Jockstrap vs Thong for Sports

Jockstrap vs Thong for Sports

Which is a better choice for sports: a jockstrap or a thong? I say it comes down to personal preference. For me the thong would be the winner.

I’ve been turned off with jockstraps, since being forced to wear them in middle school gym. Back then it was the Bike jock with the mesh like fabric pouch and thick waistband. Today there are fashion jocks and even jock briefs. Even with the improvements in the looks, neither is a style that interests me. Since I haven’t tried the fashion ones, it is hard for me to compare support of one verse a thong. If it is like thongs then it probably varies between brands and even styles from the same brand. It’s strange but I feel more exposed with these styles over a thong.

Why do I think thongs are better for sports? First off I like them better! Straps on jocks have more places of contact, which means more potential points of rubbing. A thong is going to be in one place right between the cheeks. It’s not going to be moving side to side like a jock could. Yes, with a lot of different movements with a thong it is possible to get a wedgie pull feeling. If you like to wear tighter workout clothes then a thong will give less visible lines. My other thought is a thong is more back to front, so should give better lift and support over the jock. Plus the straps of a jock are just elastic, so they can get more stretched out than a thong’s that is stitched in fabric normally.

Like I said I don’t wear jocks, so hard for me to compare. With either a jock or a thong, it is going to come down to the specific one. Some are more comfortable than others when doing certain things. It’s just a matter of figuring out the ones that are best for each activity you like to do. Guess you could always go for the jock thong and not have to decide between the two. Do you wear both jocks and thongs? Do you prefer one over the other? What’s the pros and cons of each in your mind?

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  1. Jeff says:

    I have a few jocks but rarely wear them. One cover male that is very comfortable, if I’m wearing a jock this would be the one. A bike jock that I got for going to the gym, I thought it would draw the least attention, it does it’s purpose of providing support but it’s not that comfortable. And one jock-brief, I’ve recently got it and only have worn it around the house, it’s ok but I honestly think it’s made more for looks and for whatever sexual activity someone may be looking for.
    If I’m wearing a well fitting thong I usually forget about it, I always know when I’m wearing a jock. And the last thing I don’t like about jocks is the rear waistband pops out more than a well fitted thong.

  2. T says:

    I have about 10-12 jockstraps but I can’t say I wear them for sports.Not a fan of the ones with the really thick waistband and under straps which tend to give you a bad case of vpl,but I do have a couple with g-string type narrow pouches and thin under straps. I might wear one of these to give the area between my butt cheeks a break from my regular g-strings,and also, if I know I’m going to be sitting for hours in an airport departure lounge and then on a plane,I will probably wear a jock,or a bikini brief, rather than a string.
    One of the benefits of wearing a jock,especially if you are not blessed with the perfect bubble butt,is that the under straps can enhance the appearance of your butt cheeks by lifting them up,not unlike the effect a push up bra can have on a relatively flat chested woman.

    • Heard people mention the lift a jockstrap can give. Glad I’m not the only one that sometimes needs a break from a thong for that reason. I think my sitting posture contributes to the irritation most of the time. Depends on the thong too.

  3. Jeff says:

    T, I can agree with your reasoning for wearing a jock over a thong in those situations, I guess in my mind if a thong isn’t the best choice then I’m going to wear bikini briefs or whatever is the best choice for a particular situation. I haven’t tried many jocks and the ones with smaller and lighter straps and waistbands sound appealing to me.
    I’ve seen “swim jocks” on some websites, I’ve never gotten one because I don’t know when to wear one. Maybe they are for guys who need more support than what a swim bikini provides.. definitely not me lol!
    I will try to find some jocks like T is describing, maybe I’ll find a new favorite!

    • Now a days they do have fashionable jocks that look a lot nicer than the bike jock I had. I’m still not drawn to give them a try though.

    • T says:

      Hi Jeff. The jock straps with the narrow waistband and under straps I mentioned in my post are made by a company called XUBA. Some of the ones I bought a number of years ago are still available on Amazon and Ebay,but the prices seem to have risen quite a bit since then. I’m sure you could buy them much cheaper from some of the Chinese companies that advertise huge selections of sexy underwear on sites like Ebay or Ali express. Hope this helps.

  4. jr says:

    When comes to sports, I primarily wear jocks. Though I do have the traditional Bike and Under Armour Jocks and wear them from time to time, I am fan of the 2xist Crosstrainer and Speed jocks the most. They are light weight, have good support and you barely know you are wearing them. For those reasons find myself wearing primarily wearing jocks to workout. They do have the narrow waistband band so you don’t have to worry to much about the band peaking out. For those that are fans Joe Snyder, the Active Wear jock is a pretty good choice too. Though I did recently get a Clever Sporty thong to give thongs a try.

    • Thanks for giving suggestions for some more fashionable, but ones that still give the support needed. You’ll have to let us know how the new thong works out.

      • jr says:

        The Clever thong worked out pretty good. Its was comfortable and the support was as good as some of my jocks. At times there was some thong pull , but not to point where it was uncomfortable. Definitely will have to get a couple more thongs to mix up gym bag.

  5. Joelo says:

    I have had several jocks over the years and only one from cocksox that I actually liked. I’m definitely more in favor wearing thongs to workout. They are much more supportive no matter what kind of training I’m doing. My pereference when working out is the good ol cotton Joe Boxer thongs from K-Mart, they are comfortable and last for a long time and realatively cheap by comparison to other thongs that I have purchased. On occasion I will wear one of my cocksox thongs and true to their advertising they are great for working out, but I always feel like they are too expensive just to use for working out.

    • I agree it is hard to wear a pair of underwear that you paid a decent amount for when working out or sports. I try to wear an older pair when I may do something that could be hard on a pair.

  6. EJ says:

    I go with g strings working out- feels like wearing nothing

  7. Str8thongwearer says:

    I’m definitely on the thong side here, never got much benefits from jocks. Question for everyone – when you change do you hide your thong or just change with reckless abandon ?

    • Joelo says:

      When I first started going to the gym I was a bit more cautious…but now that I am bit more confident with my body, I rarely ever even care if someone sees me. One time I had a coworker that came in while I was changing and might I just say the look of surprise was priceless. However, that coworker later came and talked to me and gave me props for sporting thongs like no one cares. One of my prouder thong wearing moments!

  8. BJ says:

    Wearing a jock reminds me playing sports when I was a kid. I love to wear leggings (tights, compression) for Pilates, yoga, or any other workout and I think thongs are perfect to go with! I wear many different brands of thongs, but most of the time with my leggings I have on Doreanse euro or N2N cotton thong.

  9. Thong obsessed says:

    Never tried a jockstrap. At least they’re more socially acceptable than thongs I guess.

    • I think they are socially acceptable for working out and sports. Not sure about everyday wear. Though I guess they are at least only seen as an item for men.

    • Str8thongwearer says:

      I hardly ever see guys in a jock. But then again I’m probably the only one in a thong!

    • BJ says:

      Thongs need to be more socially acceptable for men!

      • T says:

        Hi BJ. Totally agree with your comment that thongs should be socially acceptable for men,but unfortunately we have a long way to go if this next example is anything to go by.
        I recently saw a guy on Instagram who is a personal trainer AND a champion bodybuilder and has an incredible physique. Anyway,in one of his recent video clips,he is doing some squats while lifting some seriously heavy weights. He has his back to the camera and is wearing a pair of tight,grey compression type pants……and you can see the outline of his thong.
        All but one of the comments are complimentary and very flattering,but one guy was disgusted by the thong and said something along the lines of “when are men gonna start looking like and behaving like real men,yuk.” My point is…if a guy with a body like an Adonis has his masculinity questioned because he happens to be wearing a thong at the gym,what chance do the rest of us have?

        • BJ says:

          I figure you are going to have people who are closed minded, haters, or people who think thongs are not for them. Sometimes I ask myself when people respond with “yuck or disgusting”, do they have horrible hygiene with their back door? Do they lack confidence? As long as you look and feel good wearing them, that’s all that matters!

          • EJ says:

            I never thought of the horrible back door hygiene angle BJ- funny one at the same time yuck & disgusting if they don’t regardless of their underwear preference

          • T says:

            Hello again BJ. Just a quick update on my comment about the bodybuilder getting abuse for wearing a thong. Turns out he wasn’t wearing a thong after all. He explained that it was just a line of sweat that made it look like he was wearing one.Saw the funny side of it. Doesn’t look like he wears anything under his tights,and, as you can imagine,he gets a lot of compliments about his bubble butt.

  10. EJ says:

    Got that right BJ- I don’t understand why it isnt

  11. JM says:

    I never really did like the boring Bike jockstraps all that much. When I was in high school and playing sports I just switched to wearing normal spandex shorts or tights without anything else underneath. This seemed much more comfortable to me. Wearing them under the football pants and track or basketball shorts it always worked out just fine. There was a while that I even wore just the spandex shorts and a t-shirt for physical education.

    Come summertime I spent the time working as a lifeguard in my speedo suits, loving the tan lines! Then, while I was mowing lawns I would usually be in my spandex shorts again. Mom would get after me, saying that I should be wearing underwear under the spandex shorts, but I really didn’t want to and felt there was really no reason to. I think she was just trying to keep me from showing too much VPL.

    I guess even then I was a bit of an exhibitionist and didn’t really realize it.

  12. DK says:

    Like others, when I was in middle school, jocks were the only option (long time ago 80’s). Now that I’m older I prefer to wear a thong. The thought of running in my thin shorts with a thong underneath is surprisingly exciting. Even though, probably no one knows, the fact that it may be able to be detected through the thin material of gym shorts is a rush.

  13. Jess says:

    I have a few jocks and thongs. I have to say the thongs feel much more comfortable wearing all day, working out and running. Like past posts, with a jock I am always reminded they are on because of the straps. Thongs I feel like I have better support, they feel like I have nothing on (and guys, no you won’t be picking your crack) and also look much better under tights. Anyone good with a needle and thread? Would like to make my jocks into Tbacks!

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