Can Men Wear Bikini Underwear?

Can Men Wear Bikinis?I decided to do an answer to this question to play off the thong one I did last week. You can read that post here.

Yes, men can wear bikini underwear. Boxers and briefs are not the only option out there for guys. So the question boxers or briefs to me is an inadequate question to ask a guy in this day in age. I’ve been wearing bikini underwear for over 20 years now. Isn’t it time to let it go that guys have only two underwear choices. Maybe the question should be boxers, briefs, bikinis, thongs, or jock. Guess it would have to be multiple selections then. An even better question would be an open ended one like what is your underwear preference.

Ok, let’s get back to the bikinis. You may not see bikinis in the brick and mortar store or at least there is very limited selection. Now in the online world you’ll have plenty to choose from. You’ll be able to choose different amounts of back and front coverage. How much leg you want to show off. Even lots of different colors, patterns, and types of fabrics. Go online and see how many options are out there for us guys and then you’ll know that guys can wear bikini underwear.

Companies aren’t going to be making bikinis that guys aren’t buying, so you won’t be alone in the bikini wearing world. If you want you can even call them micro briefs like they are called some place. To some that will make them sound more like men’s underwear. I personally like to call them bikinis. Sounds sexier and that is how they should make you feel. What are you waiting for? Go out and find yourself some bikini underwear. Expand the styles in your underwear drawer. It really is okay.

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  1. E.J says:

    Definitely ok for men to wear bikinis,thongs etc it can’t be feminine if the package is visible

  2. JA says:

    Of course we can. Bikini underwear makes me feel sexy, daring, and different than the norm. It’s rewarding is its own way as you steer away from the crowd and are brave enough to wear what you want. With so many bikini styles…strings, half backs, kinis, 2/3 backs, full back, low rise, pouch, barely there ones, it’s exciting to have to choose from. Women can, why can’t men? I wear them everywhere and switch between thongs and bikinis. Let’s keep wearing them!

  3. Hans J says:

    I have given up on boxer briefs. Material always bunching up around your legs and waist. I wear only bikini underwear now. I like the variety of materials they come in. The spandex cotton blend is fantastic. Its like you don’t have them on. They are cool and comfortable. I like that they have a nice pouch for the package. They hold everything in nice and tight and comfortable. I don’t think I want to go back to boxer briefs ever. The micro bikini is great.

    • Glad to hear you gave up boxer briefs and come to the fun side of underwear. It is great to have more of a selection from the drawer instead of the same thing over again. Thanks for commenting and sharing your move over to bikinis!

  4. RK says:

    Bikinis, and particularly micro-bikinis, are the only way to go. Holds everything in place, and shows everything off as well. Love the styles with pouch fronts and half or quarter backs. Makes wearing figure hugging pants so much fun.

  5. Hans J says:

    Is there a way to post pictures of readers in their favorite underwear?

  6. Lawrence HUDDLESTON says:

    It’s all I wear and will never give them up!!! They are too comfortable.

  7. Hans says:

    I find that wearing this sexy underwear looks and feels better if I remove all of my pubic hair. The smooth skin on the thin fabric is a great feeling.

  8. EJ says:

    I hear ya- I remove all hair from neck down

  9. Hans says:

    Nice EJ. Your a smooth operator. Bet it looks good and feels great in your silky briefs

  10. EJ says:

    Yea there’s that of course and I don’t do things half a**ed- I’m not overly hairy to begin with when I started manscaping it was just pubic hair but graduated to legs, and then went upper body. Shaving everywhere once a week was time consuming but the more I did it less time it takes- a routine & definitely worth it

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