Valentine’s Day and Underwear

Valentine Day underwear

It’s hard to believe in the almost 6 years of blogging I haven’t done an underwear post related to Valentine’s Day for my blog. I mean what a great underwear related holiday. I’m a little late for this post, but keep it in mind for next year. Women’s brands are all over advertising Valentine’s with their underwear and other lingerie. Walk into any women’s underwear section and see their seductive offerings on display for Valentine’s. For us guys what do we get? Some boxers with hearts? How exciting is that?

Are women really less visual than us men? Picture this after a nice romantic dinner, you go home for a night cap. Your significant other sneaks off and reappears in a red teddy or baby doll with silky undies. She then comes over to you to remove your pants to reveal heart boxers. What kind of eye candy is that for her? Now let’s rewind it back. Your woman comes out of the room after slipping on some sexy lingerie. She comes over to you to help remove your pants. This scenario she reveals a thong (or bikini) that is nicely framing and clingy to your very excited manhood. It’s hard to believe that women would not find that visually appealing.

Let’s spice things up guys and try something new. Think about what you like to see your significant other in and try to match it in some way. My guess is it is probably something a bit skimpy and form fitting like a thong, bikini, bodysuit, maybe a baby doll with skimpy panties. Would be hard to believe it would be something bagging like sweatpants and an oversized shirt. Guys go out and try some new underwear. Give your woman a surprise by wearing a bikini or thong for Valentine’s. You might be surprised to find out she really likes it. Then you might discover you really like it too. Let’s stop the boring undies and really get things going on Valentine’s Day.

Now for my regular followers, what do you have in store for Valentine’s Day? Do you get a new special pair? Just go the red pair route? Possibly a bit on the scandalous side? Let’s give the non bikini and thong wearers some ideas of how to pick things up a couple notches.

Personally with already being a bikini and thong wearer, I slack at trying to pick things up in the underwear department. I often just go the same classic route with a red thong. I could see this a good time to pull out a pair on the sheer side, which is one of the times I inferred where I might wear sheer undies in my last post. Guess I could pull out a g-string too for something a bit away from my everyday undies. I’ll wait and see what speaks to me on Valentine’s Day.

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  1. DanPar says:

    You have suggested some good ideas. As a regular reader I enjoy this website.
    Indeed Valentine’s Day is a reason to do something special. I gave my girlfriend a red sequin thong to wear when we went out. She has an exceptional body for an older woman. When we got home I found a red thong she’d left for me.
    I suspect you can imagine what happened…

  2. T says:

    “Your woman comes out of the room after slipping on some sexy lingerie.” “She comes over and helps remove your pants which reveal a thong which is nicely framing and clinging to your very excited manhood!”
    Had to take a cold shower after reading this! Thought I had stumbled upon a follow up to the bonk buster 50 Shades of Grey,only to discover it was from our very own mild mannered and slightly shy Nate. Who knew he was such a tiger? Definitely see a future for him as an author of “adult” fiction. Just teasing you,Nate. Hope your suggestions will encourage more guys to put a bit more thought into what they wear beneath their trousers/pants,and in doing so will have a beneficial effect on their significant other.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      So you saying I’m above my PG, PG-13 rating….hehe. Hopefully it will draw some to start thinking about it. I know I have had at least one person say they were just trying a thong to do something fun for their significant other and ended up liking them.

  3. DanPar says:

    Not exactly a milk and cookies moment. I will say that something got milked that evening…

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