I want to wear a swim brief

I want to wear a swim brief (Speedo)

Want to talk about a journey for me then wanting to wear a swim brief was a very long one for me. It took me a long time to wear one in public and even longer for more regularly. Really the journey is still on since I’m not a 100% of the time swim brief wearer. You can read my journey post here.

For many, wanting to wear a swim brief isn’t as easy as pulling one on and heading to the beach. Publicly going against the norm is harder than mostly privately going against one. It is easier to go against the underwear norm than the swimwear norm for most of us. You really have to put yourself out there to wear a swim brief. Though once you do you’ll want more of it.

I’ve written a bit on this topic, so I’ll give you some other posts to look at in a bit. I think the biggest thing is for yourselves to see the swim brief as a norm for you. The more you wear them and see yourself in them will help you start feeling they are a norm. That can be done in private around the house, not out in public unless that is where you want to start.

Ideas for Swim Brief Public Breakthrough – This post has some suggestions that could help you break into the swim brief wearing scene. They are things that helped me.

Rocking a Swim Brief – In this one I talk more about conditioning ones mindset to normalize a swim brief to yourself first.

Who Should Wear Swim Briefs?

Remember where there is a will there’s a way. Maybe it’ll take some time, but eventually if you really want to try a swim brief or less you will get there. Keep at it. If you need support come back to the blog and check out the forums. Lots of people here to give you support. Also check out the speed-oh movement on Instagram in particular.

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  1. John says:

    To be honest, I have not found it difficult. I swim regularly at a local hotel pool, and wear all sorts of swim briefs, including a pink one with flamingoes on the front, and even occasionally a g-string swimsuit. I have not received any adverse comments, and quite happily converse with other people. JFDI!

  2. Don says:

    I have been wearing brief swimwear since I was a little kid in the 1950’s and my mother got matching suits for me & my brothers. In the 1970’s I did long bike rides, so I have nice legs. After age 35 or so you become “invisible” and no one notices what you wear anyway. I can wear tiny thongs or briefs at any Beach now.

  3. Mike says:

    I guess, I’m sort of lucky, I was brought up in England and there was no other choice back then, you either wore swim briefs or you didn’t swim! Ive been wearing brief swimwear ever since. I’ve worked all around the world and only ever wore swim briefs, I’ve even worn them in Saudi Arabia!
    About 35 years ago I emigrated to Australia, and again back then everyone wore swim briefs, as I’ve got older I’m starting to wear even smaller swim briefs, think bikini bottoms, made for guys, so they have a proper pouch for your bits. I really like Cocksox bathers, I’ve probably got about 10 pairs of those, but also some Ergowear bathers. Earlier this year, we went hiking to some remote part of Australia and I got to wear a Cocksox thong to the beach! Now I’m hooked, so this summer I hope to wear it to the main beach here in Melbourne. Should be a blast.
    The older I’ve gotten, the less I care about what others think, just do it, it feels great to get a really good tan.

  4. mrrigid says:

    As I’ve mentioned, my strategy is:
    1) Wear a swim brief under a hawaiian shirt;
    2) Have a couple drinks at the beach bar;
    3) Suddenly, dropping the shirt is easy!

  5. John says:

    Though I would just say – don’t forget the sun cream on all exposed parts. A sunburnt bottom wouldn’t be very nice – indeed a pain in the proverbial!

  6. Richard says:

    For the last two summers I have worn a black TYR brief at three beaches in Northern Michigan. These beaches have probably not seen anything so skimpy on a male in decades. Surprisingly, the responses have all been positive, especially from females. For context, I’m in relatively good shape for 67 years old.

  7. Philip says:

    Where can I buy plus size briefs? In America it’s taboo to start with and if you do find them they’re small sizes.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      That is a compliant I see about the skimpier styles for guys. Then also the prices can be quite high when you do find the larger sizes. I’ve seen a few offer up to size 3XL. Here’s one place that goes to that size https://kaftko.com/collections/brief-shorts

      I can’t find the one place I’ve seen that offers quite a few sizes above even the 3XL. I did come across this ones that has a few selections up to 6XL. https://www.bearskn.com/collections/swim

      If I come across the one I’m trying to remember I’ll add it.

  8. RT says:

    There is a gentleman who goes by the Flickr name of Avid Swimmer who clearly has embraced the micro bikini life in public. His photos are amazing, not least because he shows off his various tiny bikinis in very public places. He is clearly embracing his passion, and is not afraid to be true to himself. An inspiration to all!

  9. T says:

    A retired guy that I chat with on social media does a great job of promoting speedos and bikini briefs when he posts pics of his daily swim at a local pool. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone wear such skimpy styles in a public setting, but I think the fact he is a serious swimmer and clocks up miles of laps every week makes it less likely that people might question his choice of swimwear, although he has had some smart ass comments in the locker room. Dork shorts would not be practical for the distances he covers. Another example of his confidence in wearing a speedo in public was in the summer when he wore one while washing the car in his driveway. How many of us would have the courage to do such a thing?lol

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