The Growing Swim Bikini Collection and My Next Steps in Swim Bikini Wearing

My swim bikini collection started growing after my first experience wearing one in the water. Still that didn’t mean I was going to be wearing them in public. I added a half back bikini from Kiniki’s to my collection and also two 1″ Solar Speedo briefs. I figured the Speedo name would make them more acceptable and give me motivation to break the norm and sport them in public. Well that didn’t happen at least as soon as I would like. Watch for future posts for my first public showing.

HOM Micro Swim Brief

Enjoying my HOM micro swim brief at my first house.

The next phase in my minimizing my swimwear was buying my first home. It was situated on 12 acres of land probably about 2/3 wooded with two small stream running through it, but not deep enough for getting wet in my bikinis. This land did give me a lot of opportunity to go out and enjoy wearing just a swim bikini though. I was able to lay out and soak up some rays without worrying about anyone bothering me. I’d walk around my property in just my bikini enjoying the weather and keeping cooler in them. I’d mow and do yard work, so they got quite a bit of use that way.

Of course with the new found freedom to wear a bikini, I had to add to my collection. I added HOM micro bikinis, a couple non name brands off ebay, and the Conqueror swim brief from Prevail Sport. After a few years in my house I started dating my wife, which moved me to another step in the journey of trying to minimize my swimwear. She actually encouraged me and saw nothing wrong with me wearing a swim brief. So a few times in the summer we’d lay out back of her house. This wasn’t like laying out back at my place, she lived in a neighborhood. This was really the first time that I was out in a bikini where it was for sure possible for someone to get a glimpse of me wearing one. I can’t say for sure if anyone did other than my wife. Stay tune for more.

Pictures Around The Property

Walking a Path 1" Solar Speedo Swim Brief

Walking a path in my red 1″ solar Speedo swim brief

HOM Micro Swim Bikini

Checking out the shed in a HOM mirco swim brief

Cobra Swim Brief

Catching some sun in Kiniki’s cobra swim brief

9 Responses

  1. R says:

    Have you tried the ‘wave line’ bikinis? Used to get them on eBay imported from Singapore but were originally german. I have three; navy blue, white and royal blue. The cut varies on them as the navy one has very narrow sides while the others are about 1-3/4″. The white one discoloured easily and the royal blue faded disproportionately. However although I’ve said in a previous post that my wife disapproves of skimpy speedo styles she actually packed the royal blue ones when we went to Italy on a business/ holiday! Couldn’t believe it as they are quite brief!!try also Dore of Fort Lauderdale as she makes bikinis to order so you can design your own. Enjoy your new found hobby!!

    • I’ve looked at them before, but have never purchased the brand waveline. Maybe next time I’m in the purchasing mood I’ll check them out and give them a try. So maybe she doesn’t completely disapprove of them then. Maybe depends on where you are when she approves or disapproves. I have heard of Dore too, but haven’t made a purchase from her either.

  2. Black Stallion says:

    I’ve ordered from Dore Fashions too.
    Dore swimwear is okay, but I think Skinz are better

  3. T says:

    Noticed in one of your photos that you are wearing a Kiniki cobra swim brief. I’ve still got several Kiniki half back swim tangas,one of which is a lilac colour and has a snakeskin design,but I can’t remember what name it was given. Any ideas? I last wore it several years ago on an Italian beach and it was probably the skimpiest costume there,which is saying something,as the Italian men love their speedos.
    Did you ever buy,or review,any of Kiniki’s tan through swimwear?.I bought one of their tan through half back tangas and one of their thongs too. Can’t honestly say that I noticed any reduction in my tan lines with the tanga,but to be fair, I didn’t wear it for extended periods. Obviously,with the thong,tanning the rear wasn’t an issue.However,the first time I wore it to swim in the sea,I discovered the pouch had became somewhat transparent. Luckily the beach was not busy and I didn’t get arrested for indecent exposure(ha!ha!). Again I can’t say for sure that the thong pouch aided the tanning process.Haven’t worn it since.
    Finally…… if the photos above are anything to go by, you look absolutely fine in your bikini briefs(although a deep tan would make you look even better). Not sure why you are so reluctant to show off your bod,but I feel confident that this will be the year.

    • Yep, still have the Kiniki Cobra. Basically like new. Looks like they had one called the Serpent that looks like a lilac snakeskin design. Does that sound like it? I have not bought any of their tan through suits. Little afraid if they worked well I’d get burned places I would not like to get a sunburn. I know a couple of guys that have them, but they never mentioned if they worked. I know the one didn’t really like the fit of them and thinking he didn’t like the fabric. Thanks, those photos are from before I got married and had kids, which would be over 7 years ago now. Was more active then and now down to about no activity! Though from the back I’m probably about the same, just a little extra at the belly. I’ll see what I can do about that. Though the end goal is just to do it. Unfortunately I don’t really tan that well. I’m just a reserved person in general which is what holds me back.

      • T says:

        I had the name Serpent in my head when I was writing my last post to you,so thanks for confirming that. I seem to remember Kiniki recommending that you should still apply suntan lotion under their tan line suits,which I never did. Can’t say that I had any issues with the fit or the fabric. Might even pop one in the suitcase this summer for old times sake.

  4. RT says:

    Of those I like the black one and the cobra one. those are the one that show more and with all due respect you have the legs and butt to show.

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