Share the Goods (Underwear and Swimwear)

Share the Goods (Underwear and Swimwear)

A little while back I shared what swimsuits were in my swim collection and how they fit into where I would be comfortable wearing them. SM_Thongguy suggested allowing you to submit your underwear and/or swimwear collections and give us a run down on them. Can just be a select few of them instead of the collection. If you’re interested in sharing, then here are some guidelines.

Only Real Rule:
First photos are only of the pairs and not being worn.


  • Group your underwear or swimwear into groups of how they fit into your wearing pattern (maybe everyday, gym, sleep, special occasions, family, secluded, private, etc). You can share just a few individual pairs if you like instead.
  • Take the photos (I’ll edit them for the posts), but try the name them so I know how they fit into the text.
  • Tell us about the groupings/pairs. Here are some ideas.
    • Let us know the brands
    • Where you found them
    • What occasions do you like to wear them for
    • What you like about them
    • Anything you’d change about them to make them better
    • Are they pairs that you’d allow others to see you in or not and who/why

If you don’t have my email, then send me a message through the contact form. I’ll email you in return and then you’ll have my email address for submitting your collection for the “Share the Goods” Series. Then I’m thinking of adding a poll that will allow voting on the pair you find you are most interested in trying in the collection. At the end of the year, I’ll gather up the top pair from each collection and then we can vote again to see the top pair(s) that we’re all interested in trying out. Go ahead now and share your underwear and/or swimwear goods.

8 Responses

  1. SM_Thongguy says:

    Super excited for this series.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share some ideas.

    Let me take some pics.

  2. Bikini Obsessed says:

    Excited to share too…need to take some pics first

  3. Greg says:

    Great idea, Nate. Now I just have to “pose” some of my thongs for the world to see. I look forward to seeing the good stuff your readers are wearing. We’re all proud of our sexy g-strings, thongs, and bikinis, so we might as well see what other guys love to wear.

  4. Rick says:

    Keep up the momentum because more men need to express themselves and wear thongs and skimpy bikinis. Let it hang out!!

  5. John says:

    Great idea. If you can let me have an e-mail address, I’ll send some photos from my collection. Very happy to share.

  6. Kai says:

    I just wonder if I will ever see my post of share the goods. I post everyday or close to, in my underwear on patreon, mastodon, reddit, and tumblr, but feel so left out.

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