Does underwear or swimwear social marketing influence your buying of a brand?

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We’ve talked about underwear advertising in the past some on the blog and things that we think could be improved about it. Now recently I’ve decided I will not be buying from two brands based on what showed up in my feed from their social media accounts for the foreseeable future, which is where this post idea came from. They will remain nameless. I don’t know how many of you are on social media or even follow brands on it. If I wasn’t blogging, I’d probably wouldn’t following very many if at all any. I don’t really do social media on a personal level.

There appears to be a few ways brands market on social media. First they have their own accounts. Then some have brand ambassadors that somehow are incentivized to help promote the brand. For example send them product that they endorse in some way on social media like taking a photo with it. Some send pairs to people to review via their blog or on social media. I don’t do any of these for brands at this point in time. Anyone that does receive items to promote should be stating so somewhere.

Have you been influenced on social media by a brand or someone that was incentivized by a brand to promote their products? I guess I have been influenced to try a new brand based on social media though I don’t feel it fits into the incentivized category completely. The brand Dietz I discovered on Tumblr on a photographer’s account, which got me interested in trying that brand. I liked the looks of the pair and that the photos were taken of the models doing things you or I would probably do in our underwear. That is the main one that sticks out in my mind that sort of relates to my question. I think I’ve been influenced more by people not related to a particular brand. For example Bikinis ‘N Thongs on Twitter has gotten me interested in trying out some pairs. He’s just a promoter of underwear and not associated with any brand.

So what gets a brand on my naughty list? One would be too much focus on the family jewels. That is visibility of it in too many posts. Not the bulge in a pair of underwear or swimwear, but physically being able to see it. Going along the same line is sexually explicit posts of any kind. Basically x-rated stuff. I mean both of those instances have occurred. They didn’t even have the content hidden with the adult content feature of the social network. That would have required a person to see a warning and select view content before the post would be visible. Why can’t they be respectful and set their setting properly. To me those are obviously adult content items. Now if I selected view content and saw the images then they wouldn’t have been put in the dog house. It became my choose to risk the viewing of the content at that point. I mean people post pictures in underwear and swimwear have it turned on, which to me isn’t exactly adult content. But probably fits in the not safe for work category.

So what content would turn you away from purchasing from a brand or even a retailer?

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  1. Undies4life says:

    I certainly have decided to make underwear purchases based on what I see from others I follow both on Tumblr and Instagram. Some of the brands that come to mind include Skull and Bones, Box Menswear, and Charlie by MZ. The influence is less based on their advertising and more based on guys I admire that wear the brands.

    There is only one brand I can think of that I wouldn’t buy again based on social media activity. It wasn’t so much what they showed but more their behavior. I will refrain from naming them but their stupidity cost them my business.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Glad I’m not the only one that has decided not to purchase from a brand based on some social media related action.

  2. T says:

    I don’t remember a time when I’ve been influenced by a marketing campaign, or someone I admire to buy a certain brand of underwear or swimwear. What I don’t like to see and would probably put me off buying a product is a/ Women being used as decorative ornaments to suggest that if I was to wear a particular pair of undies or speedo,I would have women falling at my feet in lustful adoration. b/ Ads that don’t show you the back of an item and are wrongly called a thong when they are actually a bikini brief.c/ Items that are labelled “gay!” Don’t think I’ve ever met a gay thong! d/ Have to disagree with Nate here,but if an item is transparent/semi sheer etc I don’t want to see it redacted. I think I’m of an age where the sight of a penis encased in a sheer bikini is not going to send me over the edge.

    I’ve noticed on Instagram that some guys promote certain brands and are very touchy if any negative comments are posted about the item they are wearing. One example I had was when I suggested to a guy that the style and colour of the swimwear he was wearing did not show off his assets to their best,and before I knew it I was blocked from his page. He was obviously worried that my comments might possibly influence other guys to avoid that particular brand and thus cost him advertising revenue.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Modeling a sheer or transparent pair of underwear/swimwear is okay, but related text with the image and over repetition of it clearing not promoting the garment is too much for me. Something you’d get on social media over the eCommerce site. Not a fan of labeling an item gay to sell it either and I usually will pass on any items listed that way.

      I wouldn’t consider your comment negative towards the swimwear. That is just your opinion he would like better in something different. Don’t know how that would make someone not interested in the swimwear. Guess he doesn’t need you as a follower. To me negative information from someone about an item is good feedback for making a decision on it for others. As long as the negativity has why and not just it sucks or a piece of junk.

  3. EJ says:

    I won’t let a ‘gay’ label keep me from buying underwear i like i bought a bunch of stuff from Aliexpress they describe all the good stuff as gay or they’ll incorporate penis as part of the description- incidentally I closed my account with them not cuz of they call everything gay it’s cuz you can get inexpensive Asian good stuff from Amazon sometimes they stock stuff from Asia, and unless you’re a Prime member they’ll charge for shipping

  4. Dan Par says:

    I definitely am influenced by advertising. After following several sites, I settled on Skinz. I love the products. The attractive models show the products So well I want to buy them. . The fit the colors the quality work for me. Love wearing them!

  5. BeachBumCA says:

    Advertising definitely plays a role in what I purchase. If it is too gratuitous in the way it shows the genitals I am less likely to buy. Also if it is too sexual.

    Being straight, if the marketing is like Andrew Christians, it will drive me away. While the gay market obviously drives this small industry, companies that advertise over-the-top allegories to sex go too far.

    Otherwise I’m not too picky. I do enjoy the way much of women’s swimwear is advertised. It is not thrown out there as overtly or exclusively sexual but often as a lifestyle.

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