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The Bottom DrawerHello and welcome to my blog, The Bottom Drawer. The blog will mainly focus on things related to male bikini and thong underwear and men’s swim briefs. I’m looking at telling my personal experiences and views on the matter in the hopes of encouraging others to give them a try and break the norm. I’ll review bikini and thongs I own(ed) and online stores I’ve purchased from. Pretty much anything will be game in the men’s bikini and thong category. I will consider any suggestions for topics to try and work into the blog.

Of course everything will be my personal opinion. To start, everything I review will be items I have purchased and if at some point I’m given items to review it will be noted in the post, but it’ll still be my opinion on the item. I hope that you’ll find things of interest or even some encouragement. Bare with me as I work on building my posting history.

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  1. Jason Boag says:

    I love this blog and especially as you re straight. i am gay but i have been looking for a non sexualised review of thongs and bikinis. have you tried koalaswim? O the aussiebum active brief?

    • Always good to hear that what I’ve been writing is being enjoyed. No, I haven’t tried Koalaswim. The last I looked at them, their offerings weren’t really to my liking and they seem to be on the expensive side. AussieBum does interest me, but haven’t tried them yet. Really want to try their 1.5 classic swim brief. Actually like the looks of several of their swimsuits and the active one looks nice too.

      • Jason Boag says:

        im glad and yes Koalaswim scares me a little bit but have just ordered the active brief so i shall let you know how it goes but i also ordered from 2wink.com and im hoping they are as comfy as they look

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