I want to wear a bikini

I want to wear a bikini
This is how my journey began in against the norm underwear. I wanted to try bikini underwear. I enjoy seeing how females looked in them and wondered what it was like to wear the style. The first step in wearing a bikini is wanting to.

Hopefully, you are reading this post because you have made that decision (regular followers bear with me and comment on the post). For females there really isn’t an issue moving to bikini underwear. It’s not against the norm like it is for males. They’re basically available everywhere. For males you have a little work to do especially if you become interested in your teen years like me. Luckily for me I discovered they were available in local stores. Today that is not so much the case. Some Walmarts carry the Hanes string bikini, which is at least a better option than the other norm offerings in stores.

These days the Internet is the best place to find men’s bikini underwear. If you have a way to make an online transaction that is the way to go. For those that can’t do mail order like I couldn’t when I started, you may have to talk to a parent or someone else you can trust to help you acquire a pair of two. This was something I wasn’t able to do, which is why it took me a couple years from my wanting to try bikinis to doing so.

For me, bringing up the topic would be a bit awkward. I assume that would be the case for many. Maybe a good time to try to ask is when it is school shopping time. Clothing purchases seem to be a part of the routine. Or just throw it out there by saying I could use some more underwear, but would like to try a different style. Then casually say a bikini style when asked. I would think the worst that could happen is no. Maybe you’d be questioned, so prepare some answers in advance on why you want to try bikinis.

Good luck in your journey to try bikinis. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy pulling on your first pair as much as I did. Have questions? Comment below and there are many who browse the blog that would be happy to help answer your questions. Or join the forums to have discussions on many topics or create your own topic. Check out the bikinis I have reviewed here.

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  1. Paul says:

    The bikini or also known as the tanga brief are the most comfortable underwear out there. I love that they are my little secret. My favorites are ones that provide minimal butt coverage with a bit more material on the back than a thong. I bought my first pairs a few years ago from the website Wish and haven’t looked back since sourcing different ones from the internet as they are not available in main street shops. Only wish I had been able to purchase years ago. Highly recommend bikini style underwear for men.

  2. Yarborough says:

    I love my bikinis. Been wearing them for years. I feel you should enjoy life and this is one of my favorite things to do in life.

  3. Mike says:

    I’ve worn bikini briefs for over 40 years! It wasn’t actually that difficult back then to purchase skimpy undies, but you either had to go into a store or order them through a catalogue. I asked my mum for some smaller bikini / narrow sided almost string tanga briefs and she just got them. It was a little embarrassing to ask Mum to get them for me, but we lived in the country and that was basically the only way you could purchase them without a special visit to the city.

    Back in the 70s / 80s almost all major stores in England stocked bikinis for guys, After going to Uni and then working overseas, I had more money and could just go to stores whenever i wanted / needed new undies, thongs, G strings, bikinis where commonplace, in fact more common that larger undies. Following emigration to Australia in the late 80’s things seemed the same in Australian stores, G strings where common for large stores to stock.

    Something happened 2000’s when there was a decline in thongs / G’s and even bikinis in Australian stores, we now only have “Bonds” boxer trunks occasionally boxers.

    But, needs must and I found a few sites online such as DUGG, Deadgoodundies, Cocksox and of course Gregg Homme. I spent a lot of money on those named brands until I found, Ebay, Amazon and of course my favourite AliExpress, where I get the majority of my undes and bathers from. I’ve worked out the sizing so I’m not usually disappointed and they usually fit pretty good.
    I’ve got an extensive collection of micro thongs and G string as well as maybe 300 bikini briefs. For me even bikinis feel bigger than I’d prefer to wear, so I wear lots of G’s and thongs. Occasionally when we go I hiking I’ll wear bikinis exclusively as they can also be used as bathers.

    I don’t think I could ever go back to huge tight whities.

    • Jason says:

      The trick with AliExpress is that they use Asian sizing. The smallest men’s briefs I have seen on there are 15 cm, which could only fit a child! So even if you are a 38-inch waist, I would suggest ordering an XL or 2XL from there because Medium will probably be too tight, or not fit at all. I have a 121 cm waist so my choices on AliExpress are very limited. But I still manage to find sexy bikinis and thongs that fit comfortably.

  4. Tommy says:

    Love your story.

  5. John says:

    Bikinis are the ‘norm’ for me, but I just love thongs, and better still g-strings. Especially under a skirt, but while I can do that in London without comment, not so in a small town. The Anglo-saxon mentality is so uptight. Tighty-whiteys, no way!

  6. Colin says:

    Well done! For a long time I would only wear bikinis or tangas. Now, 80% of my swimsuits and underwear are thongs and g-strings. It it so liberating especially under gym tights and leggings.

  7. Jimmy says:

    My gateway items were Speedo swimsuits and jock straps. I used to be on a swim team, got the team color Speedo a size down and loved it. I swam in Speedos exclusively until I found something smaller. Jocks were required in gym class, but I wore them occasionally as underwear, quite a thrill. There was a period of time when I wore a jock under the Speedo. Yikes, that was weird.

    The first real bikini I purchased (that was smaller than the Speedos I was wearing) came from a department store. I just walked in, found what I wanted, and laid down the cash. They were branded Bravos, which I still think is entirely appropriate, in a very stretchy but thin lycra, in an awful yellow color. The front and back met at the waist in a point, so you had one spot where the sides were thin. I quickly bought another pair, then it was off to the races. I moved away from huge brief underwear to bikinis, used to get the Jockey “scants” (awful material, but the same triangle front/back design) and another of their brands that came 3 in a plastic tube in combed cotton (I just don’t remember the name). Wore them for years until they went out of production. I also had a few from a company called Boulet (sp?) that were quite nice, small, contoured, and with a fairly flashy pattern. So yeah, decades for me, and never had a problem finding them in stores until like the last 15-20 years, so it’s internet order for me now.

  8. T says:

    I can understand why thongs and g-strings might be a step too far for some guys, but I can’t say the same for bikinis, although there will be guys who’ll think they’re too much like women’s bikini bottoms.
    String bikinis can help shorter guys’ legs appear longer due to the extra amount of thigh they expose as well as highlighting the package and butt if so desired.

    Mike’s post reminded me of the days when men’s bikinis were commonplace in UK stores and you could find single bikinis in little boxes with a picture of the item within modelled by a real guy. Those were the days.

  9. Shredhead says:

    I use Skinzwear swim thongs as an underwear, they work very well. They have mesh lycra fabrics for hotter weather. Hope they get also Power Mesh available again soon.

  10. Jason says:

    I got my first exposure to bikini briefs when I would go with my mother to the local K-Mart, while she was doing her thing, I would make a beeline straight to the menswear section and check out the wide selection of men’s bikini, string bikini and thong underwear. Finally, one day at age 15, I was at K-Mart once again with mom and school would be starting soon, so she was buying me clothes for school. We were in the menswear department in the underwear section when she suddenly handed me a package of Hang Ten brand men’s micro bikinis and asked me if I wanted to try wearing this kind of underwear. Without hesitation, I said “yes” That was 37 years ago and I have worn bikinis ever since.
    Sometimes at Wal Mart, I see a boy in his tweens over in the men’s underwear row staring at the men’s bikini and string bikini underwear and think back of myself 37 years ago. Sadly, many Wal Mart location have stopped stocking bikinis and string bikinis, only Y-front tighty whities and boxer briefs now. You can now only order them online. The passing of an era… 🙁

  11. David_nc says:

    My story is similar to Jason’s, my mom and I were shopping at k-mart for back to school supplies and I mentioned that I needed some new underwear. I asked if I could try the Hang Ten string bikini and she hesitated but agreed. I was 13 years old and loved every minute I wore them. Eventually got some of the Hanes in animal print. Of course when we had to change for gym I wore my regular briefs, I was too nervous to show my string bikinis in front of the other guys.

    • Jason says:

      I had no choice but to wear my bikinis to school and in gym. I found some that were not so skimpy, more of a low rise brief. They were not Hang Ten, but Brut brand, I think. K-mart had a good selection of bikinis and string bikinis back then, all the way up to a few years ago when they carried Joe Boxer selection… sadly, even Joe Boxer is gone now. 🙁
      Although I never really got teased for wearing bikinis to school, one time I was changing and this kid sitting next to me just blurted out, “OH MY G-D, YOU’RE WEARING BIKINI UNDERWEAR!!!” Luckily, the other guys in the locker room didn’t take notice of dude’s comment, so I dodged a bullet that day.

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