Share the Goods: Mike’s Favourite Bathers (Swimwear)

Share the Goods: Mike's Favorite Swimwear
I’ve been a lifelong wear of what you guys call Speedos. As an Australian we call them bathers, bathers is a name that can be used for both male and female swimsuits. I learnt to swim in Speedos, I guess mainly because that was all that was available at the time. I’ve always liked the briefer cut of swimwear, I think my first really small suit was in the 70’s made by Hom, it was very brief indeed, even briefer than some I wear today. It was a bright blue iridescent colour, I wish I still had it. But, back then I also had the body to pull it off?.

I’ve just done a count of my bathers and I have 25, only one is an actual Speedo brand pair which I don’t wear at all. The rest are mainly Cocksox, an Aussie brand that are really comfortable and have a nice pouch for my bits, some would baulk at wearing them as they do tend to show off your bits quite a lot. I like them because they are small, very comfortable, incredibly stretchy, light and come in amazing colours and designs. All my Cocksox bathers are what I’d call micro bikini styles, so perhaps not more than ½ inch sides. I also have a Cocksox swim thong, which I’ve only worn when I was hiking in the bush, I intend to summon up courage to wear it on our main beach this summer.

Over last weekend I wore my newest purchase, some Sluggers DeeTees in a light blue called Grecko. It was one of our first days of summers, so everyone was down at the beach, and I was pleasantly surprised lots of guys wore Speedos, the girl next to us wore an incredibly small G string, no one cares here, we just keep to ourselves and enjoy the beach.

I’ve included some pictures of my favourite bathers at the moment, there are 8 of them, it’s very hard for me to choose between them, as I like them all and enjoy wearing them. Although I have numbered them in order, it was hard, the first are a pair of Cocksox bathers that the material is super, super fine, very thin, very stretchy, super comfortable and ever so slightly see though, you really can’t see anything through them, I choose this pair because they look incredible (to me) they hold my bits forward a bit, which I don’t mind, I’m not ashamed of my bits, but I could see some people might be a bit shy about wearing them. I have a similar pair in with a grey pattern which are also nice. Unfortunately these have now been discontinued.
Cocksox swim bikini brief

At number 2 is another pair of Flouro Orange Cocksox bathers, these are the same cut as the Number 1 bathers, but the material is a little thicker, again, comes with a prominent bludge up front, they look super cool with a decent tan.
Cocksox Flouro swim brief

At number 3 are some really quite old Kikini micro bikini briefs that are probably about 20 years old, they are incredible they just keep going. They are a lot more conservative than the Cocksox, but still have a very slim behind, which I don’t mind as I get more of a tan. Still got very narrow sides though.
Kiniki swim brief

At number 4 are some basic Aussiebum bathers with a nice whale pattern on them, I always joke that when I wear these Greenpeace try to push me back out to sea! These bathers are very comfortable and come with a modesty panel of cloth, I usually cut these out, but for some reason I’ve kept these as they came. I got these as my daughter in the UK who swims everyday in the sea (yes, she is actually nuts) has a one piece with a similar pattern.
AussieBum swim brief

At number 5 is a Cocksox thong, which is incredibly comfortable, but as I said earlier, I’m still not fully into wearing thongs to a very public beach, but I’m getting there, my wife doesn’t mind and she wears thongs to the beach all the time, I’ll get there, but I’m still coming to terms that a 60 something guy can wear thongs to a town beach.
Cocksox swim thong

At number 6 are the Sluggers that I wore last weekend, again, very comfortable with a modesty panel, which I’ve kept as they are very light coloured. This is the first time I’ve bought this brand and I’ll buy more, probably in a smaller style, they make them with 1 inch sides. They have some great colours and styles and designs.
Sluggers swim brief

At number 7 are some very cheap bathers I got from AliExpress, they looked great on the web site, I love the pattern of the bathers, but when they came they are actually transparent, you’d have to be pretty close to see through them, but they are transparent, I haven’t worn these to the beach yet, but I will as soon as I get up courage.
AliExpress swim brief

And finally at number 8 are another pair of AliExpress bathers, these are nice but very low cut and I’m not sure about the cord, I think I’ll pull that out and just wear them without a cord.
AliExpress swim bikini brief

As I said, I’ve got about 25 bathers, 10 of which are Cocksox bathers (by the way I’m not connected to the company in anyway, I just like them) mostly plain colours, but bright like yellow and a sort of pink. Most of my bathers cost about A$50, some of them I’ve bought at sales, almost all of them apart from the Sluggers have been bought online. The AliExpress bathers are always a bit hit and miss on sizing, but I think I’ve worked that out now, the main advantage is they usually only cost about A$7, not more than A$10, so if they don’t fit or work out, I just throw then out.

One of the reasons I’m writing this article is that you all seem to worry about guys wearing bathers in public, I wanted to let you know that here at least in Australia, it’s totally normal for guys to wear “Speedo’s” even older guys wear them. No one bats an eyelid and I hope that things start to change in the States, we all need to relax a bit and stop getting upset with other people, it’s simply personal choice what you wear to the beach and no one should worry about it.

I hope you like my choices and would love to hear your feedback and which ones you like.

Thank you Mike for sharing your favorite swimwear from your drawer. Those are some nice looking swimsuits and some great prints in the selection. It’s great to know some places have respect for the briefer styles. Hopefully you’ll get to enjoy many of them over your summer. Again thanks for your submission. If anyone else would like to put in a submission, check out my share the good post on how to.

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  1. John says:

    Hear, hear! The British are so childish with their insistence that all guys should swim carrying a gallon of water with them and suffer by Lily white upper legs above the knee!

  2. Yarborough says:

    It’s been very cold here in North Carolina so far this winter, and I’m wearing my Speedos every day. I will be very happy when it gets warmer, can’t wait to get back outside. I don’t worry about what everyone thinks about what I have on, I just do w makes me happy.

  3. David_nc says:

    I got to say I love the pattern of #3, the blue and green Kiniki – they look great.
    Yarborough I’m from NC also. Are there particular beaches you find are more swim brief friendly?

    • Mike says:

      Davis, yes I like the pattern of the Kiniki bathers too, but I think I like the bright blue colour more, they’re very comfortable, and have very narrow sides but a much wider front than the Cocksox bathers, the backside is smaller than the Cocksox.

  4. ManlyUndies says:

    I like that you have so many Cocksox in your list and in your drawer! I, too, enjoy the Cocksox brand. I have several swim briefs, a couple square cuts, and a couple thongs. They all fit well and are very comfortable to wear!

  5. T says:

    Great to hear that Australians have such a laid back approach to speedo type suits, and thankfully many European countries also have liberal attitudes to men wearing skimpier styles. Always good to see what other blog followers wear when they’re at the beach or in a pool. Hopefully you will not let age stop you from wearing your swim thong.

    • Mike says:

      We’ve been to the beach several days recently, Christmas Day was a beauty, lots of girls in thongs, a few guys in Speedos but no thongs. I will definitely wear my swim thong on our local, usually crowded beach this summer, I’m in pretty good shape thanks to loosing 10Kg and CrossFit 3 times a week, so hopefully I won’t put anyone off their dinner 😂😂

      • Samuel says:

        Thank you Mike. I like them all. I am happy to hear that Australia is a country that relaxed with men wear bottoms out in public. That is also cool that you call them bathers. I just learned something. Our country has a long way to go. I hate to say this but, it goes back in our history and look who and how they settled our country. We are not so free in our country when it comes showing skin. It’s all about the rules, taxes, and were you live at. If you ever go to one of our many museum’s and just look at our painting and read about the people who settled in the thirteen colonies you quickly see what I mean. Men wearing white wigs and heavy over coats and socks up to they knees. People still say not in my back yard. But with that being said. Mike thanks for sharing your bottom drawer. Happy bikini, thong and bathers hunting as the year 2022 is coming to a close.

        • Mike says:

          Yes, I understand the history, but…… from my understanding, the original colonies were inhabited by Plymouth brethren (very conservative) from Devon, even the UK has moved on, guys can wear what they like.
          I would have thought that in the land of the free you she’d be allowed to wear what ever you like where ever, when ever.

  6. Jason says:

    Do you have a link for #7? I like that design and I love that they are seamless. So hard to find seamless underwear and swimwear.

  7. Ron says:

    Excellent choices. I love the number 1, for brevity, cut and pattern. Admittedly I didn’t know cocksox made that style of bikini; only the ones which are a bit too revealing though I will now check them out.

  8. T says:

    Although Kiniki are no longer my go to brand, there is no denying the quality and durability of their products, which is why I’m not surprised that your 20+ years old micro bikini briefs are still going strong.

  9. Dan says:

    I have the exact same Kiniki pair as you and mine are still going strong too. They’re the perfect bikini cut for the beach – modest on the front yet a nice slim cut on the sides and back. Hope you get to the point where you feel comfortable wearing a swim thong at the beach too – it’s so worth it.

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