Share the Goods: SM_Thongguy’s Collection

Share the Goods Series: SM_Thongguy

Next up in the “Share the Goods” Series is SM_Thongguy. He’s the one that suggestion I start a series, so we could share some of the items in our collection and see what is offered through the world. He’s working on building up his collection. His options are limited locally and import fees make it hard to order from outside the country.

Yellow Brazilian Bikini
I’ll start with my one of only two bikini.
This is the custom one I made in Brazilian cut. Hopefully you can see how transparent the back is but the front is double lined so it should be fine for secluded Beach or private pool.

Pro: Yellow pops on my skin tone. Brazilian cut. The other is more full brief so not worth the post.

Con: will have to get used to low cut, transparency and also shave.

I definitely want more.

Niku Wish thongs
Second to this is my most confortable thongs. The grey is made from a soft viscose type fabric. I think it’s used in some panties as its extremely soft. Also slightly transparent.

The black thong was one of my first successful online purchase. This was on Wish, brand avid love. 
Both has amazing crotch comfort and contains me very well. The sides are thin enough to be sexy but doesn’t loose its grip. All important the tail piece is wonderful. All day comfort.

Pro: Grey thong has soft material. Black thong has that solid band feel. Like its made for a man. Grey T is also custom from Niku Underwear.

Con: black T is only available in two colors on Wish. Being international, you hope it reaches you after 3 months

Niku custom thongs
Next up is more custom thongs from my local Niku store. The black on the left is made from polymide material. I think its thick enough to double up as swim thong. Although I am sure I won’t test that soon. The sexy blue is another pop on skin color that looks great on me. It’s made from microfiber and the look and feel of it is just great. Then the bright yellow cotton number is also custom. Again color thongs work well on my skin tone. This picture doesn’t do it justice.

Pro: locally made, custom
Improvements: due to material and sewing style the tails are quite broad making you aware of it. Its fine when you up and about during day. Bad for sitting all day or gym. The blue one is most comfortable out of batch

Wish I could get more thongs in microfiber. Color shades : dark purple, plum, coffee, nude and olive. 

JOK thong
In the middle I have a very deferrent thong. Bought it on Aliexpress. Color was true to description. Green /turquoise whilst the other thongs have a triangle styled pouch which allows for penis to be upright or down. This thong is focused on bulge. So you have to point penis down and let the deep cut style work its magic.

It’s very sexy actually. The back also feels comfortable and material works well for my active life style. .

Pro: sexy, different style, color and comfortable
Con: only 4 colors available, 3 month waiting period after order is paid for.

Will definitely want to be seen in all of the above. 

Braveperson thong

Last to my very small collection. Is my Brave Person thong or g-string and no name string.

BP was bought on Amazon after I discovered TBD and thought let me import thongs. It’s a very small thing. Barely holding it together but it’s snug to not loose its way during the day. You also become aware of string often. Not something I would want to be caught in but decent enough for now and then.

Lastly the string. A very roomy pouch with thin straps. Not a favorite but definitely sexy. Just don’t get aroused in it. The fabric is so soft it just moves with erect penis.

On the looks side. I think it looks a bit too feminine. Tge thin straps flowing over my hips and straight down. Yet its comfy as hell just feel two ways about it. 

Pro: both are an option in draw. String is very different
Con: Amazon amazing delivery time but cost more. String on wish took forever but was cheap. Don’t want to be seen in these

That rounds out another submission in the “Share the Goods” series. Thanks SM_Thongguy for sharing what’s in your drawer. Below is a poll, where you can vote on the style you find most interesting from the collection. If you like to share some of your swimwear and/or underwear, contact me to submit them. Read the post on the general guidelines here.

3 Responses

  1. T says:

    Great to see another followers collection. I know SM Thongguy has mentioned on some previous posts that he is quite shy about baring his body on a beach,so the choice of the yellow Brazilian bikini is a brave choice,but I’m confident all his work in the gym will have paid off when he gets lots of admiring looks when he hits the beach this summer.

  2. T says:

    My vote had to go to the black g-string, as they are by far my favourite style of underwear.

  3. SM_Thongguy says:

    What a great surprise hahaha.

    Thanks Nate and T.

    Last two months before it’s officially summer here. And if the sunny days are anything to go by, we in for one hot summer, in more ways than one hehe.

    More importantly I’ve gifted two friends with bikini swim brings and even one got a thong today. So will definitely build the community.

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