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My Journey in Skimpy Swimwear 28

My Journey in Skimpy Swimwear

I don’t believe I’ve written a post just on my swimwear journey. I know I’ve mentioned bits and pieces of it throughout the blog. I do roundup posts about how my summer went with...

Speedo 1" Shoreline Swim Brief 9

1” Shoreline Speedo Swim Brief

Am I the only one that liked the look of the Speedo Shoreline 1” swim brief? Yes, it is the same as their 1” Solar swim brief, but it has two accent stripes on...

2016 Expedia Flip Flop Survey Results 0

Expedia’s Flip Flop Survey 2016

The Expedia flip flop survey is back after they appeared to skip 2015. I missed it being released last year, so here it is now. This survey was done with 11,115 individuals that were...