Does your wife or girlfriend like you to wear bikinis and thongs?

Woman's thought on guys bikini and thongsWhat’s your experience with your wife or girlfriend and your bikini and/or thong wearing? Do they support your choice? Discourage you? Do they like to know what pair you have on for the day? Do they let you wear them as swimwear or just underwear? I know it seems a lot of women are against the bikini and thong on a guy, but I like to hear what your experience has been. Maybe those are just the vocal ones.

My experience has been a positive one. I’ve had nothing but support from my wife. As I mentioned in another post if it wasn’t for my wife I’d probably still haven’t worn a swim bikini in public. She still needs to work on me to get me to wear them more often though. She hasn’t given me any negative comments about my underwear choice be it a bikini or thong and seems to enjoy seeing what my undies choice for the day is.

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  1. J. S. Mars says:

    This is a good question. If it were not for my wife I would only be wearing bikinis. Skimpy, but not thongs. She got me to started wearing thongs. She insists that’s the only thing I wear to bed. I liked them so much I started wearing thongs every day.
    Funny though she doesn’t really like me to wear a bikini or sport brief swim suit even a square swim trunk. She would freak if I tried to pull off a thong at a pool or beach in public. This only proves to me that woman are fickle.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I like to hear when it is the woman that encourages the guy to try out the thong. Too bad she seems to want you to conform to society standards for the swimwear. Does that mean you don’t wear the swim bikini or brief?

      • J.S. Mars says:

        I do wear bikinis but I’ve never worn a thong in public. I suppose if it was very hot and I was in the south of France I could probably get away with it. Either way my wife feels it show too much skin in public.

  2. RJ says:

    My wife definitely prefers me to wear tiny bikinis or g-strings. Oddly, she is not a fan of thongs, as she finds them to have too much coverage. Unlike J.S above, she definitely prefers it when I wear tiny bikini or g-string swimwear, especially when we go to the beach. She loves the attention I/we get!

  3. J.S. Mars says:

    Yes on a further note, I feel this has a lot to do with the women’s personality. My wife is one of those people that doesn’t like to draw attention to her self. So the same probably goes for how she feels about her man.
    It is a pity too because I’m kind of an excibitionist. And I sort of miss the attention I would get.
    Oh by the way, I take good care of myself, with weight training and cardio so I don’t have a dad body by any means!
    So I feel I can pull the skimpy bikinis off in public.

    • RJ says:

      Then do it!! Too many men make decisions about what to wear based on their wife’s insecurities. While I will not disrespect those issues, I don’t think you should change who you are just because. Be proud, and be skimpy. And quite frankly, show off the body you’ve worked so hard on!

  4. Andrew Levinson says:

    My wife insists that I wear bikini underwear and so does she. We text each usually after we get to work to to find out what bikini each of us our wearing that day. We could sneak a peak in the morning first thing, but finding out a little later is exciting. If it is one of our favorites we may react back that we just went to bathroom to touch ourselves and get a visual in our mind. And they fill great and show the package quite nicely. She is a little Leary about things for either of us and a big NO to the swimsuit. I love bikinis and would wear no other kind of underwear.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      That’s for sharing your wife’s liking and wanting you to wear bikini underwear. Is the big no to thong swimwear? How about swim briefs? If you are interested in trying thongs and she is just leary, maybe you should buy one for each of you to give them a try. Only one way to find out about them is to give them a whirl.

  5. Jason says:

    In my lifetime, I have been married twice and dated 5 other women and none of them had issue or problems with me wearing bikinis and thongs. It was not a “deal-breaker” to them! On the contrary, they remarked that it showed great confidence in myself and that I was secure in my sexuality. Women admire and are attracted to confident, secure men.

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