material. I’ve been leaning more towards the polyester blends. they seem to give more and almost regardless the thickness don’t seem as noticeable. For example the Joe Boxer 100% cotton thong has a slightly wide tail at the bottom where the material enters the butt and after all day wear can be too much, almost uncomfortable. But the poly blends of like Papi are great for all day wear. This may be another topic but also tail lengths, if the tail is too short it can be too tight and rub wrong also.

  5. David_nc says:

    Also, this may be too much to ask, what brand is the blue thong next to the Kiniki on the top? It looks like it would be comfortable. And is the red one next to that the Doreanse Euro? To me the grey thong on bottom row would be the least comfortable because of width.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thongs in photo from left to right starting at the top.
      Kiniki Newton Thong
      Bodyaware Denim Thong (have had for many years)
      Blueline T-back Thong
      Kiniki Cha Cha Thong
      Kiniki Print Thong (stopped offering)
      Candyman Animal Print G-String (99170)
      Daniel Alexander Thong DA780
      Male Power Euro G-String
      Kiniki Apollo Thong

      The Apollo thong is actually pretty comfortable. It’s one that falls into the right fabric category. The Bodyaware Denim thong is not as comfortable as the Apollo.

  6. Rick says:

    Thongs are my preference. The G string type works well especially for tanning. It’s very comfortable and not binding. The form fitting pouch is comfortable and easy to stay in place. Minimum tan line is my preference. I see more of this especially in Florida on vacation and off Lake Michigan. Keep the dream alive!! Rick

  7. Jr2 says:

    I think it certainly has an effect in comfort. Though the material is just as important. Most of my thongs are string sides like the blue pair on the upper left. I tend to like how the backs sit on those . As far as material goes , I prefer lycra and microfiber the most , just like the way they feel.

  8. T says:

    Must admit,when I saw the heading “Does size matter?” pop up in my inbox,I thought Nate had decided to take the blog in a whole new direction.Then I realized he was referring to the under strap on thongs. For me,the comfort of any thong or g-string depends almost entirely on the under strap. If it is too tight,then you are all too aware of it and probably can’t wait to prise it out from your butt crack. Mind you,I don’t like strings that are too big and sit way above the buttocks. Some of my most comfortable thongs and g-strings have been by lesser known companies at the lower end of the price scale,and some of the most uncomfortable by well known brands at the dearer end. If I find something I really like, I tend to by lots of them in multiple colours if available.

  9. DanPar says:

    Tail size…interesting question. The more narrow the better. I wear Zkinzwear thongs because of the narrow sized tail. Smaller is better certainly more comfortable.

  10. DonS says:

    Definitely tail width matters for me, hence I avoid the thongs and go for G-strings. Of course, even here the waist and tail straps can differ, so as long as it is strong enough to be supportive, I find thinner ones to be more comfortable. Sexier maybe, but that is not a great factor as to why I prefer them.

    The other factor against thongs for me is that G-strings tend to have a t-back, not the triangle of fabric found in thongs.

    Tail width is perhaps the most important factor, but the length is also important. Too short can make them pinch in various places.

    Nylon and polyester blended with Lycra are the best for me, stretchy but not too much, and wicks sweat away quickly. Seems to be reasonable lasting as well, hence helping the value for money. I’d like to try modal.

  11. Craig says:

    I’m leaning more towards the thinner tails, I find them more comfy than wider ones which tend to bunch between your cheeks.

  12. Dan says:

    Great topic and that photo really shows the variety in widths and shapes of tails. I prefer a thong tail to a g-string, I think as I prefer the feeling of knowing the tail is in place and the comfort that brings. It’s a secure feeling.

    A lot of it is to do with the material. The Joe Boxer cotton thongs are just the right size for me for a cotton thong. Anything wider and it would start to become uncomfortable given the cotton and the stitching.

    I have the Kiniki print thong and although it does have the relatively wide tail it’s a soft fabric so actually is pretty comfortable.

    Ideal thong width for me from the selection in the photo would be the Bodyaware Denim thong and the Daniel Alexander thong.

  13. Rick says:

    The Daniel Alexander G string is the coolest and the best for tanning also. The colors and choices are excellent and the price is reasonable.
    The Joe Synder pouch can be limiting but a great G string also. I also wear the Tan Thru bikini briefs for no tan lines in more public places. I purchase them online. We need to get out there and express ourselves more. Enjoy the moment and live the dream!! Rick

  14. outside_time says:

    Size matters, but not just the tail width. That’s important, and I like medium-thin. But you can go too thin. I had a thong years ago, no longer recall the brand, but the tail was basically a bit of 1/8″ diameter elastic cord. Darn uncomfortable. But wide is no good either. Add to the width, the aspect of tail tension. You can have too much, and there’s no width that’s right. You can have too little, and that’s just annoyingly loose. I need a bit of tension, if nothing else, as a “reminder” of what I’ve got on. Then there’s the size of the front. If it’s flat, and snug, you have a crunch problem. If it’s contoured and huge, you have a flop problem. I have a few flat-fronts that are just right, but it’s harder for me to get that part of size perfect. I go to contoured pouch designs, but without being too huge or deep, just enough contour to conform. Then there’s waist band size and tension. So many Oriental brands can’t seem to get this one right. It’s like the tail size, too thin, too tight, not good. Too wide, well, that’s no fun! I ended up at Custom. Once you get it right, it’s easy to duplicate. Getting it right for each custom maker is a task, but not impossible.

    • David_NC says:

      Outside_time I agree with your comment on tail length/tension. I recently got the Doreanse Euro thong and I really want to like it because the material is soft, the pouch a good size but the tail is basically a cord. That alone doesn’t bother me, it is how short the tail is. If the cord had been just slightly longer it would be perfect.

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