Share the Goods: T’s G-Strings

Share the Goods T's G-string Collection
This is T’s fourth submission to “Share the Goods” series and by far his favorite style to wear. Now sit back and take a read and look at T’s beloved G-string collection.

Kiniki Gigolo G-stringKiniki G-stringsGregg Homme G-strings
Top we have 4 original Gigolo strings by Kiniki. The first g-strings I ever bought and still probably my all time favourites. Sadly the elastic on all but the yellow have succumbed to age,but they all doubled as swimwear and for sunbathing many years ago.

Middle pic are all Gigolo strings but a slightly later version. The elastic was not as soft as the original design,but the blue one and the black with the stripe are still given an outing.

Third pic are all Gregg Homme and run the Gigolo very close as favourites. Top left,middle and bottom left are called Commando and are incredibly soft and semi transparent. The black one bottom middle has two sexy rings on either side. The only one I’m not crazy about is the bottom right. Under strap tends to dig in after a short time and you know you’re wearing it.

Daniel Alexander G-stringsCover Male G-stringsAnimal Print G-strings
Top are all by Daniel Alexander. Another favourite brand with lots of vibrant colours to choose from. Very comfortable and I was wearing one of these when I met my first ever Italian thong wearer who since then has become a huge fan of g-strings.

Middle pic are all by Cover Male. Very similar to the Daniel Alexander with their bright colours,but slightly smaller made.

Bottom Photo. Bought these animal print strings from China. They are extremely comfortable especially the pouches which allow for expansion(lol). Are totally see through when held up to the light,but act as a kind of camouflage when worn. Highly recommended and a fraction of the price of some others featured here.

Chinese brand g-stringDominik g-stringsJJSox g-string
Top. Believe it or not I bought 28 of these in the colours shown. Another cheaper Chinese make,but good quality and very,very skimpy. The pouch barely holds everything in and sometimes something can slip out(lol). Gave some of them to that Italian friend who loved them too!

Middle pic are from a company called Dominik. Bought them on Amazon. Great pouches but the under strap can become uncomfortable. Maybe I just needed a bigger size.

Bottom. Think they are called JJSox. Chinese again. Comfortable to wear but the colour from the pouch ran onto the waistband after washing at a low temperature.

Jok g-stringsPaul Jones g-stringsDoreanse g-strings
Now we are really going skimpy!
Top. See through pouches and quite possibly the narrowest string ever. Very revealing,but the string is poor quality and doesn’t stay in place after a while. Chinese brand called Jok.

Middle pic. Paul Jones is the brand name. Pouches are nylon and see through.Wore them quite a lot but some of them ended up with twisted waistbands which were difficult to untangle.

Bottom. I had high hopes for these strings by Doreanse. Loved the clingy pouch but the under strap was very uncomfortable. Again,a bigger size might have improved things.

Kiniki g-stringsebay g-strings
Top. A collection of strings by Kiniki. Bottom left was from their Allure collection,which was a disappointment and very uncomfortable.

Bottom. Some unnamed strings mostly bought on ebay. Bottom right with the studs is quite eye catching and the bottom left is totally see through.

colorful g-stringsMore T g-strings
Top. Very colourful g-strings with adjustable pouches. Ideal for the strippers in your social circle. Unusually, my issue with some of these was the fact the under strap was too big. I prefer the string to be across my butt crack,not high above.

Bottom. More skimpy see through stuff bought online. The black string with the adjustable pouch was a favourite for sunbathing for many years and was the first one I wore on a public beach which got me quite a bit of attention(lol).

Again thank you to T for sharing more of what is in his drawer(s). With so many g-strings, it is hard to list them individually for voting. Withh a lot of them being similar and just different colors, I decide to basically do the polling by how T photoed them. So you can pick the most interesting group from his collection. If you like to share some of your swimwear and/or underwear, contact me to submit them. Read the post on the general guidelines here.

9 Responses

  1. Hylton says:

    Awesome collection! Like so many of them

  2. JohnnyB says:

    I thought I had a decent collection, but your’s knocks mine into a cocked hat! I particularly like the animal print ones – I’m not a fan of sheer material, but with the print acting like a camouflage I’d be more than happy to wear that style. Do you remember where you got them from? Can you post a link, please?

  3. Greg says:

    All I can say is BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION! I can’t say I have a favorite, as they are all so sexy. Thank you for sharing, T. Wow!

  4. DonS says:

    Some of the really skimpy styles might not be for day wear, but I find them alright for sleeping. TXM have some where there is no hope of covering everything, and take a bit of getting used to, but work well all the same.

    The Kiniki Allure looks like the skin-tone Cage g-string. I’d agreee about the Allure collection, they tried to make them out as something sexy but I don’t think they are that great. Better styles were to be found in their main collection (note the “were”, sadly no longer available).

  5. SM_Thongguy says:

    Great collection T.

    Nothing worse than buying a skimpy and it being uncomfortable. Or maybe never receiving the item tops that.

    Personal favorite would be the animal prints. Not my taste generally, but think in a string it would look great.

    Guess that’s the positive of this community. We broaden our style appetite.

  6. David_nc says:

    It looks like Kiniki used to carry some nice quality products. But I think the Daniel Alexander’s are my favorites

  7. Jr2 says:

    Great collection T . Looks like I may have to add some more g-strings to collection.

  8. John says:

    G strings are favourites. Especially if you have a nice bottom. and are happy to show it off! Even better are the tiny panties that just wrap around your gear and are secured by a rubber band/string, so there are no straps involved.

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