Share the Goods: David_NC

Share the Goods: David_NC

We have a new follower making a submission to the Share the Good series. David_NC submitted several pairs from his collection. Here’s what he has to say about his underwear.

My interest began when I was about 14 with my first string bikini purchase from K-Mart; they were inexpensive yet comfortable, but I wouldn’t wear them to school on days that I had to dress out for gym. My collection grew, the styles and materials varied, the prices went up and down, sadly some of my favorites are no longer made. I do kick myself for not buying more of the ones I liked and for not buying items, such as Prevail Sport, that are no longer made. Most of my underwear is basic black, blue, grey, but I have added a few patterns and colors over the years. Here is just a taste of my collection:
Bikini BriefsBasic bikini briefs – 2 pair of Jockey Sport, Obviously, Calvin Klein (sport brief), Papi, Body Tech, and two pair of Undergear. The Jockey sports are very comfortable and nice patterns if you are looking a fuller cut these are a good choice. The Papi is one that I like, it feels good on and holds up well, I wish I had bought more.
Tanga UnderwearThese were listed as Tanga’s on the websites purchased from, Body Tech (mesh rear), Undergear, Body Tech, Unico. These have nice wide leg openings, I hadn’t worn them in a while and when I added my thongs back into rotation I also added these. My wife liked the Unico pair on me recently.
String Bikini UnderwearString Bikinis – Calvin Klein, Obviously, two of several Life by Jockey, two Jockey, and two Jockey Sport. I really like these because they allow for good movement, feel sexy on, and these were my daily wear (except days when I wore boxer briefs/trunks). I do think Jockey has changed the pouch on the new string bikini, it is flatter than it was 10 years ago. A word of caution, the Jockey sport depending on the color of band can be tighter than others the same size. I recently trashed my old Life by Jockey and bought some new ones – they are little better than when Nate reviewed them, but the back side is a little baggy – but great to sleep in.
More String Bikini UnderwearMore Strings – Contour (by Undergear), vintage Calvin Klein, Ergo Mesh, 2xist Speed Dri Mesh, 2xist classic, Ergo Max. The grey and black Calvin Klein are truly vintage, they were purchased 22 years ago the style is long gone from the CK collection, they still wear good and have lasted. the Contour is similar to Life by Jockey, but better material and I think it is available again at, the back is a bit cheeky but comfy to wear. I love the 2xist Speed Dri Mesh is super comfortable, it is the only one I currently have from that collection but will be buying more when they go on sale. The Ergo are also nice, they are new to the collection and haven’t been worn much to give a good opinion of them.
Bikini UnderwearBikinis – Calvin Klein microfiber, CK Hip bikini, Ace&Indigo Brazilian (black), Ace&Indigo Sporty (blue), Ergo Feel Modal, Ergo X3D, Classic Papi. My wife thinks my CK microfiber bikinis are worn out, I’ve tried to explain to her that is the fabric – they stretch in the right places and hold well in the others – super comfy but a shame they only came in like 4 colors. Again the Ergo are new and haven’t been worn much, but the X3D model takes some getting used to, your package basically sits in a separate compartment and the band can feel tight after a long day of wearing them. The Ace & Indigo are nice, both are great material that cling and hold in place, the black is the first Brazilian cut that I have tried that didn’t ride up, neither did the blue sporty pair – I don’t know how but neither rode up, really nice but a little on the expensive side.
Thong UnderwearThongs – Joe Snyder (actually a cheeky brief), two Papi, classic Calvin Klein, Tactics Y-back, two Joe Boxers, three 2xist classic cotton and two sliq all Yback, Wood. I can’t say enough great things about the Papi thong, it is comfortable, the material is awesome to wear all day even in the hottest weather. One of my first and still one of the favorites is the CK thong, it was just awesome, you can slip it on and there is almost no adjusting needed – it is just perfect – I don’t know why CK stopped making it, but I wish they would bring it back (but they would probably screw it up). Most of my thongs are older and no longer available, the Tactics is nice for all day wear, the Joe Boxers are good, but I have others now that are more comfortable. The 2xist Sliq are new and haven’t been worn long enough to give a good opinion, but from the little i have worn them they are comfy. Lastly the Wood thong, it is a nice soft material good for all day wear. The strap is thicker than I prefer, not uncomfortable, but would be better if it were a little more narrow; these sale for $20 each, I was fortunate to find them on for $6.99 because I wouldn’t pay full price for them.
g-string underwearG-Strings – red and black mesh from Undergear and aqua from Gregg Homme. I bought the red and black pair 10+ years ago for $6, they were more for a laugh and to get the cart up to free shipping, the band is a little cheap and provide very little support. I was hoping the Gregg Homme would be different, while the material is software and the band is better I still don’t think I would use a G-String for everyday wear. I agree with Nate, the traditional thong frames my back side better. I also want support and the feeling of being secure and the g-string just didn’t make me feel like I was being supported well for all day wear.
So this is just a hint of my collection, I hope to expand my thong and string bikini collection (even though my wife thinks I already have too many). If you have brands you think I should try let me know.

That’s a wrap on David_NC’s submission in the “Share the Goods” series. Thank you for sharing. Below are two polls where you can vote on the bikini brief and then the thong you find most interesting from the collection. If you like to share some of your swimwear and/or underwear, contact me to submit them. Read the post on the general guidelines here.

7 Responses

  1. Blkmlthng says:

    Awesome collection for a minute there I thought I was looking at my own collection lol! Thanks for sharing!

    • David_nc says:

      Thank you Blkmlthng, I noticed that as well when you shared some of yours. We have similar taste

      • Blkmlthng says:

        No problem! My plan is to submit one for my thongs/g-strings just haven’t had a chance to do so. Like you I’m fortunate that my wife doesn’t give me a hard time about the type of underwear I wear, she enjoys it’s but like your wife she does think I have more than enough lol!

  2. Greg says:

    Good collection, David_NC. Lots of variety with your bikinis, thongs, and g-strings. And tell your wife there’s no such thing as “too many” in your collection (haha). Just be glad she is open-minded enough to accept you wearing the good stuff without marital friction.

  3. David_nc says:

    I’m glad she doesn’t mind me wearing skimpier undies. To be honest she only found out a few weeks ago. I kept most of my collection hidden and it was the confidence gained from this site that helped me open up about the collection. At first she questioned it, but after a brief chat she was fine with it. I’ve only worn my Tommy John boxer briefs one time.

  4. T says:

    Great to see a new blog follower gaining sufficiently in confidence to come clean to his other half,and in doing so,release a formidable underwear collection from the dark corners of his closet.
    Hope to see a few more g-strings in the collection over time.

  5. Dan says:

    Great collection. I love the look of those Jockey patterned string bikini briefs as well as that Ace&Indigo sporty blue bikini!

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