Share the Goods: A Peek at John’s Collection

Share the Goods - John's Collection
John has joined in the share the good series with some pairs from this collection. Let’s jump in and take a look at what he has to share with us.


I have a wide selection of panties, and enjoy deciding which ones to wear.

White undies

As a girly male, I love frills and these are plastic texture as well.  A bit noisy, but fun to wear.  They tend to bunch up both at the front and back.  Only for special occasions where no one’s going to mind the noise. These came from AniasPoison about 2017.

Blue Undies

I love the material and the thick strap.

Rick Major Bikini

Many of my panties are pink, and these from Rick Majors are so lightweight I love them in spite of postage costs from USA.  I like the texture of the ripstop nylon.

Rainbow Butterfly Undies

These come from Etsy, and I was attracted by the colour.  I don’t often wear full cover briefs, but they make a nice change.  A variant on the Pride theme, and I asked for the butterfly to be sewn on.

Polka Dot Undies

Also from Etsy, playful colours and nice fit.  Underwear, not swimwear, but I don’t mind who sees them.

Blue lace undies

These come from a seller in Latvia, through Etsy, and reflect my love of frills.  They are see-through and a bit naughty!

Pink Undies

I love these pale pink g-strings from AniasPoison.  The material is soft and I love the bow on the front.  The strap is just right for me, and I can wear these all day.  They have a feeling of delicacy, which I like.

White Undies

These came from Frills and Fancies on Etsy, and they don’t come frillier than these! Lovely and girly at the front, narrow sides and a thong back.  I love wearing these.

leather undies

For the wilder me – leather with spikes on the front, and thong back.  From Allure.  leather doesn’t come cheap, but is nice.

teal undies

Stiff Teal Blue scrunch BUTT narrow Double Satin Smooth Sissy Rio Tanga panties OS 24-40″
I like these; they are like wide thongs, back and front.  I like the scrunchy feeling and texture and the colour.  AniasPoison through Etsy

I want to thank John for sending in some of his underwear and sharing it with us. If you want to join in the series, check this post out.

6 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    Although I don’t wear women’s panties very often, once in a while, when I am at home relaxing, I like to slip on a comfy, silky panty. My favorites are Jockey Tactel panties. Very light and stretchy, I don’t remember how I discovered these awesome panties, I know they are perfect for men. The stretchy tactel fabric stretches and expands to accommodate the male anatomy. It doesn’t matter how large and well-endowed you are guys, these panties will hug and cradle and support your family jewels. The tactel fabric never stretches out and always retains its shape! They don’t have frilly lace or ruffles or bows, so you can confidently wear these panties at the gym and come in gender-neutral colors so you don’t have to have floral prints on your panties if you don’t want them. My favorite styles are the Hi-cut, bikini and string bikini panties.
    Many of the reviews about these panties are written by men. One has to wonder why Jockey doesn’t make a line of tactel underwear for men? Their customers certainly have been asking Jockey for a line of tactel underwear just for men for years!
    I hope you try them, I know you will love them as much as I do!

  2. Mike says:

    I don’t get shocked too much by anything these days, but I was a bit taken aback when I saw these panties. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind what anyone wants to wear, but I was a bit shocked that John has chosen to share the sort of panties he does wear. I’d like to say I think its awesome that John has the courage to show us. I couldn’t care less about anyones sexuality, but good on him.
    I’ve got over 200 thongs and G strings and over 300 micro bikini briefs, a lot of them are see though, mesh and very thin, some are lace but all of them are for guys, I don’t have any women panties, my wife is considerably smaller than me, so I could even try some of hers if I wanted to.
    I thought I was maybe a bit over the top with all my undies, but I’m clearly very pedestrian, almost boring in my choice of underwear.
    Anyway, that’s a long way of saying good on ya John, well done and keep it up.

    • John says:

      Nearly all my undies were sold as male underwear. I like to be comfortable, although occasionally have bought women’s (second item was Isa Boulder) and it has fitted OK. I never buy second hand undies. Thank goodness for the internet, which enables a fantastic range of very pretty panties and swimwear to be available to a girly boy.

  3. Samuel says:

    Thank you John for sharing your collection. I have been wearing women bottom bikinis and there panties for about two years now. My collection is so big now because of my mens thongs and mens bikini bottoms. I have a pair for the day and a pair for ever night to go to bed wearing. Men you have to go to your local thrift shop and go to the women’s bikini area and pick out a few pair that is right for you. Trust me, it is a gold mine. I pick them up full back bikinis bottoms for $5.00 to $6.00. Then take time and walk over to the women’s used under wear area and pick out panties and thongs on the cheap that fittest you just fine. If you happened to pick out a pair that you can’t wear, drop them off the next time you go back to the store. I had a women tell me that she like my speedo but it was not a speedo it was a pair of full back used women bikini bottoms. Happy thong and bikini hunting. Men’s or women’s or both what ever makes you happy in life.

  4. Danny says:

    John, I’m curious what your experience is with daily wear and reactions from spouse or others.
    While I only wear men’s underwear, I’ve been wanting to experiment with some of the new men’s lace styles.
    My spouse is used to my gstrings bikinis at this point, but lace would definitely be another conversation.

  5. Bill says:

    I’ve been wearing panties for awhile now. I’ve found them to be comfortable and fitted for me. And having plus size underwear is a good thing. Most briefs are made in smaller sizes. More selection at half the price is what got me wearing them.

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