Brand Loyal for Good Reason

Brand Loyalty for Good Reason

Blogging got me more into trying out different underwear brands in an attempt to give some review variety. Before blogging I mainly stayed with a few brands. Now and then I tried out different things Undergear offered, but they were always hit and miss. Mostly it seemed to be misses with them. When I started out into bikinis and thongs there was limited brands really to choose from. Some of them no longer available that I’ve found and liked. Now a days we have quite a few brands out there offering bikinis and thongs, so it seems I should be exploring if blogging about bikinis and thongs.

I’ve mentioned it before that I’m on the conservative side with spending money. So in my journey to branch out the brands in my drawer I’ve stuck with brands people might consider lower end name brands. I’m not going to pay upwards of $30 or more for a pair of underwear, so you most likely won’t see me reviewing brands like Gregg Homme, Olaf Benz, Rufskin to name a few. I’ve seen things that interest me from these brands, but I can not justify spending that much money on a pair of underwear. I can get two to three pairs for the price of one that I know I will like from brands I already know I like.

I like to make the average price per pair in a an order no more than $12 a piece. With that goal it limits the brands I can buy from that aren’t pairs being discontinued. Now I have splurgee more than that now and then, but nothing too crazy and not too often. Some may consider that cheap, but when you are buying more than you really need I see it very reasonable.

So why do I say brand loyalty for good reason? Well, in my attempt to branch out my brands I’m really finding that my brands I’ve been wearing for years really are hard to beat. Maybe it is because I’ve worn them so long, but seems to be more to it than that. They have more than one style that I like from them. Offer a decent selection of colors and prints. They don’t change up things a lot, so I know the style I like is mostly likely going to be hanging around. Then they fit my budget.

Other brands I find are trying to change things up to much and are trying to come up with the next big thing in men’s underwear. With all the changes their offerings are limited especially in colors, since they need to come up something new and fresh in a few months. Guess the goal is to differentiate themselves. Then when you find a style you like from the brand, they stop producing to freshen up their line. Also some brands only carry one or two bikinis and thongs. That makes it hard to be loyal to it especially when only a couple colors available. I don’t what a drawer full of the same colors and styles from the same brand.

So since starting to blog, I’ve tried out close to a dozen brands new to me between buying for myself and some I reviewed for Underwear News Briefs. I’ve found some bikinis and thongs I liked from these brands, but would I say they are enough to make me brand loyal. I’d say no to pretty much all of them, but one. The brand Dietz is one I’ve been pretty happy with finding. They are a little more than I like to pay, but been able to get decent sales on the ones I’ve bought. Overall I don’t think there has been a pair I did not like.

I will continue to try new brands and new styles from brands I’ve found something I’ve liked from. But I’m going to make sure my tried and true brands still get my patronage. I’ve kind of been ignoring them until recently and I need to make sure I continue to support them regularly. Do you find you are brand loyal to anyone? Are you brand loyal to just one style or several from the brand(s)? Share your experience with brand loyalty or not being brand loyal in the comments.

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  1. T says:

    Long before the days of internet online shopping,I bought 99% of my underwear by mail order from an English company called Kiniki. They had a great range of bikini briefs,thongs,g-strings etc all modeled by real guys,as opposed to mannequin dummies,and I looked forward to receiving their latest catalogue on a regular basis. My favourite item was their Gigolo g-string which was available in several colours and was a joy to wear.Unfortunately,the company decided to discontinue the Gigolo,and even though I tried several other strings from them,they just weren’t the same, and eventually the whole g-string range disappeared from their catalogues. I also felt the company had lost their way with some of their newer designs which failed to appeal to me,and so,after a few more less than satisfactory purchases from them(mainly tanga swimwear),I stopped buying from them.
    Thankfully,with the dawn of online shopping,I was able to buy excellent g-strings by Gregg Homme,Daniel Alexander and Cover Male,to name but a few. If money was no object,I would probably buy Gregg Homme strings exclusively as they are incredibly comfortable and I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue with any of them.Sadly,with the exception of an occasional sale item,they are too expensive to justify buying on a regular basis.
    There is no shame in sticking to a particular brand or style if you find something that really works for you,no matter the price,but it’s also nice to discover something slightly different that you might not have initially thought was right for you.

  2. jr says:

    I agree with the you both bd and t. I am brand loyal to an extent. I find the brands that I am loyal , you know exactly how they fit , how well their made, etc. I usually keep my purchases between 15-25 dollars. Some of brands I am loyal to are Joe Snyder, prevail sport and rubber tree latex. I do keep an options open and try new brands , you never know you may find another brand to be loyal to.

    • Greg says:

      jr: Thank you for mentioning “rubber tree latex” in your reply. I went to their site, and with the thong choices they offer I am sure that I will be ordering from them soon. Large selection of colors and fabrics.

      • Just looked into them too. I see they go by Something Wild in California also. I bought from them on ebay years ago. Don’t recall what I bought though. Nice thing about places like that is good selection of fabrics.

      • jr says:

        Your welcome Greg, they have great service and products. Something kinda nice being able talk to the person thats going to make your underwear. The Rio string bikini thong and the body hugger string bikini are some of my favorites. Thanks to Greg I will have to check out muscleskins. So far I haven’t tried any of thongs from prevail, but going to at sometime.

        • Greg says:

          Well, jr, all because of you , I placed an order for two Rio String Bikini Thongs from rubbertreelatex. From the description in the ad, they appear to be very similar to the String Thong from Prevail Sport, which is a favorite of mine. One of the features I like in a thong is a contoured (center-seam) pouch. The Body Hugger String Bikini that you mentioned has a smooth pouch. Is the pouch restrictive (tight) on this model? Also, in looking at the butt coverage on the Body Hugger, do you have to fix it often to keep the material from traveling into the crack? Can’t wait for my order to arrive!

          • jr says:

            Cool Greg I hope you them. I haven’t had any issues with body huggers. I order these in nylon/spandex material, so there is some stretch, the pouch is not restricted. Also you can request to have a little more material in the front. The butt coverage stays in place for me. I never really have fix back on these .

  3. Greg says:

    I have always loved the fit of Prevail Sport String Thongs. I prefer thongs that have a higher waist. Just for the fun of it go to and look at the complete ways that you can customize your suits. They are a little costly, but when you get the combination of size options just right, they can be very comfortable and worth the expense. One feature that I like about Muscleskins suits is that they put a center-seam down the crack-strap–no other thong I have ever seen has that. They don’t have any pre-made suits–all of their orders are custom made.

  4. DonS says:

    Absolutely loyal as far as the string bikinis go – its nothing but GroovinStore currently. A big reason for that is what I call consistency, or maybe constancy, but its the idea that any purchase will be very much the same in whatever criteria you want to measure (fit at back, crotch fit or waist tightness). A purchase of two colours will be the same, and all items within any one colour will be similar, and two purchases separated by a couple of years are the same.

    For exactly this reason, I struggle to be brand loyal to any company for their G-strings. I have had some real shockers from CoverMale, comfortable fitting style today will not be that way in future purchases. Even Kiniki have let me down – I’m the one who complained about the Newton G-string being too small and nothing like the size of other styles of apparently the same size.

    Perhaps this poor tolerance of dimensions is acceptable within the industry, but if one (GroovinStore) can do it, why can’t they all.

  5. Greg says:

    I have added another brand of thong to my “brand loyalty” list. Besides the Prevail Sport Micro Thong style, my new addition to favorites is the Skinzwear M44 Thong. The styles from both brands have a narrow pouch, which support and feel great. What’s fun about these blogs is looking at thong/bikini sites that other guys have discovered. Can’t buy them all, but it’s good knowing there are so many skimpy “man-wear” sites out there for everyone’s taste.

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