Save On Those Undies

Save Money On Some UndiesWant to save money on your undies? Then one of the best ways is research and patience. Be patient and I’ll get back to my best way to save some money.

Ebay use to be a good option to find some good undie deals, but I find it a lot harder than it use to be to get a great steal. You could try out and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll find something of interest and in your size. I don’t have much luck there, but I probably don’t frequent it enough. Another possible place to save are the sale and clearance sections of websites, which can lead to considerable savings. Again seem to always be out of my size when I get to checking them out. Something else to keep your eye on is shipping rates. They vary from site to site. Also just because it is free shipping doesn’t mean it is the best place to buy, since shipping can be built into the price of the underwear.

Let’s look at how the research comes in. When you shop for a car or a TV or a big ticket item you comparison shop. Now undies don’t cost quite as much, but you can save some money comparison shopping. A dollar or two savings is some money towards your next pair of underwear. So check out a bunch or retailer and brand websites to get a feel for the pricing out there. Once you learn what sites seem to have the best pricing you can sign up for their emails or follow them on social media to get their sale alerts. You may still want to consider following the others too, since they could have better promotions. Here is where you need to be patient. Take time and see what promotions they run and use that to figure out your best way to save some money on those underwear styles you have been eyeing. In time you’ll learn what the best promotions are and then you’ll know when you should jump in and buy. What are some ways you try to save some money on your underwear purchases?

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  1. T says:

    In the days when I bought almost all of my underwear from Kiniki,they would have regular discounts on their collections and special offers such as spend an x amount and get the same amount again free! Don’t remember having to pay full price for any item,if at all!
    In later years when I started shopping online,I bought some great sale items from Mensuas,but unfortunately,due to high import taxes and postage costs,it became too expensive to continue buying from them.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      It seems like Kiniki always has their items at a reduced price and then they run sales reducing it more. In general I don’t typically pay full price for my purchases from anywhere. I’ve gotten some good deals from Mensuas. I’ve actually found sometimes they offer items on ebay at an even better price than their website. Whoever runs mensuas also runs several other sites. I also believe they own several of the brands they offer.

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