Sheer Underwear – Do or Don’t?

Sheer Underwear - Do or Don't?

Some of my somewhat sheer underwear.

A topic suggested to me was my thought on sheer underwear and if I like them or not. In general I’m not a fan of sheer underwear on me or my wife. In general I don’t really have anything against sheer underwear for the most part. I do have some in the drawer that I wear occasionally, but they are not ones I pull out regularly.

I think some of my aversion to sheer underwear is related to modesty. I like my privates covered when wearing underwear. I also enjoy the smooth look of opaque clingy fabric over our body’s curves. Then with some sheer fabrics I’ve gotten what I call a pinching feeling on my penis from my outlayer rubbing against the pair of underwear. In the end I just like the looks of non sheer underwear better.

A nice thing about sheer underwear is it lets you breathe better, especially when it is hot out. So I’m more apt to wear a pair of mine in the summer. They also could be a good option under form fitting clothes if you are not into thongs. Sheer underwear typically being a thinner fabric they could show underwear lines less if that is a concern. For me sheer bikinis and thongs are more for certain occasions or situations.

The only sheer underwear I don’t really think works well for us guys in lace. I haven’t seen many lace pairs of underwear that I feel look good on a guy. The fabric has been too feminized for me. Of course there are exceptions I’ve seen with lace weaves that have more of a so called masculine look. Then the other type of sheer underwear that doesn’t do it for me on any sex are the larger weave mesh net fabrics. I guess those are the only fabric types I have some negativity towards in the sheer range.

Now really what matters with underwear is what you enjoy wearing. Underwear first and foremost is for you. You should wear what makes you feel good. Most people aren’t going to see you in them, so make the most out of having fun with your underwear. Do you like sheer underwear, dislike it, or just depends?

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  1. Black Stallion says:

    I don’t think that sheer is practical for cleanliness.
    As a guy, to keep things clean, a number 1 can continue to absorb into clothes.
    So I’d have to give sheer a hard no.

    • T says:

      Hi. I get where you are coming from with your concerns about rogue spots of urine being absorbed into delicate,sheer undies. Most men will have experienced that feeling of zipping up after a visit to the boys’ room,and despite giving it a good few shakes,one late comer decides to make an appearance shortly after you vacate the public convenience. I actually posted my own personal “remedy” for dealing with this annoying problem on the forum,so I’d encourage you to check it out there!

  2. SM says:

    Usually the sheer material is a bit rough (maybe scratchy would be a better word) and not as stretchy as cotton or other materials. Haven’t found many sheer underwear that are very comfortable for all day wear, so I do not order very often. I will say that the modus vivendi c-through mini mesh sport brief nailed it perfectly: soft, comfortable, pliant, all day wearable. And they have the see through aspect to make them racy. Give these a try before disbanding sheer underwear.

  3. T says:

    As someone who enjoys being naked,or near naked, whenever possible,it won’t surprise you to hear that I have quite a few sheer undies in my collection. I guess it’s not such a big leap from sheer to nude compared to non see through and nude.
    I do agree with Nate’s dislike for lace(never seen a guy look good in it),and to a lesser extent,mesh. The problem I have with mesh is that if the holes are too big,they can REALLY pinch your entire package,and they tend to leave weird marks on your skin when you take them off.
    It is often said that it is best to leave a little to the imagination rather than show all the goodies at once,but if you want to make a bold statement with your undies,sheer is hard to beat!

  4. DanPar says:

    I enjoy being naked whenever possible. I occasionally have worn sheer underwear. Having a fit, shaved body makes it more attractive. Darker colors work well for me. Relaxing at home is a perfect time to wear sheer on a warm sunny Florida day.

  5. DonS says:

    I have a few sheer G-strings that get regular wear. Benefits would be the open-weave fabric can be a get rid of sweat better than solid fabric. Even under trousers, the idea that sheer fabric is cooler might be questionable as where is the air movement required for the purpose coming from. However, just wearing the G-string alone I think the coolness is more noticeable.

    Not so good is that other fluids have nowhere to go except into clothes or bedding. I also would not wear something like this if I was sharing a room with another male such as at a conference or a flatmate. Some of them are reasonably tight and supportive, other less so, depending on the manufacturer.

    I don’t care for the fish-net type fabrics, they seem not to be too supportive but then again I guess they can’t be too tight as you basically have a bit of thin rope cutting into sensitive and tender skin.

    If you had to escape your house for some reason and ended up standing in public view, what would the legal situation be if you just had sheer or mesh underwear on. You’d be covered, but everything is pretty visible.

  6. M says:

    One time when I traveled to Japan, I was surprised to see their department stores carry sheer undies for men. One brand is TXM. Most of them are on the sheer side. The opaque undies are also very thin. They look tiny but grow well after I put them on b/c the fabric is unusually stretchy, smooth and supportive. I use them as my everyday undies. Occasionally when I was on clothing optional beaches I wore them to swim just for the support. Otherwise I only keep them to myself.

    • t says:

      Hi M. A lot of the underwear manufacturers in countries like China,Japan etc who advertise on ebay etc,tend to have quite a selection of sheer undies including g-strings,thongs,bikinis and boxer briefs,so it doesn’t surprise me that they are common place in the Japanese department stores. The sizing tends to be on the small side which suggests that the average man over there has a slender frame than their western counterparts.
      Sounds like you had fun buying over there!

  7. David says:

    I bought some mesh net type of thongs and they took getting used to. I like to wear them in mild temps with jeans. Sheer is a big no, but mesh in moderation.

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