The Start of Minimizing my Swimsuit

Once I committed in college to wearing just thong and bikini underwear, the next step was to think about trying a swim bikini. This notion started the spring semester of my sophomore year of college. I always saw the offerings while shopping for underwear and I liked the look of me in bikini underwear, so I’d figured I’d like the look of a swim bikini too. So one day when I was looking at ordering some more thongs and bikinis from Kiniki’s, I checked out their swimsuit line. I found their Amazon swim brief (actually a string bikini) that looked like it would be a nice suit. For some reason I decided on the color lime, but no clue why since it would make me stick out like a sore thumb. Not the best choice in color for someone shy!

swim-shorts-to-swim-briefWhen it arrived it was as expected. Bright in color, but felt great on and good support. Now just had to wait until the weather warmed up to actually wear it. Once summer break hit and the weather was nice, I headed out to find a secluded place to try out my new swim bikini. Actually, it wasn’t too hard with a river running through my hometown and lots of woods. I decided to check out a creek that I knew had some fairly deep areas in it. Once I got to what I thought would be a good spot, I looked around just to make sure it was just me. Then I took my shoes and socks off, slipped my shorts off, and removed my shirt. So now it was me standing on the bank in my swim bikini.

Amazon first swim brief

Me in my original Amazon swim brief

I worked my way into the water and what a refreshing feeling that was. One it just felt good to cool off on a hot day. Two the feeling of being in the water in only a bikini instead of swim trunks was one great revelation. I’m not quite sure how to explain the feeling other then I just felt more free. Water just flowing by with no clingy fabric of swim trunks and just seem to move more freely in the water and actually out of the water too. Guess in a way it is more like you are one with the water in a swim brief.

The Amazon swim bikini mostly ended up being worn under swim trunks for support while water skiing and tubing. It made a few more appearance in secluded areas, but not in the public eye. Definitely was not a good suit for hitting the public beach for me! This was the start of me trying to minimize my swimwear and starting a swim bikini collection.

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  1. Black Stallion says:

    I started wearing Bikini swimwear publicly back in 2013.
    it feels liberating, to not care what others think, and wear whats comfortable for me.

  2. Andrew says:

    I was pretty young when I first learned that I enjoyed wearing bikini swimwear. I was probably 13 or 14 when I first started. I was lucky to have a pool in the backyard when I was growing up so could swim and sunbathe when I wanted. My parents also worked, which gave me time at home alone.

    One day I found a pair of my sister’s bikini bottoms that she no longer wore. The top was missing and the bottoms were buried among our towels so I figured it wouldn’t be missed. The first time I put them on I liked how they looked in the mirror, but I was really nervous to go out to our pool. I ended up wrapping a towel around my waist and heading outside. It took me several minutes to work up the nerve to drop the towel. I was so glad I did though, it felt wonderful to swim in the pool and lay out in the sun in something other than a pair of trunks. I really enjoyed wearing that bikini bottom whenever I got the chance. I never did wear it out in public though. Just in the backyard when I hoped that the neighbors weren’t home.

  3. Daniel says:

    The first time I wore a swim brief was after my junior year in high school when me and my family went on vacation. I graduated to a Solar (not to be confused with Speedo) bikini I found in a Performance Diver catalog before purchasing the Speedo Solar bikini (old style) a few years later.

  4. Greg says:

    Decades ago I was vacationing in Florida with a girlfriend, and for the trip she bought me a skimpy bikini exactly like the green one you are photographed in Bottom Drawer. It was a blue one with the same narrow pouch, string sides, and cheeky rear. The feeling I had wearing it on a public beach was intoxicating. Through the years my preference has turned to wearing thongs, though I have never worn one in public.

  5. Larry Phelan says:

    never too late to start, you,ll be dead a long time !

  6. T says:

    The Amazon string bikini was certainly a bold choice for you when beginning to minimize your swimwear,especially with the pouch front and string sides. I also bought the same costume,in black,from Kiniki,but unlike you,I didn’t like it. I hated the way the pouch squashed and flattened my package,and the back was fuller than I expected,so it never saw the light of day again.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Yes, the Amazon was a bit of a jump in swimwear choice and going with lime green at that! I just went with what I liked in underwear when I went for buying one. It mainly became under swim trunk wear.

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