Swim Briefs, Bikinis, and Thongs Equal Exhibitionist?

Swim Brief Bikinis Thongs Equal Exhibitionist?

So if you wear thongs or bikinis are you an exhibitionist? If you wear form fitting swimwear in general in public are you an exhibitionist? If we use the main definition of exhibitionism from Merriam-Webster website then the answer for sure is no. I’ll allow you to look that up yourself. If you go with their second definition then there may be an argument for it. Their second definition says, “the act or practice of behaving so as to attract attention to oneself.” Do this search on Google ‘define:exhibitionism’ you get a similar definition.

I’ve had an idea on my list called hidden exhibitionist for a while and someone brought up that I haven’t considered the exhibitionism/voyeurism aspect. So here I am bringing it up. After looking at the definition for both terms, I find it hard to consider myself an exhibitionist at all. Even the second definition doesn’t apply. I am not seeking attention when I wear a bikini or thong or a swim brief. If that were the case I would have no issues wearing them in public. I personally wear them first and foremost for myself, because I like how they look, feel, and make me feel. Read my post that talks a bit on my narcissistic side called Underwear (Swimwear) Narcissism.

Now of course when I wear a swim bikini brief in public I know it will be drawing some attention at least. Does knowing I’m wearing something that will most likely attract attention make it exhibitionism? If so, does a woman wearing a bikini to the beach make her an exhibitionist? I’m positive that attention is going to be drawn to her. I don’t know why a woman in form fitting swimwear should be treated any differently than a guy in form fitting swimwear. Just because it is not the norm for guys, doesn’t mean the guy is an exhibitionist. I look at it as trying to be a trailblazer.

Now the argument where wearing bikinis and thongs could be considering being an exhibitionist based on the second definition above. So it states the act or practice of trying to attract attention. Pushing the limits at a beach I see as exhibitionist behavior. I always say see what the ladies are wearing to judge what suit to wear. Personally I’d probably go a little conservative compared to them, but of course there are other factors like beach cliente, the number of beach goers, type of beach it is, etc. Another example I’ve read is the cutting out of lining to bulge more. So I would say that trying to bulge more sounds like an act to try and attract attention. Though you can buy suits that are made to accentuate the package more. Those are just a couple examples that could be consider exhibitionism.

To wrap it up the general wearing of bikinis, thongs, and/or swim briefs, I would say does not make the person wearing them an exhibitionist. It’s the pushing of limits for the particular beach or pool may it be the choice of swimsuit or the actions taken in the swimwear. Going out of one’s way to flaunt yourself being male or female aligns more with the definition of exhibitionist.

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  1. RJ says:

    Hello BD
    You are quite correct about a double standard between a woman wearing a skimpy bikini in public, and it being seen as expected, versus a man in an equivalent skimpy bikini. Society has hyper-sexualized the female form and associated attire, while essentially neutering the male form with an insistence on ugly, baggy dork-short underwear and swimwear. I have always refused to conform, and have gone out of my way admittedly to wear the skimpiest bikinis and swimwear that I can find. I personally find them very comfortable, but in the process have likely become the personification of an exhibitionist as defined in your note. At the end of the day, I don’t really care, because I feel good and I’m happy with how I look. To those who may be offended, crawl back into your shell!

  2. t says:

    I don’t think there is a definitive answer to the question that Nate poses. However,most of us probably have our own ideas about what constitutes an exhibitionist. Say for example I went to my local shopping centre wearing just a thong(which I promise will never happen),I would definitely fall into that category.If,on the other hand,I wore that thong on a quiet,secluded beach,I don’t think that would be an issue.

    The wearing of g-strings,thongs etc does not make you an exhibitionist,and for many it is more a question of comfort, rather than a blatant attempt to flaunt our bare asses.There must be lots of guys who are wearing skimpy underwear everyday,and no one, except their nearest and dearest and possibly sports team mates and gym companions will ever know.

    One of this blogs followers recently recalled how he got turned on when he was caught sunbathing naked by the guy who cleans his pool. Although he didn’t set out to be caught,he nevertheless admitted that he got a real kick from showing off his package, to such an extent,that he was highly aroused when speaking with the guy. This is a good example of the sexual element of exhibitionism,although in this case, no one was offended,and both parties clearly enjoyed the unexpected situation.

    We should all be able to continue our passion for wearing skimpy undies without unduly worrying about what the boring majority have to say about us, or what labels they choose to stick on us.

  3. jonie says:

    I would rather be naked , but the law will not let me . So I wear a Thong or bikini to the beach

  4. DonS says:

    I would not judge the wearing of such garments to be exhibitionist behaviour. However, it is what happens while wearing skimpy swimwear that I would define as exhibitionist. One of the posters in a recent blog openly admitted that he did things to deliberately show off the goods and described himself as exhibitionist. I would say such behaviour fits the definition of “exhibitionist”.

    I don’t know why there is such concern about males wearing skimpy swimwear. We used to – growing up in the 1970s Speedos were common swimwear. It’s said now the Speedos are “gay”, yet I’d say in the 1970s any young male not wearing Speedos would have been regarded as “gay”. Admittedly, skimpier swimwear would have been difficult to find, probably would have had to be home-made. The recent Cpommonwealth Games showed male divers all wearing Speedo type swimwear – whether the sport’s uniform, personal choice or dictated by the Games organisers I don’t know, but was there any outrage about it. Certainly nothing here in the host country.

    These style of garments don’t make it easy to hide erections, but that should not be common in adult males in public. Females have problems with erect nipples in their swimwear, yet is any outcry heard. So why did it become such an issue for males wearing swimwear that shows an outline of the male sexual anatomy.

    • DonS says:

      Two further comments. One relates to former AUS prime minister Tony Abbott being photographed in Speedos a few years ago (last decade if I remember correctly), and the apparent outrage it caused. Yet the man is regarded as a fit, healthy one, not the white whale slob you might think of as a politician.

      The second relates to a few years ago as well. Surf life savers wearing Speedos were folding them at the rear into their cracks while undertaking particular boat trials. Apparently it was for comfort. That was one issue that reduced the regard of Speedos amongst the general community.

  5. EJ says:

    I wear g strings & string bikinis cuz I like it- exhibitionist? maybe or exhibitionist to most people cuz they think it’s weird or whatever. Maybe next week I’ll wear a g string swimsuit to the beach see what happens. Yes the usual double standard in effect- women can wear form fitting swimsuits & and guys can’t ? Bull****!

  6. The Bottom Drawer says:

    This is my general reply to all those that have commented. In general I would agree that exhibitionist is more the actions and intent than the wearing of the form fitting swimwear. Though there are suits out there that are for exhibitionism. They’re available for both men and women. In agreement that it is not right that women are encourage to show their bodies and I think it is more than just underwear and swimwear. It is all their clothing options in general. I’m sure in someone eyes no matter how conservative our form fitting swimwear it, that someone will think we are an exhibitionist.

  7. Mark says:

    I agree that to wear true swimwear briefs, bikinis or even thongs carries a certain degree of exhibitionism but this is true being an individualist. When you wear swimsuits that are a tenth of what other men have on (two inches wide versus twenty two inches wide at the hip) you are naturally gain attention because as much for the novelty factor. It’s how you act and behave yourself. I wear less because very brief makes me feel good, they are comfortable and the world is not going to come to an end if I do so. Life is short, enjoy yourself before it’s too late.

  8. Bikini Obsessed says:

    I was just looking at old pics of undergear/prevailsport/kiniki and I was wondering if those styles would ever come back. I’ve always fantasized about being a musclebound bikini hunk like those guys in the pics. Anyone else relate? Where does one go on holiday to be a bikini hunk guy? Would that fall under being a exhibitionist?


    I feel extremely comfortable being naked at the beach; I have frequented several nude beaches here in California. At any other beach, I would never wear ugly baggy board shorts. Instead, my preferences are tight short bathing suits, speedos, or very minimal bikinis. These don’t alarm me; seeing someone else wearing these doesn’t alarm me either. I’m extremely fit and I feel highly comfortable looking sexy and being able to get away with wearing something skimpy to the beach. I enjoy it! Am I an exhibitionist? You bet I am.

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