I want to wear a thong

I want to wear a thong
So you made the decision you want to try a thong. You got past the idea of a piece of fabric between the cheeks. Or you really like the look of them on people you’ve seen. It hit you that many women wear them and why would they wear uncomfortable underwear.

It was definitely the look of them on women that drove my desire to try a thong. Seemed like the next step in my underwear journey after falling in love with bikini underwear. Now thongs are a pretty taboo option for underwear for men. They’re definitely seen as women’s underwear only. I also feel they are seen as just sexy underwear to many and not functional other than maybe for eliminating visible underwear lines for females. This makes it hard for both sexes to get started into the style. Especially in the teen years where I’ve found a lot of us started getting interested in the skimpier underwear styles.

We know you are here because you want to try a thong. Guessing that means you don’t know where to start. Or maybe you’re looking for more information on wearing a thong. Like I said, thongs are a misunderstood underwear style, so most parents and friends probably won’t understand your desire. Of course this is even more so for males over females. Females of course have the options to browse thongs in stores. This of course is a great way to explore them. You get to feel the fabric for softness, stretch, see the cut of the back, the width of it, etc. For males it is off to the Internet where it can come down to more trial and error. We have to rely on reviews and description of the product if there is much of one.

I’ve written other posts that can help guide you on looking for a thong or a few thongs to give a try. Check the following posts out.

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Are you a guy looking to buy your first thong? This post gives you some suggestions on what to look for in a thong.

Thong Irritation: What to do? Yes some times thongs can rub you the wrong way especially when trying to find the right fit for you. Check this post out for some tips. Also I have a personal story that wasn’t thong irritation, but a similar issue.

Hopefully, some of those posts will help you as you explore thongs. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below or join the forums. Also you can check out my thong reviews. Here’s a few thongs I think could be a good beginner thong for guys.

Doreanse Aire Thong

JM Skinz Thong

JM Natura Thong

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  1. Bill says:

    Thongs are great. I wear them more than anything else. And my girl loves me in them.

  2. Jason says:

    So many make unrealistic suppositions about thongs, they don’t hurt, and your genitalia isn’t getting pressed and squashed. If you buy the right size and fabric, thongs can be very comfortable. For bigger men such as myself, finding ANYTHING that fits is very difficult. Please go to the forums page and check out the section about thongs. I posted links to 6 or 7 thongs that will fit larger men and they are all reasonably priced.

  3. David_nc says:

    Fast forward almost 6 years from my first string bikini to when I was 19. I was Christmas shopping alone and stepped into the Jockey store and they had mens thongs, I cannot pin point the moment I wanted to try thongs but here I was and they had them. I bought a 2 pack. They were baggy, not a bad tail but overall not terrific; I still have them for nostalgia. I later found CK thongs and eventually the Undergear catalog. I wore them secretly for years then stopped. With the help of this group I probably wear them daily now. You have to find the right brand, size, material but they really are comfortable and worth giving them a try.

  4. DonS says:

    I’d say that, for beginners, thongs are one of the trickier styles to get used to. Not just the fabric between the cheeks issue, but that not all are intended as just ordinary underwear. Some versions are definitely for the bedroom (the gimmicky elephants trunk ones for example), and are not the best for wearing for a long time. That is not always spelt out in the website displays, which would be easy to see if they were available in a store. Another issue that is difficult to tell from websites is that some versions allow a fair bit of stretch while others are tighter, especially with an erection. I prefer the tight fit as the support is better. You’ll have to decide what you like with this, as this is probably split about 50:50 for preference, and manufacturers have to cater for all tastes.

    We’ve all been caught with these problems, so for anyone trying a thong for the first time, if you get caught with such a style, don’t give up, try something else.

  5. Funderwear says:

    If you’re trying a thong for the first time I highly recommend spending some money on a high quality thong. As someone who originally only wore a thong on random occasions as more of a novelty, the cheap thongs just don’t last and also just aren’t comfortable for daily wear. Some of my suggestions for beginners would be the Jack Adams modal bikini thong, the MeUndies mens thongs, and basically any gregg homme thong. You will spend a bit more, especially for Gregg Homme or Jack Adams its so worth it!

    • Jason says:

      I must respectfully disagree with your opinion about price equaling better quality. I have some very good quality thongs that have lasted me for quite a while that I’ve spent less than $3-5 on. I recommend that you always read customer reviews first. To see what type of quality your investing in. Just because they’re more expensive doesn’t mean they’re better quality.

    • David_nc says:

      I’m personally on the fence with this. I have some thongs that I paid more than $25 dollars for and the material looks more used than I feel it should, but it is still a comfortable thong. I also have recently purchased the iKingsky thong, $20 for 4 and they fit great and so far have washed well.
      For someone looking to wear a thong for the first time, check reviews, buy when on sale so if it doesn’t work out you don’t feel like you wasted more money, and if your first pair isn’t perfect – don’t give up try a few others. I’m sure we all have underwear in the drawer that we were disappointed by.

  6. T says:

    On my recent trip to Sicily, I was disappointed to see only one guy wearing a thong, but I was encouraged by the fact he was sunbathing on a busy section of the main beach, rather than at the nudist zone where I spotted three last year. He appeared to be on his own, which impressed me even more because having someone with you makes it easier to bare almost all. When he got up from his sun lounger, I expected him to pull on some shorts to move about, but he walked past several people on sun loungers before disappearing from view. Would love to have chatted with him to ask when he got into thongs, but he didn’t reappear.

  7. PT says:

    The thong was originally worn exclusively by men. It is related to the loin cloth. The Japanese fundoshi is essentially a thong, and exclusively worn by men. It is only because the first thong swimsuit was made for women, and that g-strings were instituted during the 1939 Worlds Fair when the mayor of New York insisted they be worn by nude dancers, that they got linked to women. Otherwise, the original thong is a mans garment.

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