Don’t Judge the Swimwear

Don't Judge The Swimwear

Summer has been in full swing here for a bit now and the swimwear has been broken out. We talk about people judging us for wearing our swim briefs, swim bikinis, swim thongs, and swim g-strings. But have you been judging others in their swimwear? Has it been positive or negative judgements?

I’m sure it’s been a bit of both. It is human nature to judge. I know I do, but I’m working on being less judgemental. Now I’m not one that thinks you need to be fit to wear skimpy swimwear. I think some fit people do not look good in say a bikini. Then I’ve seen some heavier people that do look good in their bikini. Some of it comes down to how well they pick their skimpy swimwear. Yes, I have had the thought that a particular person shouldn’t be wearing that. Now I am adding on and saying at least they have the confidence to wear what they want to wear. I know it’s been stated many times for us guys that wear swimwear against the norm that if you don’t like what you see then don’t look. That should be applied in general. Let people wear what they want as long as it is appropriate for the particular place.

Here’s an example of judging what a person looks better in. I was watching a swimsuit makeover either on the TV or Internet quite a while back now. They were pulling people off the beach and picking out a suit the makeover person thought worked better on them. Only one of the makeovers stuck in my mind. They had a heavier set girl on who was wearing a fairly skimpy bikini. Of course the choice of the makeover person was a conservative one piece, which to me gives the impression the person thought they needed more coverage. Personally I thought she looked pretty good in her choice of bikinis. Actually I thought the bikini flattered her better than the one piece. You’d think that if she was wearing a bikini that she must like to wear them and the makeover person could have picked a bikini that would work better for her. Guess we all see things differently.

I don’t want people to judge me negatively for wearing a swim brief, so why should I judge others. Ok, well maybe thinking that guy looks ridiculous in his board short choice is still fine to judge negatively. But let’s support those of both sexes that want to wear bikinis, thongs, g-strings no matter how they look to us. What doesn’t look good to one person may look good to another. In the end, we are all there to enjoy a relaxing day in our choice of swimwear.

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  1. Mark A Simpson says:

    Your Mind should be like a Paraschute, if it’s Not “Wide Open” it’s not doing much Good. !
    As far as judging other’s for their choice of swimwear, Well, when was the last time you heard a ‘Disparging’ remark about someone in Trunks or Board Shorts ???
    But if your in even a ‘Speedo’ ( let alone a Thong or G-String ) your Probably gonna hear something, Most likely Negative, Just Say in. ?

    • Stallion says:

      Yes, I have been told to cover up, it’s usually by males, and I think it’s because they are ashamed of themselves, ponder on that.
      That was wearing a more conservative bikini, but I’ve never had any complaints with the smaller bikinis, which are described as almost a thong, but not quite.
      And I’ve even had my mother hint to me that I should wear something more along the line of shorts, not that I would wear my skimpiest around my mother, in fact the suit I wore that time was a more conservative bikini, and before anybody says anything, I’m not fat, lol! I’m proud of my body, and I do wish that I had more confidence when I was younger, rather than waiting later in life.

  2. Stallion says:

    Touché! That is a very good point.
    Those of us who are pro-skimpy can be jerks too.
    Though I don’t judge others choice of swimwear, I do judge my own, and I’ll admit. I look like a bozo in what I call “Dork Shorts” they look like pants, as short as I am.
    But the point you make is well received, and I never thought of looking at it that way.

  3. DonS says:

    I have done some brief work with mental illness, and one of the things helpers are not supposed to be is judgemental, especially with drug-induced mental illness. It was pointed by a presenter early on in one of the courses that it’s human nature to be judgemental – it’s OK to be that way. The key word is in your last paragraph. It is “thinking”. In other words, it’s OK to think positive or negative thoughts about what someone is wearing, but not OK to say these out loud, or pull faces, or whatever other body language will reveal your true thoughts.

    I’ve never had any comments one way or the other on what I wear publically, but the day may come. I have never said anything to anyone about what was being worn, but I wish I had been able to say something nice to some females when younger and had the comment accepted for what it was.

  4. John says:

    It’s so easy to fall into that trap of judgement. I found myself doing that at the beach a few weeks ago. There was a group of people next to us and all the dads were wearing board shorts all in some American flag theme. My first thought was how ridiculous they looked, but as the day wore on I felt myself more wanting to restyle them. It wasn’t their pattern choice, but the fact that their ‘shorts’ were so long they came below their knees. Simply putting them in a shorter cut, mid thigh would have made them look much taller and slimmer. Is that judging or just trying to help? I also had to keep in mind they could have totally been judging my choice of a swim brief.

  5. AC says:

    When I wear a thong or bikini at the beach, I know people (of course specially men) judged me because I’m wearing my skimpy swimwear and I think something I shouldn’t , “probably they spend 5 min thinking about picked that option of shorts, they don’t think about how they look wearing them. But I do, I feel confident enough to put more attention what I’m wearing on the beach, whatever I’m wearing (thong/bikini or brief)”.
    So, I’m sorry guys if I’m a bad person? But honestly you should be proud to take a min putting attention what are you wearing for you and your partner.
    To the end of the day it’s so hot seeing a dad straight man confided enough to wear a speedo/brief/thong or bikini at the beach.
    I think lots of men don’t wear snitching tight because they feel uncomfortable to someone look at the junk.

    • Stallion says:

      People always have something to say about what somebody else is doing, whether it’s clothes, fashion, behavior.
      I even hear people making rude comments while I’m in daily clothes.
      I believe it’s ignorance, example just because I’m 41 years old, I’m not supposed to wear Skinny jeans, but yet I’m small framed. So their mind can’t really get around a 41 year old person, who is built like a muscular, or solid high schooler wearing skinnies. People are just not all that intelligent I guess.

      • AC says:

        I heard you stallion.
        I’m 28 years old, and fashion standard are young man should wear baggy shorts, I love spandex when I workout, and I’m the only one wear them without any problem. But, always that “funny” comment about it.

        • Stallion says:

          Yeah, I do the Lycra thing too. I think what the problem is, they don’t have the nerves, gumption, or they just can’t see themselves in such clothing. As I too used to have the same view, until I tried said clothing on, felt the comfort, and the lightness of the clothing, and that’s how I overcame my own ignorance.

          • AC says:

            That’s awesome stallion, like you change your mind and trying this new clothing. Will be great to talk about it and how your experience wearing them has been, hopefully we can talk more about it!

  6. Stallion says:


  7. Stallion says:

    I just fought my prejudice against them, and grew quite fond of the clothing I disliked. I mean, you’re still not going to find me in dresses or cross-dressing as some would call it, but I find comfort, and practicality in it, thongs, men’s leggings, extreme skinnies, etc.

  8. Jeff says:

    Stallion…I agree with you %100. Thongs, leggings and Speedos are just better than what us guys are”supposed” to wear. Other than the stigma that goes with wearing this type of gear, it is just the better choice. Spending an afternoon at the beach with giant shorts on that never dry compared with a bikini or square cut that is dry quickly and doesn’t leave you with funny tan lines. Or to wear sweatpants running versus a pair of running tights.. no comparison. And I don’t believe any guy that says briefs or bikinis are too tight and that they like boxers better…they obviously haven’t tried quality bikini or brief underwear

  9. Stallion says:

    It’s more of a male ego thing. Example: if you look at men’s shirts, most of them size from Large to XL, Xxl, XXXL, Etc. It only caters to the male ego. Most men are not going to claim they wear a small or a medium, in fact they’ll usually insult someone who wears a small or a medium. Even I used to think the same way, but I later learned to embrace my size. Yes, I can wear a small or a medium, taking a closer look, wearing a large, or xxl or xl, would be ill fitting to my small frame. But looking at those who would claim L, xl, xxl etc. are the people who would be ashamed of their bodies, now I’m not trying to shame anybody, but men’s clothes are just to cater to the male ego, which is often fragile. Therefore is why most “Men” often claim that above mentioned clothes won’t fit them because they’re too much man, which 100% of the time they’re wrong, because they’re afraid of how others will see or perceive them.

    • Mike says:

      I hear you Stallion…it’s definitely a male ego thing. As a person who actually wore 2XL’s for a long time and lost weight, I relish in asking for Mediums now.

    • Randy L says:

      I’m glad to pick an medium off the rack and wear it. It’s my reward for losing 30 lbs, from cycling and weight lifting.

  10. Mike says:

    My policy in life is to mind my own business as long as it’s not hurting anybody. However, if I engage with anyone on the beach wearing something skimpy (probably because I was wearing something too) I’m guilty of one metric when judging.

    Confidence level. I’m confident in what I wear and by keeping direct eye contact, I can tell if they are too or not. If they’re nervous, I give them a complement which automatically makes their eyes lighten and boosts their confidence level for the rest of the day. If they’re confident, I also complement and follow up by asking where they got that suit. Maybe it’s a new brand I don’t know about.

    That’s it….keeps it simple and positive.

  11. t says:

    Every time I go to my favourite holiday destination in Sicily,I am heartened to see men of every shape,size and age wearing the type of skimpy swim briefs that in some countries would have them ridiculed and vilified,and in others, could have them harassed or even arrested by the authorities. Italian guys are completely at ease with each other and confidently wear tight fitting speedos with not the slightest hint of self consciousness.
    When I saw a man of pensionable age walking alone on the other side of the road down to the main square wearing a black swim brief with the name Speedo prominently displayed in white letters across his butt,I didn’t recoil in horror and think nasty thoughts,on the contrary,I was almost tempted to cross the road and shake his hand.
    A perfect example of “Don’t judge the swim wear” was demonstrated to me by a guy I saw on several separate occasions at an area popular with nudists and skimpy swim brief wearers. This guy was a big lad with a fair bit of excess weight, particularly around his midriff,and a very broad back which was totally covered by an impressively artistic tattoo.
    Society would no doubt have expected a man of his size,should he have the courage to venture onto a beach in the first place,to cover up his large size in some shapeless t shirt and clown sized below the knee trousers. Well, I can tell you this guy was rocking a speedo with the best of them and I just thought to myself why shouldn’t he enjoy the freedom of wearing a briefer style while letting the sun tan most of his body?

    People are always going to judge us by the type of swim wear we choose,and it’s a fact that women can get away with far more than men when it comes to wearing body revealing clothing,but as long as the criticism doesn’t get too in your face,we have to rise above it and continue to challenge the stereotype.

  12. BeachBum says:

    Don’t worry what other people think. Just rock what you have. I regret being shy about my swimwear when I was younger and more attractive.

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