Thongs: Nothing Wrong With Fabric Between the Cheeks

Thongs: Nothing Wrong With Fabric Between the Cheeks

OH NO! Fabric between the cheeks! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! It’s been over 20 years, since I took a dip into the thong underwear world. To me there was never anything scary about them. I thought they were sexy and accentuated the body of both sexes. They especially highlighted the butt, which is really what drove my liking of them. What is the number one question I’ve heard about them?

Are they comfortable or how can they be comfortable? The fabric between the cheeks is what holds people back from giving them a try. It’s the ultimate wedgie! Well, it’s far from that. That fabric between the cheeks or what I call the tail is actually deceiving. It CAN be comfortable or feel non existent. Yes, it is true that certain thongs can be bothersome. That usually comes down to factors like wrong sizing, bad fabric choice, tail width, and even just how the tail is designed. Not all thongs are created equal. I mean just because one person thinks a particular thong is comfortable doesn’t mean you will. We are all different.

The number one reason you should wear a thong is because it is comfortable. Not just for no visible underwear lines. It’s hard for me to believe someone is going to wear uncomfortable underwear just to not have the outline of their underwear showing through their outfit. I mean if you have no underwear lines then the assumption is going to be made you are wearing a thong (or no underwear) especially for females. Plus just so you know thongs can show lines too.

Wearing a thong isn’t like a wedgie. A true wedgie has force pulling your underwear up. A thong lays between your cheeks. It’s not exactly like your underwear riding up either. Riding up underwear is when your underwear is sneaking into the bottom area of your butt with more fabric than a thong. Not necessarily a bad thing if you are wearing a skimpy bikini. Just a reminder you’re wearing something sexy. Now I’m not going to say you will not notice fabric between your cheeks with a thong, because most of the time you will. Particular at first and then it will become less noticeable. Even after wearing them for years it seems when you first slip a thong on they are more noticeable. Then you forget you are wearing a thong at points in the day. There are thongs you don’t even notice you are wearing from the time you pull it on.

No, thongs aren’t for everyone. But you shouldn’t judge them before giving them a few tryings. Like I said the fabric between your cheeks is deceiving. I have lots of comfortable fitting thongs.

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  1. Kyle Klever says:

    I’ve worn thongs off and on for over 30 years (since my early 20’s). To me it’s almost like going commando, but still have a little coverage up front. The only time the fabric between my cheeks bothered me was the very first time I wore a pair.

  2. Eric says:

    I wear thongs on a regular basis. For me I enjoy the pouch that hugs my package and gives support. I also have lots of bikini, briefs and, boxer briefs. Most have a more obvious pouch. I recently grab a thong from Pikante that has the sheath. Its a very interesting feel and fit. I agree with you about feeling the fabric between your cheeks. I have some thongs that seem to disappear immediately and some it takes a few minutes. You really need to try a few and find the style, cut and, size that fits your body. I have a few thongs that I can’t wear all day but still enjoy their styling.

  3. BC says:

    Agree,with the majority of thongs i wear, I don’t even notice the tail between my cheeks, unlike some brands of boxer briefs or other types.
    Try them, you will find them very comfortable.

  4. JR2 says:

    I agree once you find the right thong , there is nothing that is more comfortable to wear. Like the Doreanse Aire thong you have shown in the picture is certainly one of those for me . You totally forget you are wearing a thong . The fabric and style/cut make this a great choice for all day wear.
    I think though if most people would give them a chance and try thongs, they would wish they would have gotten them sooner.

  5. Jonathan says:

    I also say that a comfortable thong or g string is like wearing nothing. I adjust a thong far less frequently than a hip brief or even a bikini.

  6. david_nc says:

    Like many others I experimented with thongs in my 20s, unlike others I gave into “peer pressure” and advertisements that said boxer briefs/trunks were the more comfortable underwear. So I stopped wearing thongs for a while, but thankfully they are back in the daily rotation and the trunks don’t get worn anymore. The first thongs I bought were okay, I tried to find good ones at the cheapest possible price; this was before Amazon and I had to wait for the sales so sometimes cheapest isn’t always the best, but that doesn’t mean the most expensive is the best either. It can get expensive, but you certainly have to try different brands and even different styles within the brands to find the ones that are just right. I love the Papi brand polyester thongs, you can slip them on with little to no adjustment and they are great all day – in fact you’ll forget you are wearing them. other brands are comfortable for lounging, but I wouldn’t do yard work or exercise in them. while I’m sure most here already wear thongs, if someone stumbles on the page looking for advice, i would say give them a chance – it might take a few different ones to find the perfect one, but once you do you’ll love it.

  7. Danny says:

    If given the chance, I believe a lot of men would like to experiment or at least try one on.
    I can distinctly remember being at Macy’s back when the jockey microfiber thong came out.
    A well-built man in his early 40s picked one up from the display. The thongs were unwrapped and on clip hangers. He took several minutes studying the strap, stretching it out back-and-forth a few times with his hand. He held up the hanger to signal to his wife or female companion.
    She shook her head no, and he put it back.

  8. T says:

    This might seem a bit off the wall,but bare with me(lol). A large department store in my town has unfortunately announced it is to close. I have a gift voucher to spend,so I decided to go online to their web page to see if they still stocked the Hom Plume thong which I had noticed on a previous visit. Unfortunately,there was no trace of that particular thong. There were some alternative thongs but they had too much material for my liking. I noticed there were some customer reviews,so I decided to check them out. Almost half of the reviews were by guys in the over 55 age group. The rest were in the 35 to 44 or 25 to 34 group with one solitary 18 to 24. Not a huge sample,but interesting that thongs seemed to be favoured by the older guys and the over 35’s. Can’t say I was surprised by the low uptake by the youngsters, which doesn’t bode well for the future.

  9. RT says:

    While I’ve always been a fan of thongs and g-strings, I’ve usually mixed it up with my string bikini underwear. However, during the past nine months of COVID mandated work-from-home, I’ve worn nothing but my thongs and g-strings. Now feels weird and “over” dressed on the few occasions when I’ve decided to wear a bikini. May never go back to bikinis at this rate!!

  10. Richard says:

    For me, thongs and especially g-strings are more comfortable than briefs as there is less fabric constricting the skin.

  11. BC says:

    I am a senior citizen who enjoys wearing thongs. No problem with material in the crack with most thongs but as others have stated, really depends on the brand. I think many people have a phobia on wearing thongs. Just try some, they are the most comfortable underwear out there.

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