Share the Goods: SM_Thongguy’s 2nd Round

Share the Goods: SM_Thongguy BIkinis & Thongs Round 2

SM_Thongguy submitted a second round to the “Share the Goods” Series. These are some new additions, since his last submission. Let’s take a look.

Burnt Orange ThongBurnt orange polymide thong. Ordered yellow got this instead. Really not disappointed. The orange pops on my brown sugar color skin tone. This will be my 10th or 12th polymide thong. Will look for more cotton and or cotton blends in future. Over the polymides. The upside is, it does dry quicker
Assorted ThongsThese buggers were featured last year. After the first two, I bought a 5 pack. Must admit fit ranges by color. I gifted a married friend one.. As a gift. Told his wife there is a special gift for her. She couldn’t wait. Secretly I did it so he can wear it and we can discuss it. But ensured she knows abour it so he must wear for her. No feedback from either of them yet but I know he is a daring guy. Still a great thong. And borders on sheer side. Much more when wet. 
Brown ThongThis thong. Well let’s just say, brown works on brown. I once saw an image of Kevin Carnell or something to that effect, on Charlie underwear’s Instagram. His skin tone is darker than mine yet he killed the brown thongs and bikini’s
So I thought let me get a few. This arrive recently. Was happy it looks good on me. But the large is loose on waist so it has a clinging feeling on back string and balls. One of those size isn’t always the same errors. 
Brown JQK thongI Was interested to see how this style would sit on me. As the front is constructed vertically if it makes sense. Very sexy although I didn’t groom in months and look a bit scruffy in it. One complaint, my balls feel stuffed. The pouch being so narrow is a tight Squeeze. Although not hurtful even after a full day’s wear. Will keep it in back of drawer. More of a I have different styles thong. JQK has good thongs. This is my second from the brand. 
Cheekies black and blueBased of TBDs post on cheeky brief thongs. I ordered these Joe Snyder knock offs from Aliexpress. The blue arrived first. With in days the second one was ordered. Blue one is a bit tight in front.

Black is way more comfortable. However both is sexy on me and gives a whole new level of sex appeal. Profile of body is unlike I’ve seen it before. It’s low low rise so wearing it all day means it sits low on hips when one removes his pants. Not the look I’m going for even if I’m just by myself undressing. Prefer the solid over hips thongs.

Although it’s easy to readjust. 

Guess that’s the great thing about sexy underwear. Each style is unique and you have to try different types to know what works for you.
If only the world knew that benefit

Tropical Swim BriefI also ordered a swim brief. Sits snug and front is like bikini. The back is full but I’m awaiting something which I hope is half or 3/4 back bikini. Made a decision to search for half back or 3/4 bikini’s this year. Have to see myself in it.

Awaiting 2 more thongs and 1 bikini. But will be sourcing locally for now or save up for importing via Mensuas. Either way this journey won’t stop. By the time I master up confidence to change in locker room while in thong. Or share with girlfriend or wife. I’ll be drowning in thongs and sexy bikini’s in my drawer. 

Thanks to all you guys and especially TBD. This blog really helps in trying new skimpy underwear and accepting one’s love for it.

That’s a wrap on round two of SM_Thongguy’s submission in the “Share the Goods” series. Thanks SM_Thongguy for sharing your new additions. Below is a poll, where you can vote on the style you find most interesting from the collection. If you like to share some of your swimwear and/or underwear, contact me to submit them. Read the post on the general guidelines here.

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  1. T says:

    Always interesting to check out what other guys are wearing,especially in countries where import taxes,postage etc can make purchases more expensive than the norm.
    I know SM has tried local sources to make the designs that he would like to wear,with mixed results.
    For those of you not familiar with Kevin Carnell,who gets a mention in this post. He is known on Instagram for showing of his very toned body in various eye catching thongs,bikinis etc. which his many followers are keen to buy for themselves.However,he never reveals the make of any of his skimpy suits,his reason being that why should he give the companies that make them free publicity? He is obviously hoping that he might get a lucrative deal to personally endorse them.

  2. David says:

    Nice collection. I like the burnt orange the best

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