Are you a guy looking to buy your first thong?

V-String Thong Example

I categories this thong as a v-string. It has the look of a traditional thong, but it does have a string that attaches the back to the pouch. It’s a very comfortable thong.

Want to try a thong? Don’t know where to start? Here are some suggestions I have for you. The main thing you want to pay attention to is the thickness of the back strap (tail), since that is what is going to make a thong comfortable or not. I’d try to start with a fairly thin tail. Definitely aim for less than an inch or even more of a g-string type back (see image of styles below). Next to help even more with the backstrap, look for a nice soft fabric. You don’t want something rough back there. A cotton, spandex type blend, silk, or a microfiber fabric are some good options. Microfiber is probably one of my favorite fabrics, but silk is pretty comfy too. Also I’d make sure the fabric has some give, so when you slip them on you’re not feeling like it is cutting you in half. Also make sure you buy the right size, you don’t want a thong too small and cutting everywhere into you. Also you don’t want them too big if you want some support from them and keeping them in your pants.

Below is an illustration of the typical thong styles you’ll come across. There are others out there like a c-string, which is a strapless thong. You also may come across cheeky thongs, which are thongs with more of a bikini back that narrows at the bottom that still gives a thong or wedgie type look and feel. One other common thong you may come across is a cross between a g-string and a traditional thong. It has string sides with typically a tail around 1″.

Typical Thong Styles

At first they will feel a little strange having fabric between the buttock, but that should be expected for being the first time having fabric there. They do take time getting use to and you may have to adjust the tail for a while, but eventually over time they should start getting more and more comfortable. It may take several tries to start getting use to one, so if the first time doesn’t go well you should give them another try. I know when I haven’t worn a thong for a while it still takes me time to get readjusted to them and I’ve been wearing them for fifteen plus years. Some thongs you may not even remember you are wearing a thong and others you’ll know you do have one on, but it should be a comfortable knowing feeling.

Where should you buy a thong? Really that is up to you. If you want a good selection then you’re best bet is the Internet. You’ll get the best selection for the tail’s thickness and fabric options along with color and pattern options. In the past I have seen them and purchased them from Target and Kmart. I haven’t seen a Walmart that carries them though. Might be able to find them in a department store, since I have seen them on some of their websites. I mostly shop online now, so I’m not sure of the in store availability anymore. Any question just leave a comment and I’ll see if I can answer them.

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  1. Greg says:

    Your description of thongs is spot on for newbies to the thong-wearing world. We veteran thongers have all gone through the trial and error period. Even if I find a new brand, I may have to order a few in different sizes to get it right, and purging the ill-fitting ones. Hopefully your blog helps guys who are curious about getting a thong, then realizing how sexy they feel once they get one that fits correctly.

  2. Mike says:

    “Some thongs you may not even remember you are wearing a thong and others you’ll know you do have one on, but it should be a comfortable knowing feeling.”

    This is so true. One of the drawing points for many thongs (both men’s and women’s) is that “you’ll forget you’re wearing one!” While this is true for some of them, it’s inevitable for others that you’ll feel it. Most of the time I’ll feel the strap between my cheeks, but it’s not like it’s uncomfortable at all. It’s actually one of the reasons I almost exclusively wear thongs now…with the occasional brief and bikini mixed in.

  3. Dave says:

    As the others have said, you’re descriptions of thongs and recommendations for picking a thong to try wearing all day are spot on.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Hopefully the post is helping people find a thong that works well for them. Thanks for backing my ideas on it.

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