Are bikinis more acceptable for men to wear than thongs?

more acceptable bikini thong

I’ve been contemplating a while if there is more acceptance of bikinis for men than thongs for men. My blog seems to get more traffic related to thongs than bikinis, which is what got me thinking. The blog may be a little more on the thong side, but thought I was getting a decent balance of both. At least both I feel need to be promoted and supported for guys.

Now the simple answer to the question I’m sure is yes. If you gave women the option of what they would prefer their guy to wear between the two I’d guess a majority would say bikini. If you asked a guy which they’d prefer to try, it most likely will be the bikini too. But in general is it really acceptance or just let’s say the picking of the lesser of the two evils in men’s underwear.

I do feel that thongs are seen as more feminine underwear than bikinis. Though it probably comes down to style. Some bikinis have a brief like look even the string bikinis with the elastic waistbands like Jockey carries probably are ones that aren’t going to get shunned as much. Now the styles I prefer (ones without a waistband) I think are probably farther down the acceptability scale or maybe it should be a tolerance scale. I wonder if the Jockey seamless thong has any credibility as a male thong with it looking like a brief from the front. Not going to be one on my wishlist to try even though I have heard it is comfortable.

In the whole scheme of men’s underwear I feel bikinis aren’t that much above thongs. Jockstraps most likely have more acceptance if worn for working out. Not sure about for everyday wear. I’d say bikinis and thongs are probably the bottom two underwear styles for men with bikinis in second to last.

In the end I wouldn’t use acceptance to compare which one wins out over the other. Society has put them both down as joke styles for men. At least we seem to slowly gained some ground of expansion with them both, since I started my journey into them. We also have some open minded women out there that like guys in them. Even ones that got their guy to try them. A little head way is better than none. Let’s keep up wearing them proudly and promoting them in the ways we feel comfortable doing so.

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  1. T says:

    Great post,Nate, and well worth the wait. I see this is an underwear discussion rather than a swimwear one. Interesting that you put thongs and bikinis in your bottom two. Hard to argue with that, but assuming you’re not including g-strings with thongs, I would say the g-string ranks even lower than the other two. My main reason being that you can still see the occasional thong and bikini briefs for sale on the high street, but when did you last see a g-string for sale(out with an adult shop)?

    A number of years ago male stripper groups like The Chippendales and Dream Boys were all the rage and were always clad in skimpy thongs etc in their publicity pics. Women flocked to their shows in their thousands and were whipped into a frenzy by the sight of the perfect butts and large packages on display. I don’t deny these guys had great bodies, but I’m willing to bet that the reaction of the women would have been less rabid if the guys had been wearing knee length board shorts, rather than butt revealing thongs! I also wonder how many husbands, boyfriends etc were “gifted” a thong or string after their other half had been to one of these shows, and were ordered to wear it in the bedroom?

    I would put jockstraps in a separate category! Much more acceptable due to their association with sportsmen, which automatically, rightly or wrongly, gives them a more masculine image. The fact that they also give a boost to the most modest of butts is in their favour too!

    As Nate stated. We have to keep wearing and promoting what makes us feel good and hope that the tide of repression and ridicule turns!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks, been in a struggle with getting posts put together of late. I consider a g-string part of the thong family, but you are right it would be at bottom of the thong family list. I haven’t noticed any thongs in store of late here not that I browse very often. Target and Kmart were the only two I ever saw them in person at.

      I’m wondering if the women that attend their shows are either the open minded ones or ones that think either only strippers should wear them or guys fit like them. Guessing probably the strippers for many of them :(. I think you are right jockstraps are thought as an item for the gym or sports, which gives the impression of masculine. Does that masculinity spill over to the fashion jocks that seem to be made more for wearing as underwear than just the active times?

      • T says:

        I think one of the main issues with the traditional jock being used as everyday underwear was the fact that the waistband and under straps tended to be on the thick side which made them more noticeable under tight fitting trousers, jeans etc. Some of the newer fashion jocks that you mention probably lessen that particular issue, but when all is said and done, as I said in my previous comment, a jock strap can work wonders in improving what the booty gods did,or didn’t bestow upon you.
        I dare say there are some brands of jocks which are less masculine in appearance due to the material used etc, but I can think of several brands which are definitely targeted at the macho, muscular, bear culture.

  2. DonS says:

    Not for this man they aren’t. No doubt in general you have a point, but for me bikinis and thongs (as G-strings only) are top of the list for everyday wear. I have not had any women complain about the bikinis I have worn – one made a comment about “there not being much to your jocks”, but that was all she said and no negative comments from anyone else.

    Bottom of the list for me are trunks and boxers – too much fabric for the job I think they have to do, which is to cover and support the genitals, plus boxers don’t offer enough support for me.

    There is also one very useful benefit from the minimal fabric of a string bikini. I commonly wash them by hand when staying away for a few days somewhere for work etc. The small amount of nylon means they dry very quickly, so can be packed away before leaving for the day. Try that with a bulk of cotton.

    • T says:

      Hi Don. I’m in total agreement with you about thongs, and in my case g-strings, being top of the list for everyday wear, but the main thread of Nate’s article was the general lack of acceptance for particularly skimpy male attire, which led to us agreeing that g-strings, thongs and then bikinis would be at the bottom of any list that was compiled by your average member of the public. Trust me, the day I start promoting the wearing of boxer shorts will be the day I hang up my g-string in shame!
      It doesn’t surprise me that none of the women who have had the pleasure of seeing you in or out of your bikinis(lol), has complained about their minimal coverage. From your various posts on this blog you are obviously a fine figure of a man who is well equipped to please the ladies down under!

      • DonS says:

        Sadly, age is taking it’s toll, so perhaps “fine-ish figure” is perhaps the best that could be said now!

        My comments referred to the last sentence of the penultimate paragraph (bikinis and thongs being in the last two places for most men). No doubt this is true, and we’ve got to accept that for some men these two styles are uncomfortable for them (although I struggle to see how a well-designed bikini would be uncomfortable) or not easily obtainable, while for others they just do not care what they wear underneath (they are hidden most times after all). The boxers/trunks are so easy to purchase through the chain stores, but are they really that cheap compared to internet-purchased bikinis? The really cheap ones are, but to get something with quality requires spending something similar to what I pay for my string bikinis. There is another group that contains me and others who are already wearing these styles, so do not require any convincing that bikinis and thongs are good to wear. It’s the group who have yet to try these styles and would find them great to wear that needs to be targeted, but how, and without coming across as pushy.

  3. Sub thong wearer says:

    I think that right or wrong it is definitely more acceptable to wear a bikini. The majority of people just get hung up by where that little string strap tail etc. ends up going and make generalizations from there unfortunately.

  4. Greg says:

    I don’t get to a beach or pool very often, but I would assume bikinis on men would be more acceptable to the public than thongs. I don’t think that public opinion would be very friendly to all that butt cheek showing with a thong (at least on a man). I don’t know when the switch occurred in fashion to go to the long baggy swimwear, because I remember the ’60’s, ’70’s, and ’80’s men were wearing tight bikinis. No one blinked an eye. Now all you can find off the rack in stores are big, baggy, long, ugly board shorts.

  5. EJ says:

    Yeah seems women wear what they want but guys are supposed to be big, baggy, long & ugly I guess lol

  6. Bikini Obsessed says:

    I’ve put myself to the test/challenge lately and decided to rock a speedo to the pool. Not just any speedo either, the one I’ve been wearing is definitely on the skimpier side. I had to mentally prepare myself knowing that I would get looks …..because it was also leopard print…this is what I wore…( It was exhilarating and scary at the same time because I did get looks and I could tell some people were kind of chuckling to themselves but I guess that is to be expected with a leopard print speedo lol. I’ve thought about getting a similar style speedo that isn’t leopard print from the same website as I really like the cut. It is on the risqué side though and I wonder if I also have the body to rock it also. I rarely if ever see guys wearing what I wore to the pool so I worried also that I might be asked to change but surprisingly nobody said anything…not even the lifeguards. If felt awesome to wear a true bikini style speedo to the pool…just wish more guys had the courage to do it too. There was another guy in a more conservative speedo there and one guy in longer spandex shorts though. For wearing something revealing such as that cut, I really didn’t want to give off any ‘sexual’ vibe but I suppose I cant deny that it is a sexy speedo. Is there anyone on this site that has ordered from

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      That’s quite a swimsuit to jump into swim brief wearing at the pool! Way to go. I’ve never seen a guy go that skimpy anywhere I’ve been as of yet. Skimpier than I have worn, but like the cut. If you are confident wearing it then you have the body to wear it. I’ve looked at them before, but I haven’t purchased from them yet.

  7. Bikini Obsessed says:

    Thanks BD, I think I had to share with you all with this. It really felt awesome to wear. I did kind of worry with how skimpy it is though hehe. I have always wanted to wear this style speedo in particular. I’d actually like to wear it regularly even. I’ve owned this pair of swimwear for awhile (which I thought actually was underwear until going back to the website) A couple months ago (think I shared this on another post) that I saw a guy at the pool basically wearing the same cut speedo as mine but it was skinzwear. I guess seeing him wearing that made me really want to try wearing mine also. Sadly, I’ve only seen that guy the one time at the pool. It was so awesome to see him in his skimpy bikini speedo though. I discovered that wearing a skimpy speedo (or any speedo for that matter) just requires you to ‘rock it’ and be confident. Even feeling a little out of place wearing it (for lack of other males wearing something similar) you just have to maintain that confidence. I would still like to be in better shape and still have some pounds to lose but the skinzwear guy I saw was a bigger guy …he was a hefty guy (little overweight) but to me his weight almost didn’t matter because his skimpy speedo looked awesome on him regardless. Just thought i’d mention that because I think us guys have body image issues along with women that we need to get over….aka you don’t have to have a perfect body to wear a swim brief/speedo. Nathan, you should really try some swimwear from I’ve also thought of trying skinzwear…they have everything from moderate to skimpier swimwear. I may still buy from skinzwear…

  8. Bikini Obsessed says:

    I wanted to mention that my leopard speedos darkened in colour when they were wet, so the leopard print was kind of toned down a bit but it was still highly noticeable : ) : ) Gotta repeat it but it felt awesome being a bikini speedo guy at the pool : )

  9. Greg says:

    Hi, Bikini Obsessed: I looked up the site because of your story, and I must say they have great suits. I am a thong addict, so I looked at both their thongs as well as bikinis–nice looking styles of both types. You also mentioned Skinzwear, and I have several thongs from Skinz. They are a bit more expensive then I usually like to spend, but they are worth it in their quality and fit. I have a 36″ waist, so the first thong I ordered from Skinz was a XL (36″-38″). They were just a bit big, as I like a nice snug fit. Ever since the second order, I have been ordering L (33″-35″), which are perfect. Skinzwear has a huge selection of both thongs/g-strings and bikinis, so Happy Shopping (haha).

  10. Greg says:

    In society as a whole, we all know that both bikinis and thongs for men are looked down on. In your last paragraph, Nate, you say “Society has put them both down as joke styles for men”. The other day I was watching “Family Feud”, and the category was “Things men should never wear”. There were six answers for that question, and guess what two of them were? Speedos and thongs. That is why this blog is so important for us bikini and thong wearers–to let each other know how great we feel by wearing our choice of underwear/swimwear.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      That’s a prime example of the negativity towards them. Unfortunately it’s not hard to find examples of them being made part of a joke. I’ve been seeing it in kids movies often, so kids are getting molded at a young age that it is funny when guys wear a swim brief or thong.

  11. W W says:

    I don’t know which one is more acceptable to wear, but I love all of my Bikinis and Thongs! I have a lot of them and wear them as often as I can. I sunbathe in the privacy of my backyard in the tiniest Thongs and G-strings I have, sometimes bikinis, but mostly thongs for better tan lines! They are so fun to wear and it’s so liberating!

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