My Journey in Skimpy Swimwear

My Journey in Skimpy Swimwear

I don’t believe I’ve written a post just on my swimwear journey. I know I’ve mentioned bits and pieces of it throughout the blog. I do roundup posts about how my summer went with wearing them the last few years. So I thought I’d share my journey so far in one post. Here it is.

Rewind to my Sophomore year of college. Now that I had some time with bikini underwear under my belt along with a dip into thongs there was one other thing I was wondering about. What would it be like to wear those types of swimwear? At the time I had discovered a few online retailers to buy from. So before summer approached I made a purchase from Kiniki that included one of their swimsuits. Only issue was at the time I wore a lot of string bikini underwear, so I ended up buying a string bikini swimsuit as my first against the norm swimsuit. For even more of an adventure I chose the bright color of lime green. I’m not sure what I was thinking especially with me being a reserved person not liking to be the center of attention.

Kiniki amazon tanga swim brief

My 1st Swim Brief

Of course the string bikini swimwear didn’t get worn in public. I did have some chances to wear it in some secluded area, since I grew up near rivers and creeks that had areas you could enjoy spots to cool off in. Let me tell you the first time slipping into the water in my skimpy swimsuit was exhilarating. Who knew wearing a form fitting swimsuits would feel so freeing and liberating. Nothing plastered against your legs and support for the goods. What a great feeling. My first swim bikini did get lots of wearing. I wore it under my swim trunks, because the support was great to have.

After that experience I of course now wanted to wear skimpy swimwear. So the real journey to do some began. The next swimsuit I acquired was a HOM micro swim brief in black and blue. A better choice than the lime green swim bikini, but still quite skimpier than a normal swim brief. This is one of my favorite swimsuits I have owned though I never wore it in public. I also picked up a swim thong, because I just had to try one. Again neither of these so the light of day in public. I stuck with my secluded areas for some water enjoyment and found some places I could soak up some rays. I was able to at least have a little fun wearing them though still the goal was public wearing of them.

A few years later is the first time I bought a swim brief that made more sense for a chance at public wear. I picked up a couple Speedo Solar swim briefs along with a Speedo thong. My thought was Speedo is a known brand name, so that will help with my confidence. Well, that was not so. Again no public swim brief appearances.

What is the best next thing to find places to wear swim bikinis in seclusion? Buying a house where you can wear them in seclusion. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors, so I came across a little place with 12 acres of land about 6 years into my swimwear journey. I spent a lot of time wearing little swimsuits in the summer months throughout my property. Unfortunately, not really any place to wear them in the water on the property. The stream was maybe up to the ankles. I at least got to enjoy many of the pairs of swimsuits I acquired up until then and some additional ones while living there.

Swim brief wearing at the house

About 8 years into my journey I started dating my wife. So we were going to really be testing some waters with my skimpies. Our first summer together I decided to tone down my swimwear selection and buy a skimpy square cut swimsuit to try and see if I could make headway. By the time it came around we were together long enough for her to discover my bikini and thong underwear. I’m not sure how the topic came up or exactly what I said, but I mentioned I wasn’t a fan of wearing trunks and would like to wear swim briefs. Well, you’d probably think that would lead to a conversation about it. That is not at all how it went. Instead she wanted me to model my swimwear. Of course I obliged and gave her a little show. She was a swimmer in high school and back then guys wore swim briefs at practice and competitions. So she didn’t see swim briefs as odd. Well, we never went to the beach and I didn’t feel courageous to wear one to the pool we went to a few times. The most daring thing for me was laying out on her back porch in one of my HOM micro briefs. She lived in a neighborhood, so potentially neighbors could have seen me.

The following year we took a beach trip to Myrtle Beach, but we went with her parents. That put a bit of a crimp in my chance to break out a Speedo. I however always wore a swim brief under my suit mostly for the good support, but allowed for the opportunity to remove the trunks if I felt like I had the guts to do so. One day we took a walk away from the crowded area of the resort. I don’t recall how it came about for sure. She either suggested it or I mentioned something and she encouraged it, but the swim trunks got dropped at some point during the walk. I did keep my shirt on. It only lasted until we got back closer to the crowds and I put my trunks back on. I didn’t count this as a first swim brief appearance. For one I kept my shirt on and secondly it was a short period of time. The most important thing about the trip is it is where we got engaged.

swim brief help launch kite surferTen years into my swim brief journey, was the summer of the honeymoon to the Outer Banks. In preparation for it, I purchased some new swimsuits. I added some more Speedo Solars along with a HOM Alize swim bikini brief. So I packed several swimsuits including a pair of trunks. Our first day there we hit the beach behind the hotel. I went with my red Speedo Solar under my trunks. My bride asked about dropping the trunks, but with the crowds I did the chickening out instead. On our second day, we decided to head down to the southern less populated part of the Outer Banks to check things out. We took the long journey to Ocracoke Island. The first parking area we found, we stopped and got our stuff to head to the beach. It was very sparse with people, so this time I jumped on the opportunity. I removed my shirt and dropped the trunks to reveal my new HOM Alize swim bikini brief. We enjoyed a stroll of the beach, soaking up some sun, and our lunch. It was a great first real public swim brief appearance. I only made one other appearance on the honeymoon, but that time I had some interaction. Again we headed to the less populated southern part in the National seashore area. I was sporting my HOM Alize swimsuit while soaking up some sun, when a guy came up to me. He asked if I could help him launch his kite for kitesurfing. So we carried on a little conversation while he got the kite situated so I could hold on to it until he was ready to head to the controls to get it in the air. It was a good experience having someone approach me and seem to think nothing about my skimpy swimsuit. Finally, I had my feet wet on my swim brief journey.

swim brief sunning in the backyardThe struggles continued with my swim brief wearing. My wife and I never went to the local beach for some reason. We did go to the pool, but I was just not ready for wearing a swim brief there. The backyard was where I wore them the most catching some sun. The next four years after our honeymoon, I only wore swim briefs in public places on vacations. They were all at hotel pools. The first pool was an outdoor pool at a motel. There was one guy when we got there tanning in fairly short trunks, so I felt brave enough to remove my trunks to wearing a black Speedo Solar. During our time at the pool maybe 8 people total visited the pool. Another trip we hit an indoor pool when my son was a baby. There was no one there making it easy to start out in a fuller aussieBum swim brief. About a college aged couple was the only people that appeared during our time. No issues either of these times.

Fifteen years into the journey, it was our first local beach trip with our son in haul. I thought this was going to be it. The wife thought it would be fine to just wear my swim brief, but I couldn’t get the courage to drop my trunks. The following year we didn’t go anywhere for swim brief wearing, so on to year 17 in the journey. We were a little braver with our second child and took her to the beach when she was younger than our son. My son was at an age where I decided if I wanted to wear a swim brief locally it had to be now, so it would appear to be my normal swimwear choice. local beach swim brief appearanceThis go instead of trunks I wore shorts over my aussieBum swim brief. It was the busiest beach I’ve been to to try to wear a swim brief. With plan in action and my mindset ready I dropped the shorts and finally accomplished the local scene in a swim brief. Took me a little bit to build confidence to spend time standing up, but with kids it made it so I had to be up helping them at the water edge.

It’s about 20 years into my journey and I’ve made a lot of progress since my breakthrough in a swim brief at the local beach. I have only worn a swim brief there since that trip and they have been a variety of coverage. Mostly no larger than the Speedo Solar. I have also worn a swim brief in front of a few family members on a family vacation. Since having kids, I started making photo book, which I am way behind on. I just finished one from the year that was my first appearance in a swim brief at the local beach, which I included a couple photos of me sporting my swim brief. With that on our bookshelf and my daughter liking to go through it with everyone it has at least my parents, my in-laws, and my brother either seeing me in person in a swim brief or in the photo book. Now a real test would be my wife’s sister’s family that has three teenagers. Though I’m sure they wouldn’t say anything to me, but would make me wonder if they mention it to their friends.

swim briefs I've worn to local beach

These are swim briefs I’ve worn to the local beaches. Looks like I need more colors and prints.

As you can see it has been a long journey and the journey isn’t over. There are things I still would like to do if the opportunity occurs. Like wear my swim brief in front of my teenage nieces and nephew. Really never been to the beach with them. I’d like to wear my swim brief at the local public pool if we ever go again. Those are two I should be able to accomplish if the situation happens. Something I don’t know if will ever happen is breaking out the swim brief at the local water park. The end goal is to rarely if ever wear swim trunks.

If you really want to wear a swim brief or less keep working at it. As you can see it took me a long time to just do it. Once I did it each time, there were no issues. It was and still is getting my mindset right to just do it and not care. It helps a lot to have my wife’s support in doing so. It’s definitely easier with her and the kids along than on my own. Hopefully, sharing my journey will help others with theirs and not to give up on it.

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  1. Brian says:

    Nice story…it does take time to get used to swim briefs or bikinis… I’ve worn them off & on since my 20’s… I’m 45 now still in good physical shape & most importantly I don’t care what anyone thinks…. my wife says I look good in them but is kind of embarrassed when I wear them to the beach, but that’s her issue not mine…. now I’d like to say I accomplished a personal goal today! I bought a paddleboard put on my favorite bikini bottoms and went paddleboarding! It was my 1st time paddleboarding and it’s definitely a full body workout! It felt great to exercise outside the gym & get a tan! Maybe my story can inspire others

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Congrats on getting a paddleboard and breaking on the bikini while using it. I think that would be a great experience.

  2. SM_Thongguy says:

    Gives me hope to continue to break the norm.

    So much determination.

    I agree private resort pools are usually a bit easier.

    As for the beach, I think that will take a long time for me as well.

    Although not an uncommon sighting locally. It’s still far in between.

    Especially at predominantly family orientated beaches.

    Great pics Nate.
    You definitely got the body for skimpies.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      We’re here to support you in your journey too. Doesn’t have to be a fast journey. Some are better at ripping off the band aid over others.

  3. T says:

    I’m sure any of the more recent followers of the blog who haven’t seen pics of our Nate in the flesh will be looking at the hot bod in the pictures(what about that thong pic) featured throughout this week’s topic and wondering why it took him so long to cast off the trunks and start living his dream of wearing swim briefs in public.
    I’ve known him for the best part of five years and have done my best to try and convince him that he has a great body and really rocks his skimpy suits(as also mentioned by SM Thongguy above), but it is easy for me and others to say, far harder to put into practice when you are naturally reserved. Having said that, his first foray into the string swim bikini world with the lime green Kiniki Amazon(pictured above) was a giant leap from what he wore previously. I bought the same suit in black, but never wore it because I felt the back was too big and out of proportion with the pouch and sides.
    What Nate’s story demonstrates is that we all have to reach our goals in our own time, but more importantly, that we get there in the end. It would be sad to look back in later life and think we didn’t do something as simple as wearing a bikini or thong on the beach because somebody might not have approved. And speaking of which………..In the increasingly unlikely event of my annual trip to Sicily going ahead this summer, I will do my best to visit a Scottish beach for the first time in several decades, and weather permitting, I will endeavour to wear nothing bigger than a halfback string bikini. Please also bear in mind that the seas around Scotland are freezing cold even on the hottest summer day(lol).

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      A lot of those pictures are throwbacks when I was more active! Though I’m not going to let some additional weight keep me from wearing what I enjoy. If I can break the norm than anyone that wants to should be able to do it too. A support person s very helpful in that endeavor. Doesn’t have to be a significant other, but someone that you can trust and will support you. Also putting it out on my blog as a goal gave me some pressure of accountability. Would have felt I’d let down my followers if I didn’t really push myself to do it. So thanks to all the follow and support me and anyone else that needs it through the blog and forum.

      Hopefully you’ll be able to venture on your yearly trip. With having a vaccine now available it seems we should be able to travel once we have it. Though we might have to carry proof that we do. Hard to believe it’s been 5 years since you’ve come across my blog!

  4. Jonathan G says:

    It’s always a challenge to break from tbe pack. When I lived in California, I could always find a beach that was friendly to slips and even thongs, and I had enough friends that didn’t mind.

    These days I only go on beach vacations to places where wearing a small slip suit or thong are acceptable. I vote with my feet and money.

  5. Crossfithong says:

    Amazing story Nate.
    My journey was similar that yours Nate, when I wore my first bikini in public was in high school with my two best friends, we took a row trip to another state, when they saw me wearing my black bulge joe Snyder bikini, they laughed a little bit and after they forgot it, and never made fun of me o even mentioned.
    I’m 31 yo and I wear thong at the beach, and even now, I still feel nervous to doing it, my last trip to Cancun I wore a Charlie thong at the beach, everyone was tanning at the beach saw me running to the water, i always think “what they maybe thinking, I hope someone is think I’m brave” but whatever they thought about me, I am always sure about something, they will remember me as the guy got the guts to wear thong at the beach (I may look ridiculous or sexy for them, but that’s on them).
    I can tell you, it won’t get easy soon, I’m always nervous, but I won’t let that stops me to be free.
    And think about it, ones they don’t see you, they’ll still going on with their lives.
    So… do it guys, fell sexy or comfortable or whatever is the reason to do it, just do it, everyone was about to die last year, I don’t want to die always wishing to do something I never did.
    You got the power to do it,

  6. Jeremiah says:

    Interesting article – I am in a similar situation, this September my wife and I will celebrate our 6th anniversary in Antigua. We’ve been all over the Caribbean and I’ve worn my Speedo Solar every time. I will say the Dominican Republic was the only destination that more than 2 or 3 other guys wore swim briefs, in fact one guy had on a g-string which my wife then said I should do. Anyway, Antigua has very secluded beaches so I’ve been strongly considering trying a thong suit, my wife has been saying for years that I should wear one and we stay exclusively at Adults-only resorts so I never feel bad about kids but something still holds me back. I can honestly say I’m going to do it this time but it’s always a different outcome when it’s time to drop the shorts at the beach in front of other people besides my wife. I like the Greg Homme swim thong it seems conservative but maintains room up front. It’s interesting and cool to know other guys deal with similar conundrums over something some would consider so trivial. I sometimes wonder if I’m my harshest critic but realize it just takes time to gain the confidence and comfort. To the web host I just think it’s worth noting your wife is cool as f*** bro not a lot of other guys have that.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Your wife thinks you should go for a g-string and thong, so sounds like you have a good one. It does come down to getting our mindset right, which isn’t easy with how we’ve been conditioned in what we are suppose to wear. You have things going for you with your wife’s support, already comfortable wearing a swim brief, location with no kids, and a tropical destination. I think the Greg Homme thong looks like a great option for first thong wearing experience. I know some wear their thong under their swim briefs to try and ease into it or see how the beach is before they just go to a thong. Though probably better to just wear shorts over the thong if you really want to break the thong out. Another tactic I like is getting to the beach earlier than most, so it is less crowded. Much easier to drop the shorts with a few people than a crowded beach. Sounds like your wife will help push you to doing it and support you. Just keep working on the mindset you are going to do it. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

    • Brian says:

      Yeah your wife sounds awesome for encouraging you! My wife doesn’t mind if I wear my bikini swimsuit but she says its kind of embarrassing…. and I’ll use her exact words not mine….if your dick wasn’t so big it be less embarrassing lmfao!!!! I’m not huge guys probably above average, but wouldn’t it be more embarrassing if it was too small? Oh well there’s no shame in my game, I have a really nice looking thong from skinz wear but there’s no way she’s gonna “let me wear that” even tho I might wear it soon no matter what she says lol

  7. Jeremiah says:

    Yes, breasts and vagina practically on full display, she wears the skimpiest of swim wear so that’s why I understand her always encouraging me to wear the thongs at the beach when we vacation. To Brian’s comment, my dick is also fairly large so my wife prefers when I wear my penis up rather than down; tucked on top of balls. I think my wife is uncomfortable with my mushroom head in full VPL mode when I wear it down lol. I think i understand your premise but probably not applicable in our case, wife lives being nude. You guys have a preference; up or down when wearing swim briefs in front of people?

    • Richard says:

      Always thought down was more conservative and less showy, which is how I usually wear one. On the other hand, up is more comfortable as my penis is not adding to the squishing of my balls.

    • Brian says:

      Yeah I wear mine up and to the left at like a 45 degree angle even with pouch style swim bikinis I feel squashed if I wear it down…

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I go with up for comfort. I don’t think we need to go out of our way to try and hide what everyone already knows we have. I don’t think we should try to go out of our way to show it off either, since I think that hurts the image of swim briefs or less for us.

  8. Richard says:

    Some of the comments to this post got me thinking. First, how wonderful a lot of us have wives who encourage our skimpy swimwear. Mine suggested I make my own. (Learned sewing from my mother as a kid.). Second, guys need to be able to comfortably wear skimpy swimwear where women wear theirs. Recently saw a photo on a pier with women wearing bikinis and thongs and men wearing dork shorts. It was embarrassing as a male to see other males with their masculinity suppressed by our culture.

    • Jonathan G says:

      I’ve always thought “why should the women have all the fun?”, although I know many women find buying and wearing swimsuits torture. I agree with you, our culture fundamentally supresses masculinity.

      • Brian says:

        At least women can go to almost any store and find a big selection of bikinis…. I’ve found my favorite brands online for the most part but always shopping for more… I’d say it’s a bit of an obsession…I have some that I haven’t been quite brave enough to wear, but they look so good & I feel very sexy in them, I just need to muster up the courage to go for it…

  9. swimmer78 says:

    Great story Nate. My journey began in the lap pool with a solid black Speedo brief five years ago. It was a conservative cut brief. Before that I was wearing jammers but found them uncomfortable. When I made the switch I never looked back. It wasn’t long before I wanted to wear them at our favorite beach spot in the FL panhandle. When I finally did it took quite a bit of courage, especially getting up and walking in and out of the water. It feels great to make that break thru but even now I still have to work up the courage. The weather is warming up and Im itching to to get some sun at the beach. I’m signed up for an open water water swim race in a few weeks and plan on wearing either a Sporti Euro brief or Sporti splice gold/navy for the race. Then maybe chill on the beach nearby wearing nothing but the briefs. Guys, if you’ve been on the fence about wearing your bikini in public, then make the plunge this summer! You may be nervous but it will be worth it when you do.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      It is strange that we can wear form fitting attire for sports that hide little, but it is hard for us to wear a swim brief in public to a beach. I wasn’t ever a swimmer, but I’ve wore bike short and tights for years and it is easier to wear them than my swim briefs. Good luck with your race and spending some time on the beach in your swim brief!

  10. Brian says:

    Amen brother! I live in Tampa, born & raised and I hit the beach in my bikinis or briefs almost every weekend! I’ve actually gotten to the point where I enjoy the attention….I like to lay out on my lounge chair with my sunglasses on and I pull my hat low so I can see people as they walk by, but they can’t tell my eyes are open…I’d say 99% of the looks I get from people are positive but honestly that doesn’t even really matter….live your best life gentlemen we’re only here for a short time

  11. Shredhead says:

    Thanks Nate for the story. This is my story.

    In early 80´s I got a swim brief at some 10 years old, somehow it was stored later in my wardrobe and in early teenage I just put them on and maybe because they were snug, they felt sexy. That´s how I like my thong bikini feels as underwear now, some 40 years later. But back to 80´s, I used to slip into that little swim brief and once my schoolmate saw me in them, but didn´t say I´m weird.

    Later I got my parents buy me a cotton brief undies, but I didn´t like the fabric without stretch. I started to search skimpy swimwear, which was not easy in Finland in early 90´s, I found some items, though. I think my HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) personality awakened then, I got aware in 3 years ago I´m that type.

    In 1993 I saw a bodybuilding magazine and an advertise of Andreas Cahling posing suits from California. I thought I should have the skimpiest Pro pattern, which I ordered several pairs and all the colours. That style I used as a bikini underwear and also at the beaches. Seemingly I´ve always try to do things my own style. I remember I got some comments, like “he has nothing on” and “Umm, how that looks from the back?” I remember Andreas Cahling Pro posing trunks fitting quite well. Later I got a skimpy posing trunks from Jagware, they were good as well.

    In 1995 or 1996 I saw an advertise of skimpy Solar tan thru swim brief. The style code was 33 something. That was a mesh lycra bikini underwear for a long time, also tried to get rid off tan lines, but never managed to reach “tan through” effect working. But it left good feeling on mesh lycra fabrics, which my underwear are nowadays.

    In early 2000 I got first impression of thong underwear. It was a Finnish manufacturer. The girlfriend of that era didn´t like them, but I used them when she didn´t see. At the late times Solar Tan Thru Suits were available, they also made some thongs, but the pattern didn´t fit me although a girlfriend of that era said they are delicious.

    In 2007 I found a German underwear manufacturer, Manstore. Their thong “ministring” was my underwear and the girlfriend of that era loved them, too. I also tried some Kiniki and another brands, but had Manstore underwear and at the beach Solar Tan Thru briefs.

    In 2015 I found Skinzwear M77 thong. I had a Tricot swim briefs from them few years earlier and their quality made an impression. But the M77 thong, in mesh lycra fabrics (you can find more in Skinzwear M77 article on this site) was the perfection of my story. Now I have probably 35 items of that, mostly in mesh lycra and Power mesh fabrics. I have also made some nighttime specials, took few of M77´s to local dressmaker and she re-knitted the front pouch contour. Those are very skimpy but not uncomfortable in my nightly adventures. The latest girlfriend few years ago liked to see that Skinzwear M77 on me very much. My skin does now allow me to sun tan anymore, so Skinzwear swimwear is only underwear for me.

    So that´s the situation now, driven to perfection. I still have a dream to find a dressmaker who knits my own underwear style, the modified Skinzwear M77 pattern.

    That was a long story, but hopefully some of you read this 🙂

  12. Tbod says:

    I think I’ve said this before in another thread, but looking at your collection I see a vast gulf between my attitude to what swimwear to wear and yours – I think it might be a symptom of the vast gulf that is the Atlantic.

    For as long as I can remember, my “safe” swimwear – that I’ll wear anywhere I’m not confident I can get away with something briefer – has been the Kiniki Brazil Yes, I’ve even worn that in the USA (even in SC) and never had a problem. Maybe they just accept that foreigners do things differently. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve worn out swimming regularly.

    Then, if I’m somewhere I feel a little braver, I’ll go for a thong or a g-string. The Kiniki St Tropez is my next braver option – – from the front it really is very conservative and I’m not shy about wearing it on most beaches, though I’m a bit more wary of hotels and public pools. But if there’s just one other person (woman or man) in a thong there…. I’ll be in mine!

    I’ve couple of G-strings I absolutely love though only wear them at the beach and private pools as it’s just a (fairly thick) cotton triangle in front with cotton cord making up the strings. I bought that at a market in Ibiza so I guessed it was OK to wear it there. Despite the lack of lining the material is very thick so it reveals nothing even when wet.

    So…. Until recently I didn’t own anything with more coverage than the Kiniki Brazil and I haven’t done so since I was a child. But just recently my wife suggested that at some times I ought to cover a little more. I gave in and got A BuffedBod scrunchie-butt with full front, European back and 2″ sides. That is now the most modest thing I own. But I haven’t worn it yet because I also ordered a scrunchie-butt with ultraslim front, Brazilian back and 1″ side. And that’s what I wore all Summer (except where I could sneak in swim in a thong!).

  13. JR says:

    Hi guys, first of all I like to introduce myself, my name is JR and I live in Chicago, I’m Mexican but I was living in Montreal, Canada before I moved here in 2017. So, I found this blog and it is very interesting for me, I like how you guys encourage yourselves to wear this type of underwear, let me say I consider myself an underwear lover, I’ve practiced swimming since kid like many of you here I saw, and it’s super normal and natural to me to wear speedos to any local beach or pool. I also don’t know many of the brands you talk about, I don’t know why, I’m 30, and you don’t mention some of the brand me and friends of my age wear, other than Aussiebum(supercheap and that I don’t like because the sizes are inconsistent, for example Small wil come small or bigger, that’s funny) you don’t talk about 2eros, Charlie, Modus Vivendi, KVRT STVFF, Marcus Australia, Skull and Bones, Marco Marco, Park and Ronen, all these brands have amazing designs and styles and the prices as other guy mentioned, are not that bad when they are n sale or when you subscribe to the mailing list and they send you codes. And I’m serious, I have a big collection of swimwear and underwear, with all briefs, bikinis, thongs, jockstraps, boxers, tights, etc… Any way, I just wanna say that I admire you for being brave enough and wear what you wanna wear, and that you should not worry about what people thing or may think about you, that fact that you like sexy underwear has nothing to do with the kind of person you are, it’s just fashion and trend. Greetings to everyone!

  14. Brian says:

    Download the etsy app and look up vuthysim…. their bikini style swimsuits are the best fitting I’ve found…I’ve literally spent hundreds of dollars buying swim bikinis….the other brand I absolutely love is rick majors….I’m an actual native of Florida lol and it’s almost beach weather year round so I’m always buying a new suit… skinzwear is another good brand with lots of styles and fabrics too… I agree it takes courage to wear bikinis or briefs but omg when you really just let go of the fear of being judged and honestly not worrying or caring about what people might think you really feel free ….its a short life so make it amazing

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