Comments About Skimpy Underwear and Swimwear

Skimpy Underwear Swim Brief Comments

Let’s talk comments. Wearing underwear and swimwear against the norm has the potential to lead to comments. If we’re lucky they’ll be positive ones, but mostly what we see and read online is negativity towards them. Is a guy into bikini and thongs or form fitting swimwear really that bad?

I don’t think there is as much negativity towards them as we may think. Or at least people aren’t going to vocalize it when they see you in them. It’s a lot easy to do the bashing online. That is where we get most of our information on what people think about the skimper underwear and swimwear for men. For me it’s not a topic I bring up with people in person.

With my limited experience of putting myself out there, I can say I don’t recall any negativity towards my skimpy underwear and swimwear. Not that a lot have seen or know my underwear choice, but I’ve had no issues with them. They’ve been pretty well received. I’d say you are less likely to get too many comments with your underwear choice. About the only place that you may be regularly seen is if you go to a gym daily and change in the locker room. I don’t see most guys commenting on your underwear choice there.

Now with swim briefs or swim bikini briefs I’ve found there seems to be at least a toleration for them. At least the times I’ve worn them and with the ones I’ve chosen to wear. I have received no comments and didn’t notice any stares, which I’m taking as a good thing. I’ve only had one interaction with someone while wearing a swim bikini brief. It was my second time wearing one on the beach. A guy came up to me and asked me if I could help him launch his kite for kitesurfing. Since he approached me, he obviously had no issue with the swim bikini. He was a very nice guy, so it was a good encouraging experience for only the second time in public in a swim brief.

Have you received any positive comments or interaction while sporting skimpy underwear and/or swimwear? How about negative?

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  1. Stallion says:

    As far as the underwear go, I don thongs at all times, but I have worn skinzwear bikini swimwear. No complaints from anybody, but I did have some kids ask me why I was swimming in my underwear. I did explain to him that I was not wearing underwear, I was in fact wearing swim bikini, at which he had a confused look on his face, which his ignorance is not my problem.

  2. Stallion;
    You had a ‘Choice’ to help Educate him.
    Would only taking a ‘little’ of your time, and Mabey you could have told him to
    ‘Keep a Open Mind’

  3. John says:

    I can’t recall any negative comments directly made to me while wearing either a swim brief or skimpy underwear. I had an interaction on a cruise one time. We were getting on the elevator after a trip to the pool when a group of college guys and their girlfriends got on. One of the guys did a double take and then apologized. I had a shirt on with my swim briefs and he said he’d thought I was naked.
    My most recent experience was on the beach when a small tour group drove by and cat called to me. I was the only one wearing a swim brief.

    • T says:

      The reaction of the ladies in the tour group to your hot bod in a skimpy swim brief must have been a real confidence boost,and it also proves that when a group of ladies get together for a hen night,or, as in your case,a beach tour,they are not slow in showing their “appreciation” for a guy showing off his manly assets.

  4. EJ says:

    Good thing it wasn’t a bachelorette party they woulda turned Stallion into a pony

  5. Mark A Simpson says:

    Sad EJ
    No way to go but ‘Negative’ with comments. ?

    • EJ says:

      Not negative joking – years ago I saw a bachelorette party in action violating a blowup doll at a crowded bar

  6. DonS says:

    No comments either way about underwear, but then for me the only public viewings would be male/female doctors. Had some positive comments from girl friends though about them being skimpy, and more in line with what they wore.

    As for swimwear, my swimming tends to be more at private pools with just a few people at a time, but what I wear seems to accepted without question. No great positive comments though.

  7. Mike says:

    I’ve had several comments made by both men and about underwear and swimwear choices in which case they were all positive. In a lot of cases, they always followed up with a question or two. Men asked about both and would women typically ask my wife about the swimwear.

    I usually wear a bikini or thong for underwear and for swimwear a brief but will break out a bikini in the right setting. Keep in mind, I’m a recreational triathlete in which case anyone who knows me understands that form-fitting clothes are the norm.

    For men, the questions had a pattern; Are they comfortable? Expensive? Wife like them? Grooming? Where can I find these? My in order answers are; Yes, Depends, Yes, Yes definitely groom, stores typically don’t have them so buy them online.

    Women usually ask my wife how to they can get their man to wear swim briefs and stop wearing those hideously long baggy swim shorts…ha!

    • AC says:

      Hey guys.
      Well, I live in a region where baggy swim short are the only style there is in stores, so I get my bikinis and thongs online.
      Recently I went to vacation to Miami, I worn thong at the beach, I did it before, but this time I decided post some pics on my Instagram, when I came back, I got comments from some friends, All comments were convinations like, laughing and approbation.
      Women and men told me.
      “Man, you show lot of skin down there”
      “Here he is, the bump guy”
      “I saw you, good for you man”
      So, either way if they don’t approval men thong or probably they don’t really care. I got the impression of they won’t wear thong at the beach (I don’t know about underwear).
      But at least, they know now, I’m brave enough to do whatever i want.
      And I hope I inspired someone to do it.

  8. Stallion says:

    For me, it’s not a problem of being brave, it’s a problem, of people not minding their own business, or wanting to cause a big scene.
    I just wish people would let people be.

  9. EJ says:

    Well put Stallion- if people’d mind their own business we wouldn’t have to be brave

  10. Stallion says:

    Being brave is not even the problem, it’s just the unnecessary drama.
    Not going into racial topic, but as a black male, you have people calling police on you just because they want to.
    And with the tensions between law enforcement, and people of color, if police do come out, you could be in a thong swimsuit, in the in the water, and they will still shoot you.

    • AC says:

      That’s horrible, being part of a minority or ethnic group makes harder wear thong in public.
      Im sorry if that happened to you Stallion.

    • Bikini Obsessed says:

      Stallion, I think it’s cool you wear skinzwear bikinis. Sorry to hear about the drama you have faced or can face as a black guy. I feel as a white guy that likes wearing skimpy swimwear it is still an uphill battle for us but I think its also to do with where I live at the moment.

  11. EJ says:

    That bull$”!’ Is unnecessary Stallion I’m fortunate I was brought up colorblind

    • Stallion says:

      It’s Bull****, but true. It’s sad that things aren’t acceptable point blank. And for me to wear mine, I have to find a clothing optional beach, which those are hard to find, and out of the way. I think if people would just relax, and grow up, life may be a little easier.

  12. EJ says:

    Would be easier not maybe

  13. Mark says:

    A number of years ago I had an incident where I had to monitor for the afternoon the pool at my condo for the home owners association (HOA.) While there I was wearing a black speedo and after some time one of the brothers came by and asked me why I was wearing ‘women’s drawers.’ I tried to explain that my speedos were for men but he just walked away muttering. More recently while my wife and I were staying at a small condo in Hawaii I started going to the beach in speedo briefs and, if I was basically alone, I would take my briefs off for the thong I had on under them. I had some notice for awhile but after that I was just another person on this small beach even with more people there (I can’t wait to go back!)

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Glad the HOA doesn’t have a ban on swim briefs. I have heard of some odd restrictions with some of them. Awesome you were able to break out the thong in Hawaii. I always had the impression that people are more laid back there.

    • John says:

      I think it’s kind of cool the boy came and asked you about your briefs. It wasn’t the most polite way, but at least now he’s informed.

  14. RT says:

    Perhaps a late entry to this conversation stream, but thought it worthwhile. Was on vacation in Cancun earlier this month, and wore nothing more than my Skinzwear Stuffit half-back rio bikinis or my Skinzwear micro g-strings for eight days on the beach. Didn’t care who saw, and made no effort to cover up in case others laying nearby had any issues. Some clearly were looking, and I’m sure some others were muttering a few derogatory comments under their breath. However, no one said anything to me, and by day three it was almost a non-event for everyone. Did, however, get some very positive comments from the beach staff who were looking after our section of the beach. One of the attendants actually thanked me for wearing my G-string that particular day, as he said I had added some “style” to an otherwise boring display of guys in board shorts. Not sure if it is because the Latin countries seem to be much more open to men in skimpy swimwear, but they certainly don’t seem to have the hang-ups that North American men do.

  15. Thongboy38 says:

    Glad you got Positive Comments, I get a lot of positive comments about my ‘Whaletail’ when I bend down in stores wearing Brightly Colored Thongs and G-Strings ( I always make their are Cute Girls behind me? They Love to see Guys in Thongs/Strings, and I Love their Comments, I wonder what they’d say if they knew my Thong was holding my ‘Jeweled’
    Princess Plug Snugly in place ??

    • RT says:

      Always good to put on a show for an appreciative audience. I’m sure the plug adds to the excitement! Not sure if I could get away with it, though, as I’d probably be so hard I’d rip right through the top of the g-string!!

  16. Stallion 76 says:

    Skinzwear is great isn’t, I have several articles from them, they have great quality.

  17. Thongboy38 says:

    To; RT, that’s half the thrill?

    • RT says:

      True! Unfortunately, I’d still have to keep my clothes on while ripping through my g-string, even though what I would really want to do is get completely naked and show off. Just seems cruel to taunt myself like that!

  18. Thongboy38 says:

    I wear my Red Crotchless G-String to keep from Ripping,lol, will send Pic if you’d like.

    • RT says:

      I’m sure you look amazing in the crotchless g-string! Why even bother wearing anything else when you’re showing off to the cute girls?!?!

      • RT says:

        Can’t help wondering if you’re also completely smooth, which must make your package look even more incredible in the crotchless g-string?!?!

  19. Thongboy38 says:

    Would Love to see any pics you’d like to share?

  20. Thongboy38 says:

    Yes, I Love to see pics of all, Woman and Man, my g/f likes to look too?

    • RT says:

      Very tempting! Tend to prefer showing off in-person, versus via pics. Like to see how people (men or women) are responding to my body, which just gets me even more excited. I’ve been known to put on quite a show for a lucky few!

  21. Thongboy38 says:

    Yup, Smooth Shaved, Only a small Landing Strip?

  22. Bikini Obsessed says:

    Wore a skinzwear bikini to the pool and got some reactions. It was a Stuffit half back bikini (denim patches print) it felt awesome to wear. There were some guys in their 20s and one of them reacted with the look on his face and I could hear him say ‘skimpy’ other than him, I didn’t get any other noticeable reaction. Ended up talking with another lane swimmer wearing a boxcut/squarecut trunk. I’ve been nervous about potential reactions i’d get from wearing minimal swimwear but I am surprised at the non-response or reactions from people that are not as negative as I thought they’d be. I think with wearing something minimal maybe I subliminally want a reaction and maybe that’s the little exhibitionist in me wanting that. Maybe its to do with actually wanting to be checked out for what I’m wearing. At the same time I’ve found people not reacting good also….maybe that means they are accepting/approving. One time when I did lane swim in my skinzwear rio bikini I think I almost ‘created a scene’ or some people that were in the hot tub were looking in my direction. It could have been to do with what I was wearing but I chose to kind of ignore their looks as I wasn’t looking to make a scene. If they were staring at me, I’ll admit I kind of felt not so good about the way they were looking at me. It made me feel a little uncomfortable. This was at a public pool at around 8 pm on a weekday night. I notice how ‘the vibe’ can change at this pool I’ve been swimming at. It seems like there are certain days that are better than others for wearing skimpy swimwear but I wish everyday were fine for wearing it. That being said, I don’t live in an area where skimpy swimwear for guys is common so I guess I’ll have to accept sticking out like a sore thumb sometimes. I think it’s still fun to go against the grain and wear something more daring. I wish more people would step out of their comfort zone and try wearing something different for a change.

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