Can Men Wear Thongs?

Can Men Wear Thongs?Of course men can wear thongs. Don’t let the closed minds of people that think men only wear boxers or briefs make you think there isn’t other options out there for guys. Personally I think thongs make more sense for men than women. Yes, thongs are great for the sex appeal and keeping down those underwear lines. Both sexes benefit from those features along with they are cooler than other underwear types.

Now the one thing guys benefit from thongs over the ladies is the support you get from a thong. Thongs are a great alternative to the jockstrap. Jockstraps have come along way, since the days of the Bike brand ones worn for gym class. But, to me thongs do just as good of a job if not better than a jock (Maybe I’m just turned off of jocks from my gym class days). Once you find the right thong, then you’ll have excellent support for sports or other activities you want to have great support for.

Also there are thongs made for men, so there for men can wear thongs. Just because thongs are available in the masses for women doesn’t mean they are a feminine type of underwear. There actually is quite an online selection of men’s thongs and most of them do not look feminine. Also thongs are not gay. That just insults everyone. There are guys of all sexual orientation that like and dislike thongs, so don’t let the stigma say men can’t wear thongs. Hey, women do like their guys to wear thongs too. I’ve had no complaints and have others tell me their wife or girlfriend likes them to wear thongs. Some even buying their guys them.

If you are interested in trying a thong then go for it and don’t let anyone tell you that guys can not wear thongs. That is so far from the truth. Thongs are for everyone to enjoy.

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  1. T says:

    Men can definitely wear thongs! The reasons that some don’t are many.Here are a few of my suggestions…….

    1.Lots of men still rely on their partners to buy their underwear and most of the popular women’s magazines are very dismissive of men who wear thongs,speedos etc,so most women will choose boring boxer shorts for their men.
    2.Thongs for men are not exactly spilling out of every local high street shop.
    You might find one or two leading up to the festive season,but they tend to be novelty items with fake animal parts dangling.
    3.The old chestnut that thongs are only for women.
    4. The tired old stereotype that men who wear thongs must be gay. I actually had a workmate say those exact words.

    Just a few of my suggestions to the question. Would be interested to hear other comments on this subject.

  2. Billdirk says:

    I think those stereotypes are very true and will be hard to change. I switched from briefs to bikinis, and then Thongs. My wife was surprised at first but became supportive of my choices. I wear a thong everyday now to work, but still find myself self conscious when going to the gym and will often change into boxer briefs, as soon as I finish and go home though it’s back to a thong. I honestly think they are the most comfortable type of underwear you can wear.

  3. Eric says:

    Hell yeah, men can wear thongs. I’m a proud gay man and I’ve worn thongs for 10 years now (i’m 30). Favorite kind is Joe Boxer. BF loves them. But I love when I hear about straight guys wearing them too. We gotta be more open minded about this.

  4. Black Stallion says:

    Actually, thongs were designed for men, before women adopted them. though they are sexy on a woman, women really have no reason to wear them, and there is no practical purpose for women to wear thongs.

  5. Lawrence HUDDLESTON says:

    Not my thing.

  6. E.J says:

    It’s a preference thing- I prefer thongs & bikinis I’m definitely not gay or a woman

  7. RT says:

    Yes! Prefer them over boxer briefs or trunks (I still have those for certain occasions). Thongs and skimpy bikinis, which I wear almost all the time, make me feel different, sexy, a thrill. Will keep wearing them as long as I can for any occasion.

  8. Israeli thonger says:

    I’m 32, straight man and I absolutely love thongs. They are very comfortable and practicle and as a bonus, they are also very sexy. I wear thongs 3-5 days a week and the rest of the time I wear mini briefs. I specifically like thongs made of modal fabric that have a wide waistband. Sadly, most people are closed minded, so my wife is the only one who knows about it and she is very supportive of that.

  9. Brian says:

    Love the feel and support of thongs and skimpy briefs/bikinis and I love the way I look in them too which is why I wear them often. Question though, sometimes if I wear a snug fitting pair for a long time, my package aches a little bit. Has anyone else had a similar experience and if so what do you do about it?

    • T says:

      Hi Brian,
      Sorry to hear that you are experiencing discomfort when wearing certain types of underwear.If,like me,you wore g-strings most of the time,or thongs,I could understand from personal experience that there are times when they can be uncomfortable to wear particularly if the string that goes between your butt cheeks is too tight or is made of cheap elastic. The solution then is to stop wearing them for a day or two until any irritation disappears. With bikini briefs the answer is probably not so obvious,but I would suggest you maybe try and vary the direction of your manhood when you put your briefs on. If you normally point downwards perhaps you could try it in the up position,or visa versa. Have you noticed if the briefs that cause you pain are all made by the same company?
      I stopped buying swim tangas from a well known company because I absolutely hated the way that the pouches totally flattened my package. Maybe you just need to try different brands until you find one that gives your package a bit more freedom.

      • Greg says:

        Brian: One reason your package may get uncomfortable is if your pouch is a smooth front. I prefer pouches with a contoured, center-seamed style. A contoured pouch will stretch more, and you should feel comfortable in the down or up positions.

  10. George says:

    I recommend all men to try out men’s thongs to have their own opinion on how comfortable they can be. If you end up doing that, my guess is that you will struggle to go back to wearing “normal” underwear like briefs or boxer briefs. That was the case for me. I have been wearing men’s thongs to work or as an everyday wear for the last one year. I admit I was skeptical about straight men wearing thongs in the beginning but then I found many thongs for men on the internet and bought some. Today I have a drawer overflowing with thongs of different colours and brands. ‘Doreanse’ is probably my favourite brand for their range of thongs.

  11. ChrisAdelizzi says:

    Wow….. Soo maybe other thong wearers, i was starting to think that maybe I’m just the odd one wearing a thong 24/7 I haven’t got any other underwear why would I need to. Thongs are comfy as he’ll, cooler in the summer and cooler under my work overalls best decision I ever made was to switch to thongs. My wife fully supports me in thongs too and previous girlfriends didn’t mind either. =)

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      We’re out there. Just hard to tell who is a thong wearer when they are under our clothes. Glad to hear the wife supports your thong wearing. That is always helpful. You can checkout the forums. It’s been recently launched, so still building a user base.

  12. Elbow says:

    I just turned 63 and have been wearing Thongs since 2001. I find them very comfortable holding my family jewels in place. Not a big fan of them flopping around and I am a STRAIGHT guy with NO Gay tendencies.

  13. Tom says:

    Been wearing them for the last ten years and would never go back to any other type of underwire. It took a few days to get use to them but now I couldn’t live without them.

  14. JG says:

    I’m a straight guy and I like wearing thongs. After looking for underwear on the internet and seeing them, decided to try them. They are very comfy and sexy and now that’s all I wear.

  15. Dave says:

    Of course men can wear thongs. It’s a clothing choice after all and has nothing to do with a man’s sexual orientation. I’m a straight 56 y/o man and decided to try several different thongs out for daily wear (especially during the summer heat here in Alabama) going on 3 months ago.

    I learned very quickly that, for me, I like a soft, breathable micro thong the best for every day wear. After a couple of day of getting used to wearing them, I found them to be the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn. I only wish I’d decided to try them years or even decades ago.

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