Underwear and Swimwear Packing: The Dilemma

Underwear and swimwear packing
This post is based on a suggestion from David_NC that was having this dilemma. For us that have lots of underwear and/or swimwear, how do we decide what to pack for a trip? It can be quite a decision. I haven’t counted my pairs lately, but I have at least several months before I’d need to do laundry for clean underwear if not half a year. I know some that could go a year or more. So how do you decide what to pack?

For me it is going to start with of course where we are going. Then to some extent what we will be doing. If there is going to be a beach or pool on the trip then double the decisions. Normally our trips are during the summer, which means warm weather. With warm weather I stick with thongs a lot of the time. So a majority of the underwear I’d pack are thongs with maybe a bikini or two. Then I go with lighter weight pairs. Fabrics like polyester and nylon blends. Some of my go to thongs for warm weather vacations are the Doreanse Aire thong, Intymen sports thong, Prevail Sport string thong and med thong, and Daniel Alexander DA780 thong. Then if I throw a bikini or two in them probably be Prevail Sport string brief or Rio brief.

Then for swimwear it comes down to what I feel the area can handle and if anyone is going with us. My last two extended family trips I went a little more conservative than what I wear to our local beaches. This summer’s Myrtle beach trip I went with more of a 3” swim brief. There were a few reasons for this. The in-laws were along. I’ve come across anti swim brief content from a condo place there and from past visits I got the feeling it’s more of a conservative place for the most part. My main suits for extended family along is my Sluggers Classic swim brief and now two Turlock & Co swim briefs. When it is my wife and kids I opt for suits like a Speedo Solar or a cut similar to it.

The best advantage of wearing bikinis, thongs, and swim briefs is they take up less room than typical men’s underwear and swimwear. That means we can pack more of them and have a choice when we arrive at our destination. I guess I sort of have my go tos for vacation, so maybe not so much of a dilemma for me. I’d say swimwear is a bit harder of a selection with not always knowing the area and what I will feel most confident in. What I know is that trunks don’t go into the suitcase. Do you have a hard time picking out what to pack for your vacations/trips?

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  1. T says:

    Thanks David. Love it when a fellow supporter of the blog takes the time to suggest a topic for Nate to expand on. This is also great timing for me having just returned from my annual trip to my beloved Sicily.
    My case packing regime is pretty straight forward especially when it comes to choosing underwear/swimwear. I take approx 30 g-strings, which take up very little room(can’t imagine doing that with boxers etc), and a maximum of 4 swim bikinis/thongs. This year I took a Hom swim thong, a Kiniki tan through thong, a Kiniki tanga and a Daniel Alexander half back bikini. Some of you are probably wondering why I bother with swimwear when I normally frequent a nudist zone over there, but I take them so that if I do decide to go to a regular beach I have them to fall back on. Didn’t wear any of them this year, although I do put one or two in my beach bag even if I’m going to the zone.
    For anyone who is unsure about what to pack, or doesn’t know what is deemed to be appropriate in a particular area, I would suggest you give yourself a mixture of styles from fairly conservative to as skimpy as you dare. Even if you don’t usually wear a thong or string bikini, you should still pack at least one of each just in case you find yourself in a place where other guys are sporting them openly and it would be the perfect opportunity for you to do likewise. Better to go prepared, even if the thong doesn’t see the light of day, than miss out because you didn’t pack one.

    • Mike says:

      I have the same “problem” I pack way too many thongs and G strings when going away. Even for a short trip, I probably pack more than double the amount of thongs for days away, you need a choice right?
      I only have swim briefs, some of which are quite small, much smaller than standard Speedos. I’ve gotten to an age where I just don’t care what others think of my bikinis.
      I’ve got a few Kiniki swim briefs, as well as a heap of Cocksox bathers. I’ve recently bought a few swim thongs, I worn one to a deserted beach last summer and am now hooked, so I can’t wait for it to warm up a bit here, as I’ll definitely be wearing a thong to the beach.

  2. David says:

    When I traveled for work I packed Hugo Boss and 2xist low-rise briefs for business day wear and sexy jocks and bikinis for out on the town. For swimwear I packed swim trunks to be conservative as I worked for a bank. Sounds dumb but they cared about what you wore to the pool. I do have swim briefs but I’ve only wore them to my local gay campground. I’m a larger man and have struggled with body size issues. I was so glad that the campground was affirming whether naked or wearing swim briefs. It was very freeing.

  3. David_nc says:

    I feel honored, my family was going on vacation and when at home I have a drawer full of underwear to pick from. However I can’t take them, at home I can pick and choose – vacation means I need to do all that for a week in advance. I’ve basically switched to thongs for daily wear and briefs to sleep in. So I knew I had to pack my favorites for the week then I picked some 2nd favorites in case I wanted to mix it up. Like Nate said with thongs they are small so you can pack more than the bulky boxer briefs I still need to get rid of. So however you decide what to take for vacations make sure they are the pairs that make you feel great.

  4. Surfer Cole says:

    Heading to France next summer, so plan to pack light with just thongs and g-strings.

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